Man Survives Vicious Mauling by Bear in Alaska… Barely

Man Survives Vicious Mauling by Bear in Alaska... Barely

Today I have a gory gift for all the good boys and girls. A bear mauling that took place near the Denali Highway in the state of Alaska, USA on April 15th, 2016. Circumstances of the attack are still unclear but the bear left an indelible impression on the victim (clearly a hunter interested only in bragging rights instead of food). Authorities have not released the name of the victim but he is expected to survive. Looks more like a failed shotgun suicide if you ask me.

Naturally, the beautiful beast was murdered anyway for attempting to live it’s life in the presence of a filthy fucking human. Enjoy your trophy, Mr. Hunter.

Mad props to Best Gore member, @buttermaker, for the images.

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      1. He got his just rewards….exactly what he deserved poor animal filthy humans trying to kill all these animal such cruelty…wish would have de gutted him could’ve been better watching all his guts splattered on the white snow would have been awesome…lol

          1. Lol Nope this is not forest wagner. This is 77 year old Glenn Bohn of Wasilla who was hunting with a partner off the denali highway. Check yo’ facts ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Totally Natty is correct. I googled both names. Glenn was a 60 something hunter. Forest is 35. Still one nasty bear attack!

        1. BLUEGIRL75:
          WHY THE LONG FACE? ,

        2. BLUEGIRL75:
          WHY THE LONG FACE? ,

        3. You have a very confused notion of ethics and morality. Lemme guess. You donโ€™t believe in God, so you think weโ€™re all merely accidentally sentient products of unguided evolution…and everything we ever accomplish will inevitably be rendered nil by the heat-death of the universe, but somehow…when humans use their superior intellect to kill other creatures for reasons that are not purely for survival, itโ€™s a travesty? Iโ€™m not a big fan of trophy hunting, but if you so easily embrace the suffering of a guy like this, then I guarantee youโ€™re absolutely no better. Twerp…

    1. Unfortunately, this will just give animal killers another reason to kill more animals. Their thought process is usually “look what the animals are doing to humans” instead of “look what humans are doing to animals”.

          1. Whoa… whoa… Wait did I read the description right ?…this fucker survived!? He’s still ALIVE!? Holy shit by the the looks of him I thought he was well dead. I would gave him choice of bullet in head or mirror.

      1. I go from calm to Bruce Banner instantly when that shit happens. The only problem is, it’s not very intimidating when I waddle out irate with my fists clinched and my pants around my ankles….

          1. @gnat the only way to handle a situation like that is to out-awkward that sight. I’ll just shit my own pants and then argue about who’s smells worse…

            It’ll be like listening to a current rap album…

    1. @Gory Cory ……………Hahaha I swear God Jesus Combing is one thing ; never outa my mind , Lol……..
      What the heck is in here so unkempt atleast a good hairdo would make ya look Squiggy Wigginz Mr.Hunter

      Fuck ya ! Mr.Hunter Try exploring the wild side first up with Jeffrey Corwin. Ya look a promo teaser from a horror flick.

      Oh my Poor departed Handsome Teddy bear….boy I need a hug please

          1. How em’bear’ass’ing! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
            Aww…..mine’s not as clever as yall’s :'(

  1. Omg! This is the most graphic bear attack picture I have ever seen! Awesome post brother ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall never forget this one man. Shit time to show some of my friends this gem.

          1. He didn’t listen to the park rangers warning about bears in the area. He thought bear scat was Mel Torme in a fur coat.

          2. Yogi came home early from stealing picnic baskets and found this guy spooning BooBoo in their cave.

    1. Yeah, I feel worse for the bear than the guy. I’m actually kind of glad he lived, because now he’ll get to spend the rest of his life looking like a freak. Ugly both inside and out. Animal abusers are the worst people on this sick planet.

      1. @grimcompanion what about pedophiles? Or necrophiliacs? Or….*gasp*….an abusive person who likes to have sex with dead young animals?

        Actually, fucked up as that sounds, it would be a victimless crime unless he was killing the animals himself….

      2. I agree, bears act out of instinct while humans consciously think of fucked up shit to do to things weaker than them. At least the bear got to fuck his face up before being put down. Ridiculous that a bear gets killed for protecting itself.

        You’re sick ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. This man has to be one tough son of a bitch seriously. I can’t get over how gruesome the image is. Bears are not to be fuked with. Where I live there are a lot of bears and wolves and mountain lions. Lucilkily whenever I’m bushcrafting/wilderness camping I have never ran into neither beast.

      1. I live on the pacific coast. Western Canada. Vancouver Canada to be exact. It’s very beautiful here and I’m thankful for it since I’m a bushcrafter by heart lol.

          1. Once at a party, we passed a bong to someone and as he tried to hit it, he said “Oh, you put your lips on the inside?”

        1. Well he is tough hunter! However, now he’ll just have to BEAR with the consequences of living without a face.

          bear in mind his face modifications add a tougher image to his hunting attire.

        1. @steaknsidneys

          Yeah, he lived in bearyland of dreams. He lived by the bear and died by the bear. Some of his friends think he wouldn’t had wanted any other way. Being ingested by his passions, digested, then pooped.

