Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video

Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage - Video from Iran

I remember this video very well. This was the first video I have seen on LiveLeak. A couple of years back when LiveLeak has just started and only had a few dozen videos uploaded, this video of a man mauled by a lion in a lion cage somewhere in the Middle East (not sure if it was Iran or Pakistan or where exactly) was one of the bloodiest videos they had at the time. Back then Ogrish still existed and I also remember someone attempting to upload this video on YouTube. Needless to say – it didn’t go very well with YouTube, but LiveLeak had no problem with it. Fast-forward few months and you have LiveLeak as one of the most prominent video and news sites on the internet.

The video only proves that lions don’t belong in a cage. They are majestic animals and should be left in the wilderness where they belong, not in a cage of some stupid circus used as entertainment for ugly fat kids with a bucket of pop corn. Every savvy person knows that circus animals don’t enjoy this stupid masquerade. They are obedient because they are tortured to obedience. They fear more beating so they do what they are told while stupid fucks in the audience clap their hands in amazement. I don’t know who the man in the lion’s cage is. He could have been the trainer, or could have been a janitor sent to clean lion’s crap. Either way, lion mauled the crap out of him while he was in his cage.

It looks as though the lion only wanted to play. In the beginning of the video, he’s holding mauled man’s hand in his jaws but man already seems unconscious. He’s not moving and not reacting to having lion teeth cut deep into his flesh. As another man is trying to get the lion off mauled dude, the lion moves from biting the hand into biting the shoulder and that’s where the video gets painful. If the man is conscious, he’s basically realizing that he’s being chewed on by a lion. He’s got lion’s teeth embedded deeply in his shoulder, it’s painful and paralyzing but he’s helpless. I can only imagine what was going through his mind: “WTF man, I’m being slowly eaten by a lion and I better not twitch cause it’s just gonna speed up my death and I don’t want to die!

Funny thing is that little dig that’s also in a cage. He’s just prancing in the background like there’s no drama going on in the foreground. Big cat’s in a cage but it ain’t gonna spoil doggy’s day. The police with a fire arm shows up and kills the lion. Fucking sad end to a video. He should have killed a guy. What was he doing in lion’s cage anyway? Such a beautiful lion and they shoot him just like that. I think he fired one warning shot too before he actually fired at the cat. Poor thing fell on his side and gave this heart quenching yell of death. Very sad end to a majestic lion. He never asked to be kidnapped from his natural habitat and imprisoned in a confinement of a cage in the first place. The least they could have done is granting him the right of quick death. The policeman only shot enough to have the mauled man released but never finished dying lion up. Instead left him suffer till bitter end in agony. I hate people who mistreat animals πŸ™

When I first saw the video I thought the man was dead. There was a lot of blood on the ground and he was not moving. But when they pulled him out and started to attend to him, he raised his hand and appeared quite fine. The reporter stuck a fucking microphone in his face to interview him. WTF? I mean – man just got mauled by a fucking lion. What did he expect him to say? “Man, that was fucking rad. Who’s up for round two?” Fucking idiots everywhere you look.

I also like the part when the doctor starts attending to the mauled man and applies disinfectant to his leg wounds. The man gives out big cry. These things burn like a mother fucker. If he was unconscious that shit would wake him right up. The video is below:


Best Gore reader Ashley, who’s half Iranian confirmed that the video is from Iran and they are speaking Persian. Thanks Ash!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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163 thoughts on “Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video”

  1. I feel upmost sadness for the lion. That prick Iranian deserved exactly what he got! A dislocated collar/shoulder bone and probably half of a hand. People need to know that circuses are fucking stupid. Animals are tortured so hard to a point of obedience they mostly go insane. Things in a breakdown of psychological collapses and relapses are mostly triggered by extreme amounts of torture or extreme mental excercises exerted everyday . This would most like derive the striking value from the lion considering it did exactly how it should if in the wilderness. This lion did nothing wrong except react in a manner where it would in the wild. This lion was truly the definition of a “beast”.

    1. I feel upmost sadness for the lion. His prick deserved exactly what he got!. People need to know that circuses offer animals food, health care and secure shelter.. so that these animals do not need to tortured other animals to survive to a point they mostly go insane. This lion did everything wrong, because instead of just gently playing with his keeper, he exerted excessive force? This lion was truly the definition of a ?beast? and his keeper the definition of a “beauty”.. Yes you got it right, it “Beauty And The Beast”.

  2. I can’t watch it if animals get harmed. In no way does it belong in a cage for us useless humans to gawk at for pleasure. That man deserved being mauled, they probably abused the poor thing. I can’t imagine Iranian Zoo’s give much more respect to their animals as they do with their women.
    I feel absolute shame for this human race and I would like to be the first to apologize to any other lifeforms out there that might be reading this.

