Man is Gored by Bull

Man Gets Gored by Bull

Man Gets Gored by Bull

My first thought when I saw this was “Why are us humans so dumb?”. My second thought was “Why is this this man tied to a bull?”. Anyway, the video shows a man being tossed around by a bull, the bull jabs him with his horns and lies motionless from then on out.

A bunch of people run around trying to distract the bull and drag the injured man to safety.. The whole thing is pretty hilarious to me.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. Did they really, seriously just try to kneel down and put weight on the man? What the fμ€k made them think that was the wisest first action? How was that going to better any part of this? Lmao!! I SO agree! This video is freakin’ hilarious!

  1. I’m not sure what was going on there, but that’s an awful lot of people to have saw what was going on and not told the guy how terrible of an idea it was to tether himself to a bull. Good job on the quick intervention and recovery though.

          1. bamm bamm why are you adding that “haha” at the end of your sentence you dipstick? If people find it funny they’ll laugh, no need to prompt…monkeyfaced cunt

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    1. I always find myself hoping the bull wins. I think I’d have an easier time wanting the bullfighter to come out on top if they were fighting bulls that were in good condition. I like that they make good use of the meat.

      1. I love that idea, @gutsackflayedagain. I think it’d also be a good way for people to volunteer to go out before they get too old and start to lose their health as well. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d relish a chance to die with my shoes on and provide all you great people with exciting HD content.

  2. He clearly wasnt tied to the bull. I don’t know why he had that length of rope fastened to himself, but you can see the other end is dragging free until the bull snags it with his foot.

    It was just one of those “perfectly” timed moments that served up a bit’o’karma and

    1. i’ d say, let them continu this “sport”.

      but let’s make the fight fair.

      1 man ALONE vs 1 bull.

      no more picador on horses, no more hundreds of peoples to instantly help the dude and take attention of the bull.

      let the nature do her job. and we’ll see how “powerful” a human is…. like a piece of shit against that kind of animals.

      theses peoples who make corrida and stuff, they dont have any honor at this. they aint strong, no courage, nothing. they just stupid.
      its exactly like a fight between a men unarmed (bull) and a guy with an AK (matador)… the whole concept and name of corrida is to kill the bull. just kill it and that’s it, no need to dance and sing while murdering it.

      bring back old Roman gladiator circus, with real fight including men vs lion and shit… that was some real fights 😀

  3. Good Bull,,,, Good Bull. 🙂

    But the dumb arseholes should have let that Fucken Bastard continue getting pulled by that Poor Aggravated, and Tortured Bull. And let Him Keep pulling him across the dirt until his fucking head popped-off, you kbow,,, by the neck like a fucking rag-doll. 🙂

  4. There is nothing like a clip of some Gay Spaniard getting his well-lubed-up jacksie treated to a rapid anal Bull Horn insertion to make my day. It is the Spanish Gay Man’s way of hiding their homosexuality, they dress in bullfighter (ie. Liberace) suits, pump half a litre of Vaseline, KY Jelly or Industrial Strength lubricant up their rectum and jump in the ring for some Man-o-Bull hot action. Some sew leather-trimmed easy access panels at their trouser’s arse-crack seam for the horn to slide into without damaging the expensive fabric.

    Lovely stuff.

  5. Sometimes your the beener, sometimes your the bull. Bet this guy wishes he was the bull this time. But then again if I as a beener Id always wish I was something else… as long as its not a nigger.

  6. People messing with bulls is a really bad idea. These animals are very angry and do not want to participate in our rituals, festivals, superstitions or holidays. They only want to be left alone and if we force them into our stupidity, well, you mess with the bull you get the horns.

      1. This is why i leaved meat long time ago with relapses and falls but on the end, again without it.
        Still, i refuse to call myself “Vegetarian” because it sucks and implies that i am better than those who eat it.

        Check also one of the best lecture i ever listened in my whole life:

        @Honkeykong, i’m glad that there are Best Goreans who are not scared to show their gentle, empathetic side.

        God bless

  7. its a shame the video on that scum fuck who got killed by that bull didnt show on here id love that video the sick bastards , the sick spanish cunts making a sport out of killing a bull and even sometimes a calf , how would the freaks like it if the object of a sport was killing a toddler?

  8. I hope that many spanisch mothersfuckers will die by a bull. traditions my ass. same as pedophile muslims child rapers. crazy ass motherfuckers. Those scumbags must be killed live on tv by a execution

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