Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video

Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage - Video from Iran

I remember this video very well. This was the first video I have seen on LiveLeak. A couple of years back when LiveLeak has just started and only had a few dozen videos uploaded, this video of a man mauled by a lion in a lion cage somewhere in the Middle East (not sure if it was Iran or Pakistan or where exactly) was one of the bloodiest videos they had at the time. Back then Ogrish still existed and I also remember someone attempting to upload this video on YouTube. Needless to say – it didn’t go very well with YouTube, but LiveLeak had no problem with it. Fast-forward few months and you have LiveLeak as one of the most prominent video and news sites on the internet.

The video only proves that lions don’t belong in a cage. They are majestic animals and should be left in the wilderness where they belong, not in a cage of some stupid circus used as entertainment for ugly fat kids with a bucket of pop corn. Every savvy person knows that circus animals don’t enjoy this stupid masquerade. They are obedient because they are tortured to obedience. They fear more beating so they do what they are told while stupid fucks in the audience clap their hands in amazement. I don’t know who the man in the lion’s cage is. He could have been the trainer, or could have been a janitor sent to clean lion’s crap. Either way, lion mauled the crap out of him while he was in his cage.

It looks as though the lion only wanted to play. In the beginning of the video, he’s holding mauled man’s hand in his jaws but man already seems unconscious. He’s not moving and not reacting to having lion teeth cut deep into his flesh. As another man is trying to get the lion off mauled dude, the lion moves from biting the hand into biting the shoulder and that’s where the video gets painful. If the man is conscious, he’s basically realizing that he’s being chewed on by a lion. He’s got lion’s teeth embedded deeply in his shoulder, it’s painful and paralyzing but he’s helpless. I can only imagine what was going through his mind: “WTF man, I’m being slowly eaten by a lion and I better not twitch cause it’s just gonna speed up my death and I don’t want to die!

Funny thing is that little dig thatโ€™s also in a cage. Heโ€™s just prancing in the background like there’s no drama going on in the foreground. Big cat’s in a cage but it ain’t gonna spoil doggy’s day. The police with a fire arm shows up and kills the lion. Fucking sad end to a video. He should have killed a guy. What was he doing in lion’s cage anyway? Such a beautiful lion and they shoot him just like that. I think he fired one warning shot too before he actually fired at the cat. Poor thing fell on his side and gave this heart quenching yell of death. Very sad end to a majestic lion. He never asked to be kidnapped from his natural habitat and imprisoned in a confinement of a cage in the first place. The least they could have done is granting him the right of quick death. The policeman only shot enough to have the mauled man released but never finished dying lion up. Instead left him suffer till bitter end in agony. I hate people who mistreat animals ๐Ÿ™

When I first saw the video I thought the man was dead. There was a lot of blood on the ground and he was not moving. But when they pulled him out and started to attend to him, he raised his hand and appeared quite fine. The reporter stuck a fucking microphone in his face to interview him. WTF? I mean – man just got mauled by a fucking lion. What did he expect him to say? “Man, that was fucking rad. Who’s up for round two?” Fucking idiots everywhere you look.

I also like the part when the doctor starts attending to the mauled man and applies disinfectant to his leg wounds. The man gives out big cry. These things burn like a mother fucker. If he was unconscious that shit would wake him right up. The video is below:


Best Gore reader Ashley, who’s half Iranian confirmed that the video is from Iran and they are speaking Persian. Thanks Ash!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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163 thoughts on “Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video”

    1. I feel way fucking worse for the lion he was shot how many times? I think three and they didn’t even have the fucking decency to kill him..the lion was moaning as if saying wtf you play with me why cant i play with you?..i fucking hope that guy dies a slow painful rotting of his wounds and painful surgery’s with no anesthetic. What is even more fucked up is that they know nothing about how to deal with the lion they poked it and kicked it…..okay well make it angry and scared that’ll work. I just cant stand animal cruelty. Who gives a fuck if some ugly man dies? That was a gorgeous creature with an unsuitable environment. That just sucks how people cage exotic animals, they still do have instincts and i don’t even think that lion knew his strength. Which to me that lion looked pretty weak compared to that of a wild lion and that breaks my heart the most.

      1. It’s his own fucking fault…he shouldn’t have been in the cage in the first place…and neither should the lion; he’s a wild animal, and shouldn’t have been locked in a cage! And then to shoot the poor lion, and leave it to die – you could hear the poor thing moaning in pain… No sympathy for the idiot concerned…!

      2. This comment final made me make and account to comment after so many months, just to say i tottaly agree with everything you said xD
        I know its old but im watching from before i found BG.

    2. I couldn’t agree more!!! Torture people all you want but leave the poor animals alone. That lion was tough though. He gets shot twice and just brushes it off. They should have shot the guy instead. My cat weighs 22 pounds and is my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I don’t feel bad for the mauled idiot at all. Fucking idiots have no idea- don’t keep wild animals locked up like that, cause they WILL turn on you.