    1. I can?t watch it if humans get harmed. That man does not deserved being mauled, the lion probably abused the poor thing. I can imagine Iranian Zoo?s give much more respect to their infidel animals as they do with their infidel men.
      I feel absolute shame for the animal kingdom.

  3. Pretty gnarly…The comments regarding the Lion and “putting it out of it’s misery,” The lion was shot in the head more than once, it’ll die. It takes a while for all the systems to stop, even in a human (unless the bullet hits the medulla oblongata), but it’ll die eventually. I’ve responded to GSW’s (Gun Shot Wounds) to the head and the person’s breathing and pulses (heart) are still intact. If left unsupported, the person will die. We do just that, protect and support the breathing, monitor the heart and transport to the hospital. The person more than likely continues to live without brain function and is left for the family to make hard decisions.

    What is most disturbing to me (but not surprising), having been in Emergency Medical Services for a number of years, is the “lack of” services in third world countries. Total chaos ensues after the victim is removed from the cage, ie; premature CPR intiated, improper/inadequate technique, etc. Who knows what this guys outcome will be but it can’t be good considering. Maybe he’ll survive, maybe not, who knows.

    Pretty intense footage though!

  4. Idiots. I don’t feel sorry for the humans involved in this incident at all. Lions belong in the wild, not as our slaves in cages to tease and play with. They’re not here for our entertainment.

  5. Wow poor animal…
    His death was unfair.
    He’s a wild animal, and these people should know it.
    What would the guy be inside that cage for while the lion is conscious?
    Aren’t relaxing darts enough to make him stop from biting the guy?
    Not a shot in the head to an innocent animal who is normally wild and obviously dangerous.
    Lions are usually playing, not literally being hungry and eating. Damn u_u
    I really hope he’s now resting somewhere he enjoys and i hope that man gets fucking hot burning hell flames for killing a creature.

  6. The lion don’t ask to be taken from savana, and it’s carnivorous, first!
    Second: I’m an EMT (at last the equivalent in Italy) and in 12 years duty I have never seen a reanimation that was worst as the one provided by ambulance crew in this video. Maybe the man did’t die for the mauling but for the incompentecy of the rescue team,

  7. the guy in the red explains that the lion was angry that day as they had just moved it into this temporary cage. All team members were informed to not go near the cage etc but the poor bastard who had a friend like relationship with the lion insisted on feeding it despite being told not too. Because he thought it was unfair… so even though it lead to him getting fucked up, he was trying to do what he thought was the right thing. If anything this should make all you animal lovers who value a cats life more than that of a poor bastard in a 3rd world country trying to make just enough money to not sleep on an empty stomach cringe because what you see was a result of him trying to be fair to the lion. Just my 2 cents.

  8. The description and majority of the comments anger me a lot. Yes, no lion should be put in a cage but obviously they are all the time so whining about it does nothing and two, anyone saying hes stupid for being in there is an ass, obviously he was doing something constructive like feeding or cleaning because no one says “hey im going to go stroll around with that lion” three, Who gives a fuck If the lion died slowly? It was killing a HUMAN, watch again and see that the officer couldnt shoot it in the head because the mans head was right below it and it would be foolish.
    And lastly, If it was you in that cage with a full grown lion clamped to your shoulder and arm im SURE that you would want that lion to be killed no matter what the way be it a gun or a axe.

  9. I saw an IDIOT state it was the loin’s fault and he deserved it! To That Fucking Asshole and all of those who share the same opinion .. i hope you get robbed out of your own home, taken to a jungle, get abused like hell, people pay money to see you forced and humiliated to do stupid acts, get starved, and get SHOT for BEING YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
    PS: The Lion did not deserve this.

  10. This was definitely a case of animals fighting back, there was a small dog wondering there with them…. loved it, but they always get shot in the end, eh?
    Animals are NOT for entertainment, they are not property of products, they are innocent sentient creatures. Please do not support zoos or circuses, do not put money in the parasitic human’s hands. Good post, thank you.

  11. Why are you going into lion cage without a shotgun? They are wild animals it was sad to see lion got shot but took 4 shots to get lion down. And cant believe guy survived there were many times lion was going for the jugular vein. Very lucky guy to survive

    1. Obviously, this was a tame lion. He always got the meat served and that is why he was merely playing with the man… the game of who get’s whose meat, first!
      Or, if he was really hungry, they could have offered him a juicy piece of meat and so, distract him from chewing garments…

  12. Obviously he wasn’t in the cage on purpose, he was probably doing a job. I love animals but the Lion deserved to get shot in this one. They don’t belong in cages, they belong in the wilderness. If they stopped keeping them enclosed in a tiny motherfucking cage less people would be harmed.