          Real life is all about perception I guess.

  3. You would think that the bear would at least have buddy’s blood on himself… like on his feet and legs… muzzle …somewhere ?? Probably just killed a token bear to put the word out to the other bears, like those cigarette packs ‘THIS can happen you!’ … or for a photo op… feel bad for the animals …we are the ones infringing on their land

  4. Awesome!! How funny not so tough now are you cunt?? I fucking despise these pricks who kill for trophies, or just for fun.. Like that Kendall bird, forgot her surname.. Don’t hear much of her these days, hopefully she’s had her face and/or pussy fucked up by a lion, then she won’t be hunting any more or reproducing, win win.

    1. @Truth_Teller. “Circumstances of the attack are still unclear…” It was merely the authors assertion that the hunters intentions were for bragging rights.
      Without all of the facts we can’t say that he was out trophy hunting. He might have been out hunting wabbits or out for a snowball fight with the Eskimos.
      One thing for sure is that he’s gonna keep an eye out in the future.

  5. Oh Lord, just Shoot me and put me out of my misery. If you don’t, I’ll do it myself. Looks like the bear clamped down on his head/face and just didn’t let go. Gruesome.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s this kind of bull shit reasoning that has ruined our society. “Oh I love animals more than people blah blah blah.” How is it wrong to kill an animal? The reasoning does not hold up against scrutiny. I love BG but this type of shit is some flaming liberal foolery. maybe if humans actually gave a sheist about each other, we’d have a much better place to live.

    1. @killajamal right it’s a fuckin bear. They are just a shitty animal just like every other shitty animal that kills for something to do. Even dogs and cats kill for fun, hasn’t anyone ever heard of “chompy” the bear that attacked and mauled(not killed) 13 separate campers in one weekend, campers not hunters. IT’S A MAN’S(mankind’s)WORLD, FUCK A BEAR!!!

      1. Agreed man! Ethically it doesn’t make any sense. If it’s wrong to kill animals to the point that we should wish death upon those who do, then wouldn’t that make animals just as guilty and therefore deserving of death? The logic doesn’t hold up. What animals are okay to kill and which aren’t? No one minds killing a virus that has infected their body.
        It seriously just doesn’t hold up.

        1. @joedirt9, @gnat

          Animals do not sin. sin is part of a man made behaviour-modification ideology. you seek to separate man from animal but still wish to govern an animal’s behaviour as you would govern a human’s, and that cannot be done, i’m afraid.

          by saying an animal is pure i mean that it is innocent. it behaves according to the “program” downloaded onto it’s “hard drive”. Man is the only animal which has attempted to over ride this program. you see, there is no such thing as right and wrong, good or evil in nature. there is simply nature. nature can best be described as structured chaos. there is no perfection as evolution can be simplified into two simple questions; “what works?” and “what doesn’t work?”

          so i believe that man evolved from animals the way they have in order to be stewards of this planet and it’s life. caretakers. but man fucked up the moment they believed themselves to be above nature. so yes, i will cheer when a lowly, dirty, dumb animal bests a “god”.

          1. In the movie Legends of the Fall, the native American character One Stab, who narrates the movie says: “Every warrior hopes a good death will find him.

            And at the end of the movie, when Brad Pitt’s character is mauled to death by a huge bear, he says: “It was a good death.

            And I agree – man sustains his life by killing what came of Mother Nature. So when he’s taken by what came of Mother Nature to sustain them, the circle of life is complete.

            And I agree with @obliterator – Nature neither acts in one’s favor, nor against it. Nature simply is. She’s oblivious to your needs or wants. Her entirely independent nature is known to us humans as “luck”. But she never does anything deliberately. She just follows her own course, and sometimes that course propels you forward without much effort of your own, sometimes it holds you back no matter how hard you try to move forward. And sometimes, it kills you. Yet she still just follows her course. She doesn’t care if you’re too weak, too young, too inexperienced, or too confident, she will follow her course from which certain creatures will benefit, whereas others will die. Man is the only of the world’s creatures that makes a deal out of it. the other creatures merely follow their instincts, the primary of which is to survive – which oftentimes means to kill other creatures, including men if it’s a matter of survival, for sustenance.

          2. Nevertheless, in the end we are ALL animals.
            Humans have just evolved and developed a brain to take advantage over his environment. To fault man for evolving, whether it be benign or malevolent, is to also place blame on “mother nature” because we are nothing but evolved primates from “her” bosom.

            Unfortunately, shit will always roll downhill whether humans are extinct or not.

    2. @killajamal. I agree 100%. There’s nothing wrong with hunting when it’s necessary. Sustenance isn’t the only reason to hunt. Any animals environment cannot sustain a surge in population. Overpopulation of any species will result in starvation of lots of animals which is a way worse death than a bullet.
      Personally, I couldn’t kill an animal. As long as there are several supermarkets in my neighborhood, I’ll never need to kill an animal. To each his/her own.

