Man Has Bull Seeing Red

Man Has Bull Seeing Red

In what could be held at any U.S.A. brain cell congregation of yuppies, a dog torments a ridiculed bull with excessive barking. A man in red is target of misdirected anger by bull.

Don’t mess with the bull unless you are prepared to take the horns.

85 thoughts on “Man Has Bull Seeing Red”

          1. Let’s start by filing the bull’s horns to lethal points. If nothing else it will make the impalements more frequent and interesting.

    1. Yes, to see their ass penetrated by the horn so deep, they slowly die from rectal bleeding, suffering, cursing their fate and not even realising what a fucking human scum they are… pure joy.

    1. Didn’t see any bull riding here, honestly don’t know what the fuck that was, didn’t even make me smirk. I’ve seen incredible bull riding tournaments out of Texas, those guys are legit… better than injuring the bull for sport to give an unfair advantage, prancing around lookin’ like a fuckin’ faggot, waving around their mother’s white sheets soaked in period blood.

  1. Haha ! that’s what I call a video eye candy . I think it was the fatso’s canine who barked itself out , breathless ; till it made the bull go mad . Truly priceless was the way the fat ass idiot walks in like a matador ; with loads of style donning a cowboy hat, not aware the stuff he wore would make the bull see even more bigger blotches of red. And red means nothing short of a boiling anger in the world of beasts .

    Well to make the long story short, here’s much respect to the beast who felt jeered to a flashing point but left the SOB ungored though knocking him twice over; to the point of nearly bloodying and killing him.
    Here’s what I call cheating death by a cat’s whisker .

  2. nothing better then that, humans the species that’s destroyed most of this planet getting there ass whooped? we need more vids of people dying by animals and natural disasters, okay maybe not the most of the planet but we’ve definitely left are mark around the planet, litter, pollution etc

  3. I had to laugh. That rodeo dog is a double agent. He agitates the bull, sees the cowboy strutting in, and makes a wide arc to get a view of the comedy action.

    Later on, he probably will get a good meal and get praised by the cowboy for being such a good dog.

  4. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction. What the hell was Hank Hill thinking wearing a red t shirt? That is the most attractive color to them according to the sport of bull fighting why do you think those oddly dressed fellows with small spears have a red cape to misdirect the bulls charges ? Dude should have stuck to drinking Bud Light and Riding his John Deer around the neighborhood

  5. i would electrocute that mother fucking bull until it behaved itself or until its testicles fell off. then i would harpoon a whale and possibly kick a dog. bunch of fucking hippy cunts on here crying like homos.

  6. another reason why I will shoot any barking dog I see, and throw fist-sized rocks at any house that has a barking dog.

    Enjoy your human-engineered mutants all you want, but make sure they don’t make noise or ever get out.

    or you’ll have to go and buy another mutant at Petsmart

        1. Lol. I’m not too concerned about your hairy turd chute.
          Spinkter, however, will wash and wax that shit then puff it up and wear it like an afro.

  7. This must’ve happened in Idiotsville!
    Only an idiot would think he can casually walk past bull whilst wearing a red t-shirt and everything would be A-OK! That prick got what was coming to him.
    Then more idiots come to rescue the fallen prick and would you adam and eve it another idiot gets himself launched. These wannabe cowboys are dumb as fuck for sure.

  8. … COWincidentally, he was lookin for a BULLHORN to announce the COWmencement of the evenings festivities, when all of a sudden… A bulls horns announced his entry into physical rehab facilities… Also, it was later reVEALed that he shit himself…

  9. Oh shit that has to hurt. The 1 rare man that wears blood red shirt out of 10,000 he comes up to a bull with sharp horns. Then gets launched 10 feet. How about that performance? Do we get an encore ?

  10. Put on your shit kickers and kick some shit…… Fucking rednecks deserve what they get….how is this still a thing? What is the point of outsmarting a bull? I guess the point is the bulls horns….

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