    Shed a few tears when they shot the lion though, I mean, they just left it there to die? If they had to shoot it, they could have at least put it out of it’s misery. Poor kitty.

  2. Notice how long it took others to come help? You could hear ’em talkin’ in the background. Also, when paramedics arrived, they tried to get blood pressure and I.V. into mauled arm. Gotta have good blood circulation for those things. Bunch a really cowardly, DUMB people here.

    1. No it’s called reality, stay the hell out of Mr Lions cage when he has the munchies. Not the lion’s fault that the people were fucktards. And letting the Lion eat the guy would have been better, one less retard and Mr. Lion would have cured his munchie fix. So win win!

  3. I could say that these are the stupidest people in the world…

    Their efforts are quite clumsy. Perhaps they could have shot the lion with some depressant instead since it is always required to keep some of it if you keep these kinds of animals. Or perhaps they could have gone in all together and wreslte the lion since they are not that strong when you wrap your arm firmly around their neck…

    Poor creature… It is only their nature to eat live meat. they lived in this manner for millions of years, yet this one was killed by a heap of clumsy idiots for doing the same. And they should’nt be kept in cages like this one in the first place…

  4. Hey folks, I would think a human life would be considered far more important than ANY animal, regardless how regal and beautiful they are. Sure they shouldn’t have wild animals locked up in cages. Sure the idiot should not have been in there with the lion… but, in the end, a human life was in the balance and THAT, my friends, MUST take precidence. The lion died fairly quickly. HE died happy… with the taste of human blood in his mouth. I’m sure, if the lion could think, he would think “that” kind of death would be preferable to a long, miserable life of imprisonment. GOOD for the lion. As in the words of William Wallace, (Braveheart), at his horrible death, “FREEDOM!”

    1. First fucking sane comment in the entire thread. Wake up people! You put an animal’s life over human’s! That’s just pathetic and plain wrong. Yes, he was stupid to get into the cage with a lion, but he’s a human for fuck’s sake. What they did was right and what any sane person in a situation like this should do.

  5. Fuck the lion. If it’s chewing on a human then KILL IT. We all know that once you acquire the taste of human there is no going back. Now, you have to be an idiot to go anywhere near a juvenile or adult lion so he probably deserved to be mauled a little, but those guys on the outside waited way too long to save him.

    Reporter: “So, do you have anything to say about what just happened?”
    Victim: “Shit… that fucking hurt.”

  6. I’ve got no sympathy for the idiot who put himself in the position to be ripped apart by the lion, but the lion itself. Obviously the lion felt intimidated or was instigated to attack. Poor lion. ๐Ÿ™

  7. It’s a shame that this had to happen. But what do these carnies expect? when you mix the two most dangerous animals in the world together, in a cage no-less, there is bound to be some blood shed… well, at least that is what I expect. Animals are not meant to be controlled in cages and beaten with sticks. But, HEY, the guy took the job and no one forced him to take it. He got to comfortable or he got really unlucky.

  8. rakkaudesta says:
    August 15, 2009 at 1:15 pm on Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage ? Video

    I don?t feel bad for the mauled idiot at all. Fucking idiots have no idea- don?t keep wild animals locked up like that, cause they WILL turn on you.
    Shed a few tears when they shot the lion though, I mean, they just left it there to die? If they had to shoot it, they could have at least put it out of it?s misery. Poor kitty. = stupid fucking retard

  9. Unbelievable.

    While I feel awful for the man who is being mauled, I feel even more for the lion. How awful for him to be shot so brutally like that. Shouldn’t the trainers have tranquilizers in case scenarios like these ever came up? It is idiotic and cruel to maim an animal so violently. Even if it is to save a man’s live. (a foolish man. Who the fuck just parades in a lion’s cage alone?)

  10. Now.As big a stickler as I am on this site …as staunch an advocate as I am for compassion and human sympathy and empathy….I must say I do agree somewhat with the poster and some of the commenters alike.These animals do not belong with people.They are not happy nor well served in a cage or domesticated setting.As a kid I used to want a wild cat for a pet because they are so regal and beautiful.But even as a child I was intelligent enough to know that wild animals belong in the wild both for the sake of human safety as well as their own rights to happiness and freedom.Want a cat? Buy a Persian and watch the discovery channel.He was OBVIOUSLY only trying to play or else this man would NOT be alive.To fatally wound ANY living thing and leave it to die is unforgivable and abhorrent.If this was a person you’d be staring and laughing at the extent of the deceased’s injuries.Which is my common argument with posts here.
    Yes,sad for the lion.Now if only we could start showing human beings we come across on here the same sympathy.

