Man with Half Face Chewed Off – Pitbull Attack?

Man with Half Face Chewed Off - Pitbull Attack

Man with Half Face Chewed Off - Pitbull Attack

I have no reliable backinfo, but there was a hint that the video shows the aftermath of a pitbull attack. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m having a hard time believing a dog would chew through the skull as opposed to enjoying the rest of the soft tissue the face is covered with – as seen HERE for example.

The video shows a man with half his face chewed off, that’s true, but the fact that the part of the face that was taken off seems to be in a straight horizontal line, I wonder if a round from a high powered rifle, or another weapon may have grazed him. Anyway, I have no idea. What are your theories, guys?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Man with Half Face Chewed Off – Pitbull Attack?”

    1. Familia besgoriana no estamos ante un ataque de pitbull ni de can similar.
      Soy amante de los perros de presa y eso no lo hace la familia de los cánidos.
      Ese desorden facial a sido fruto de pólvora o accidente fortuito.
      Saludos desde españa.

      1. I know, right?
        Every damn time a yardshark attacks, some dogfucker wants to spew out some stupid shit!

        “He’s never been violent!”

        “His tail is wagging, so he is happy!”

        “He will just lick you to death!”

        1. Oh yea, how many times do you hear, “She’s never done this before! She was always so friendly and sweet with the kids!”, after ripping someone’s arm and leg off. And these stupid assholes are always too dumb to keep them on a leash when out in public, then it attacks and kills someone else’s pet or kids. Fuck dogs.

    1. I kind of feel like this guy right now. I think I have the flu. Everything aches. I didn’t get any sleep last night. There was some serious force behind my vomiting. Bile was shooting out of my nose. It takes a while to get rid of that smell, and burning. I’ll spare you the back door business.

  1. Any high powered rifle round that would do that amount of damage would have demolished the brain and he would not be moving, even agonally. It’s not hard to believe a pit bull could do this kind of damage knowing the size and strength of their jaws on some of the bigger ones. The horizontal nature of the massive trauma is easily done by one or more massive bites with the upper and lower jaws shearing the face right off. A bullet entering the skull creates an over pressure in the skull and anything this bad would have exploded the brain.

          1. @DilDoe
            But brother,,, You say that A Woman got her face chewed-up. Was the title wrong, and it should have said Woman gets face torn-up by Pit-Bull Instead??

        1. No, a dog tore her face off. Tag “dog eats face” you’ll remember when you see it, it looks like the meat from her face is on the ground, and steam coming from the wound, with eyes dangling.
          A real classic, should make @thedre ‘s top ten this year.

          1. @DilDoe
            Funny you mention that brother, as i have been compiling my list, and getting ready to have-it uploaded between Christmas & New-Years. 🙂

          2. @DilDoe
            Although i am surprise that she can still muster-up a few words she does indeed sound Like A Woman. But she most-definitely look like a man, and an ugly one at that, so i can see where the mistake could/would happen, especially if Mark (Busy As He Surely Is) did not have the Chance/Time to watch the video till the very end. 😉

  2. Geez-Man,,, If He Had Fed that Poor Pit Bull, this would never have happened me thinks!
    Now that poor confused hungry pooch will most probably be put down cause of the actions, or inaction’s
    i should say of man, & yet again. Sad for both involved cause what kind of quality of life will that man now have with all of these serious injuries. 🙁

    1. Think of the poor pit bull though. It’s only choice was to chew up THAT ugly face. Next time at least give it a choice…. like do you want to chew up Paris Hiltons face or a dumb-ass mexican. I’d choose Paris in a heart beat. But only after we made a video. 😉

    1. Are you kidding me at least the dog a the decency to wait at least a week before you start stinking and smelling good. A cat wouldn’t wait that long. A day or 2 later they will start chewing on your face. Your argument is stupid as hell

  3. Antibiotics in, plastic surgeon on standby.
    Problem is he has both eyes still and at some point is going to ask for a mirror. Thats when shit goes from calm to something extraordinary

  4. they are speaking Arabic
    She is a FEMALE, why? you ask?, because one of the medical staff is asking “who is with HER?”… also she is wearing what seems to be a dress.
    So from this I would say that this is not a pit bull because they are very rare almost nonexistent in the ME
    From the dialect I would assume somewhere in the south of the Arabian peninsula (Yemen)

  5. I’ve worked with dogs for over ten years and I do not think this is in any way a dog attack. I have an IPO prospect dog right now, with two other IPO/BH dogs in the house and have done bite work with every breed from American Bulldogs to Cane Corsos to GSDs to Malinois. I have NEVER seen a bite pattern like this. Plus as others have said, Bully type dogs are banned in many areas in the world and I would bet this is one of them. I would agree that this is the result of some other form of trauma.

  6. He was quite a stud with the hot women like Brad Pitt in the 90s. Wonder what dating service he will use now. POF? Bumble. Also, can they implant new eyes into the dude like from a monkey? just curious. Thanks

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