Man Survives Vicious Mauling by Bear in Alaska… Barely

Man Survives Vicious Mauling by Bear in Alaska... Barely

Today I have a gory gift for all the good boys and girls. A bear mauling that took place near the Denali Highway in the state of Alaska, USA on April 15th, 2016. Circumstances of the attack are still unclear but the bear left an indelible impression on the victim (clearly a hunter interested only in bragging rights instead of food). Authorities have not released the name of the victim but he is expected to survive. Looks more like a failed shotgun suicide if you ask me.

Naturally, the beautiful beast was murdered anyway for attempting to live it’s life in the presence of a filthy fucking human. Enjoy your trophy, Mr. Hunter.

Mad props to Best Gore member, @buttermaker, for the images.

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  1. Typical hippy nature lover, goes out in bear country with a group of young kids & has no rifle or bear spray.. Lucky the kids weren’t attacked, why do people go out in bear country unarmed???? Not saying shoot bears but often just a shot in air will scare it away.

      1. @acneska, if I may butt in here, I think the meat from herbivores, ie. cows, sheep, deer is preferred by most meat eaters? While a bear is not 100% carnivore, it will eat meat when it can. I think the meat from a carnivore would not be as tasty? That’s why I cannot understand why people would want to eat cats and dogs? Plus the fact that they are not usually killed humanely. I would think the meat from a cat or dog or other carnivore would be stringy and tough? Maybe the meat from a salmon fed bear would be ok to eat? There are not many bears left in the wild, that’s my main reason for being against eating them or even bothering them at all. Thinking about it, a pig is an omnivore too (like a bear, will eat anything and everything!) but the best pork would be from a grain fed animal.

        1. Actually bear meat is great if cooked properly. I use a marinade of fresh asian herbs and lemon grass ect. I actually crave it once in a while. My favourite is the claw of a bear. Also it’s great In stews and soups if you let it break down similar to oxtail. The trade is very similar to beef as well. I love game meats period. Tasty stuff 🙂

          1. @gstarraw, well there you go, but is it as good as a good cut of beef? I like roast pork myself, or chicken. When you say “claw” you mean it’s hand, it’s paw? I just don’t like the idea of people eating bears, when there are so many farmed animals for human consumption. I’d feel a lot better knowing the animal didn’t suffer during slaughter, that goes for all animals killed for human food, a little respect for the animal that is losing its life for your dinner.

          2. @gstarraw, I know a hunter can pay a lot of money to shoot a bear and the money goes into conservation and controlling bear numbers etc. It just seems a shame to me that large carnivores now have to be ‘controlled’. Animals used to control themselves quite well, for example in 1900 there were over 100,000 Indian tigers. Now there are approx. 2,500 left, decreasing every year. I know that animal conservation is better managed in Alaska and the US than most Asian countries (including India) to a certain degree. It is estimated that the planet Earth lost 50% of its wildlife in the last 50 years, mainly through habitat destruction, the loss of forests and other vegetation. This is not being halted in any way, it’s scary.

      2. Also, any animals flesh is going to taste different because of what they ate, even herbivores. I have eaten moose that was better than any beef, and I’ve had moose that after one bite, I was done. I was!offered some bear meat, but smelling it while it cooked turned my stomach, so I would not eat it. Actually got into an argument with my ex about it because I would not try it, he telling me to ” just try it, how do you know if you don’t?” Because if the smell of it cooking was gross, it’s not going in my mouth. I live in a state that holds its hunting as a god given right, it’s an ongoing debate here, with people “from away” thinking they can come up here and tell us we’re horrible people. Then I look down at their footwear and they are wearing leather shoes…hahaha there are a LOT of people here that hunt so they can feed their families instead of using welfare.

  2. Calling this a fake. The only bear attack reported in Alaska was Professor Forest Wagner who teaching a mountaineering course to a group of students in southeast Alaska on 19th April 2016.
    This guy above would of been admitted to hospital and the story would have come out with more info than what’s written.
    Also someone must of took the photo’s, surely if it’s a friend, family member or even a hunting partner they would of rushed him to hospital not pose for selfies and trophy shots.
    Sorry, fake as fcuk.

  3. hmmm maybe he survived ,but did he want to ? … I cant see how its possible to reconstruct this, anyone got input on that maybe ?
    he is gonna be blind(maybe,dont know if that eye mightsurvive) , not being able to speak, chew, swallow etc. thats gonna be yummy-yummy liquid food in my tummy , through a nice PEG-probe !

    1. I hope he’s in misery everyday of the rest of his life. I KNOW THE BEAR GOT THE BEST OF HIM, you can’t tell .me that faggot don’t go to sleep a,nd wake up THInking of his little encounter with Mr. Bear whom was simply trying to LIVE.

  4. The guy is changing his name to “Anonymous”. He will now have a strange symbol as his name.

    After the bear was shot, the guy with the torn face went over to the bear and fucked the bear in the ass. The Ravenant meets Deliverance.

  5. My creepy ballbag uncle is filthy rich and he just LOVES hunting, and by “hunting”, I mean big game hunting. He has a room in his estate called the “Trophy Room” thats just filled w dead tigers, cheetahs, elephant tusks, water buffalo, bear heads, crocodiles and even a fucking rhinoceros . I always wish some animal will smear him all over the ground, but no luck yet.

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