  11. What a dumbass. I wish he died in that fucking cage. You do NOT cage these animals and expect them to be all nicey-nicey when you decide to sit in a cage with them. You do NOT treat these animals like humans. They do not have our concept of morals. They DO know fear, and when they’re afraid that’s what they fucking DO: attack. The lion seemed to go very easy on the guy though, and could have easily torn his throat off.
    When they shot the poor thing then dragged the dipshit out of there I was sickened. I would have left him there. Stupid selfish dumbshit deserves death.

    1. Who are these people who believe that lions only attack when they are scared?
      They aren’t scared of anything, top of the food chain ring a bell? They attack as a way to “make a living”. That’s what they do, its called a carnivore. If they only attacked when they were scared, they would starve to death.

  12. Hate to play Devil’s Advocate, but I reckon the lion got its fair comeuppance. The interests of the dude himself, in his own right, not to metion his kids, wife, dependants and loved ones far outweigh those of the big cat, it would seem to me. Unfortunate, all the same, that it had to die. I agree, those creatures belong in the wild, not in cages, to begin with.

  13. a humans life does NOT always come before an animal. like the description of the video says, it was not the lions choice to be there sitting in a cage instead of being in its natural habitat. so why dont you try putting yourself in its place “shadow 84”. you cant imagine being taking out of your home, thrown in a cage, beaten, barely fed and have see strange beings come and stare at you all day, not being able to walk around to get excercise or do much of anything at all other than pace back and forth in your cage constantly confused on how or why you are there. see thats why i care less about people in these types of situations, because I am able to put myself in their position for a few minutes before I blurt out any kind of “peoples lives are more important” bullshit. think about the ration of lions to people, is really gonna make a difference if that one idiot dies instead of the lion. and i dont care if that guy was a father, brother, son, etc. he’s a number, and he would be one less moron in the world. i do care about intelligent, compassionate people, but people like this man in the video, i could easily watch him be slowly eaten alive by this lion and wouldnt even flinch. so, like ive said in other areas on this site, if you are not for this, then dont comment. go handout food to the homeless if you care so much about people, knock yourself out. but dont patronize people for having sympathy for the lion.

    1. You sir, are an idiot

      So why don’t you try putting yourself in its place โ€œshadow 84โ€.

      Because he’s not in his place. He is a man. Are you a vegetarian? If not, I find it hypocritical at best when you spout you animal rights arguments. Does the lion consider the rights of the zebra before he eats it? “NO”, you say? “That’s just what lions do in their natural habitat”? Well, guess what? We are humans, this is what WE do in ours. The Earth afterall is the natural home of mankind, is it not? People should just leave nature alone? We live here, FuckFace. We ARE nature.

  14. I’m surprised they waited that long before shooting the lion. If I was there and had a gun I’d have yelled *once* at the lion to let go (it would have done no difference of course but it’s the principle of it) and then shot it point blank directly between the eyes. Stupid animal. It just didn’t get that it was in a cage and that the humans around set all the rules. Play by them and life is groovy or misbehave or follow instincts and things get ugly very fast. Properly trained animals knows this by heart or learn the hard way.

  15. Damn! I was rootin for the lion..Jeez that was a sad ending. Whole time in the video I was like “Bite his f*ckin head off!…come on baby, you the dominant one now…rip him a new asshole!”….then “Come on, animals have been dominated since the beginning of time…Revenge is a nice warm human in your mouth…BITE HIS FREAKIN HEAD OFF ALREADY!”…then they shot the lion, I couldn’t watch the rest of the video.

  16. why the hell he killed the lion!!!!!! they just have kill the bloody bastard instead the lion!! can’t believe the stupidness of the police man thinking that the best solution is to kill the poor animal!!!!! daaaaamn!!!!! it’s been like 100 years since man has invented anesthesia!!!!! i’m so fucking pissed off!!!!!!!!!! awwwwwwwww

  17. If the animalget the taste of human the logical thing is to kill it there are cases were animals have developed the taste for human flesh . In thoughs cases the animal had to be put down no matter the case . Rouge animals are another example but when it comes to it human lives hold more priority then the animal it shelf. Dont get wrong in the case the incounter could have been pervented but the people in this videos lack the experience needed to save the creature.

  18. The Cat family is usually intelligent. Other than the prey that they are accustomed to, when they come across anythign else, lik humans, dogs/foxes any smaller n puny animal, these big cats play with them. They dont kill them or eat them but play cause they are curious. Anybody watched a Discovery programme on How a Lioness protected a One week old Deer till it was eaten by a big male lion. This Lioness breastfed this deer as it was still a baby. I guess Animals as we call them are far better and intelligent ones than the dick heads who capture them and torture them. This Guy with the Gun, was brave with that piece of metal. I personally feel loss of a lion is bad as they are on verge of extinction. And humans, well they keep extincting their own kind in all gory ways possible.

  19. Poor Leo. He was only doing what came natural to him. The guy was actually luck that the lion didn’t tear him a new one. Did anyone catch the little dog that kept coming in and out from under the blue tarp? Even the dog was smart enough to not stay there with the lion.

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