  13. I have a morbid curiosity and when I see video and pictures of what we as humans do to one another I just derive curiosity and nothing more. Watching adult humans get mauled and killed by animals on the other hand is the only time I get my fix so keep them coming.

  14. i like how you’ve got a load of idiots moaning about keeping wild animals caged up etc then saying how they love their cats and dogs… what, do you think cats and dogs weren’t wild before people tamed them hundreds of years ago… idiots

    1. Yes, because lions, hyenas etc. are far nobler than humans. They merely enjoy eating animals directly at birth and so “help” the mother to drag it out…
      Also, they are pretty good at torturing caught animals, by happily feasting on them whilst they are fully alive.

  15. it makes me so damn hard to watch the savage shooting of the poor animal.l don’t really care about the mauled fucker in this case.This environment looks like some circus to me and subhuman primitives who run this kind of ”entertainment” for profit,by exploiting and torturing animals stolen from their spacey,wild home deserve not even a fucking glimpse of may be hard to expect from such dumb,senseless bastards to shoot lion to death when rescuing a human rather than leaving him to slowly die in suffering and agony.Such a great and beautiful animal.And such worthless, fucking beasts called humans…

    1. Yes, that’s right… we should have allow the lion to enjoy his catch… and feed him daily with criminals on death row.
      Would you like to donate your cadaver as well? It is like donating your organs for medical use…
      What a waste to bury countless fat people and the poor lion has to rely on meat from the living ones..

  16. k,heres the whole conversations:
    man in red:someone help me for god’s sake.
    others:has anybody called the cops?we have to shoot the lion.
    one in the cage:kill him why are u just staring?
    others:hit his head.
    then the lion takes the man with him,and the others complain:the situation got even worse!
    bring a baseball bat(or sth)bring a water hose(i don know why they needed this one!)hurry up
    the cop in blue suit:his hand is inside the lion’s mouth.we can do nothing.
    the cop arrives.
    hurry up.shoot him in head.

    1. shoot,help him,take him out of the cage.start a CPR.
      he has a low heart rate.
      then they thank the cop,then they argue on that the man is breathing himslef so theres no need for the cpr anymore.
      reporter asks the red guy not to moan because it makes the hurt man feel even worse and lose his courage.ok
      then the red guy starts speakings:i heard his bones crushing(this is bull shit,im a surgeon myslef and i can tell nothing serious is happened)
      reporter:why did this happen?
      red guy:we are close to the zoo and this male lion heard the female lions calling him!
      then he mentions that the other guy is his brother and the lion attacked him for like 20 times crushing his bones!i told him not to go to the cage today,cuz the lion seems aggitated today.its now 45 minutes id been holding the lion from outside the cage!(45 minutes!)
      ok thats all,first of all i tried to recognize their accents,that i couldnt but i can tell they are not educated and they seem to know nothing about animals,secondly he is just exagerating the situation becuz theres no much blood and no sever injuries.dont argue on this because its my job.

  17. Oh shit! I can watch beheadings, hangings, murders, but hearing the lion suffer made my stomach upset! Why are human beings so awful? The lion was suffering and the should have shot it again to kill it. This was a painful video for me to watch. Animals are better creatures than human beings. We are horrible monsters for mistreating them. πŸ™

    1. Fuck, damn cried when I saw them shoot that poor lion, they are the ones who took him from his natural surroundings and tried to get him to do tricks for assholes who pay money,to see them. I wouldn’t try that with one of my female housecats, never mind a 500lb(estimate)lion. Dumbasses, this is the reason I don’t bring my kids to circus’s the way they treat the animals, and it took four shots to put that poor animal down. Pea shooter.

  18. Poor mr lion. I did laugh tho when that little dog wandered in around the 2 minute mark and was like “whats with all the commotion? Oh right, ah that cunt had it comin”. They should have shot that greasy prick and let the lion have his din-din’s

  19. Jeez, why on Earth do they not keep tranqs (or SOME kind of incapacitater) around. This is like the third lion attack I’ve seen, and in every single one of them, the people just had to hold their breath and hope the lion didn’t get any more upset than it already was.

  20. I couldn’t watch after I saw the pistol come out. That’s really fucked up. The fucker probably went in there on his own and was being a big fucking douchebag moron and he got himself mauled. The guy who shot the lion needs to be shot himself. Fucking shit. This pisses me off. >:(

    1. Well, it is a matter of either man or animal, who has to die.
      Capsicum spray, a water hose or a lovely piece of red meat could have distracted the lion…
      and a hot chick could have made the chap jump up to follow her… out of that cage. πŸ™‚

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