    3. This. This. This. The fuck. He could have been just trying to protect himself. People need guns when you live in Alaska. Bears don’t give a fuck, will go inside your house, eat you and your food. Even if you live in the “cities”, they will still barge in. People act like it was such an atrocity, but they don’t even know half of what happened.

  7. Dude got fucked up! All except for that eye just chillin there like “look at me bitches i’m still here!” Lookin at that pic I was just thinking how brutal it was until I saw that indestructible eye.

  8. I cannot understand why hunting is considered a sport? Surely both ‘teams’ should be aware that they are playing, a bear is just going about its business, trying to survive. The world is losing it’s big beautiful animals and that is a terrible thing. ๐Ÿ™

    1. in my opinion. hunt is good before.. when i hunt with my father old time ago, we hunt for food (expected some bunny, deer and stuff to eat)..
      but some still hunt for nothing.. for me.. hunt is like fishing. its a sport if you hunt for food, not for pleasure, like fishing for pleasure and release the fish after get it out of water for a minute , enougth for make it highly brain damage like any human without oxygen almost intowicated and released..
      my point of view, hunt is good for food, not for nothing else.
      if they want trophy , then go hunt ISIS and bring back their fudking head as trophy, i m all on this.

  9. Are you people serious?? It’s a fucking bear, not a unicorn!! What the fuck do bears do that’s so great? Do they serve any purpose at all besides being a food source? No, they are just large furry cockroaches… They aren’t any better than humans, they kill for fun too!

          1. What’s so retarded about pointing out that someone shouldn’t be putting a fucking bird atop their head? You probably have salmonella in your brain…..

    1. Actually bears and other large predators play a key role in animal population control. It’s the circle of life. What you just said is quite stupid lol. You should learn about something before you go Talking shit.

      Now if I was faced with this same situation. I would kill this animal for the sake my my survival. Then I would harvest his meat to eat.

      1. @gstarraw, it wouldn’t be so bad if bears (all species – polar, Asian moon bears, Indian sun bears etc.) had higher numbers, 7 1/2 billion humans and only a few 1000 of some species left, ๐Ÿ™ People don’t need to hunt any more, especially a trophy hunt. I don’t get why some people feel the need to murder large animals for fun, it must be some primeval ‘thing’ deep in their brain, left over from the early humans, the hunter/gatherer days?
        Also a humans idea of ‘fun’ is different than a bears, they cannot be given human emotions.

        1. Hey @tas. Why is everybody so sure this was a trophy hunt? Life in Alaska is rough, and food can pretty scarce, I don’t think there are many markets around(I guess depending where you live). Hunts are usually regulated by good old Uncle Scam to ensure they won’t be overhunted. Bears have fun too, wrestling each other and mauling smaller animals.

        2. “People don?t need to hunt any more…”

          Do you mean hunting for survival, @tas-tiger?
          If so, I disagree.

          If humans never hunted for meat, we would’ve never evolved the way we did.
          That’s why humans have binocular vision, one stomach and a short digestive tract.
          All the necessary characteristics of a carnivore.

          1. @Gnat – you really are a dumb as fuck typical Murcan that doesnโ€™t even reread his own comment so as to make sure he doesnโ€™t sound even dumber than what you intended in your BS story. I love having my cock sucked bro. Help me out with a nice suck and Iโ€™ll cover your gullet with hot cream and as soon as I let me cover every inch of your cum breath………

      2. Actually @gstaraw what you said was “quite stupid”!! These brown bears feed mostly on vegetation, fruit, nuts, and insects. Only when they are hungry enough will they hunt small animals, duh!! “Population control”? Oh, you mean like the people that hunt these bears for food and clothing. Ya know “circle of life” is not a

        1. In not going to argue with you since I said and various large predatory animals. I live near these beast I and know what they eat. You just upset and mad about something and need to calm your tits. Lol rant over

  10. Whole United States should ban hunting and make it illegal. What is so fun about it? It’s so stupid, people who kill for fun are brainless. This faceless guy deserved it… take that, in your face! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Some people hunt because not everyone can be vegan and they don’t like altered food from the grocery stores. It’s a way of life for some folks through generations.I bet you come to this site because you have a thrill of seeing other people’s misfortunes even though it’s not their fault. Tell me what makes you different from those who kill for thrill? So stop being a hypocritical bitch…

    2. my father was an avid hunter for sport and food. his home was decorated with the trophies of his kills. im not some holier-than-thou-killing-animals-for-fun-is-evil vegan, i love meat, it’s an important part of my diet. but when a pure creature like a bear wins over an over-powered human, naturally i’m gonna root for it.

  11. So many bleeding hearts jeezus you’d change your tune if you had a bear wrapped around your face, while your at it let in all the poor refugees who only want to intergrate perfectly and let grown men into the bathroom with little girls because there confused about there peepees, pack of leftist PC rats

  12. Holy shit bestgore, what a surreal level of brutality! How could you go on living like that? His wounds make him look like one of the lickers in resident evil ๐Ÿ™ I’d be demanding a massive dose of fentanyl or phenobarbital after this so mad props if he’s able to stare at this (albeit through one eye) in the face and continue on living, that would take some serious balls.

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