Man vs Wild Producer Steve Rankin Bitten in Foot by Venomous Pit Viper

Man vs Wild Producer Steve Rankin Bitten in Foot by Venomous Pit Viper

Steve Rankin – a producer for Man vs Wild, a popular Discovery Channel show featuring survivalist Bear Grylls was bitten in the foot by a venomous pit viper known as a fer-de-lance snake, or by its scientific name of Bothrops Asper while scouting locations in Costa Rica. Fer-de-lance snakes are sometimes referred to as the ultimate pit vipers.

Gruesome picture of Steve Rankin’s pre-surgery foot were posted by Bear Grylls on his Twitter. The post-surgery photo was then tweeted by Steve Rankin himself. The producer said he was bitten by the snake through his boot and into his foot while climbing over a tree. The Man vs Wild team looked after him for two hours in the wild before a helicopter took him to a hospital in San Jose, California. He said the team saved his life.

As a survivalist myself, I do enjoy Bear Grylls’ show but only as a show – mostly because of priceless reactions to eating all kinds of horrifying shite presented in really cool sounding British accent. However as a survivalist, there is little to nothing to learn about actual wilderness survival from the show. I actually think people without survival experience should disregard everything the show presents because it could be life threatening should they find themselves trapped in the wild without help.

Man vs Wild is clearly produced to be a dynamic show, which makes for enjoyable TV programming, but because of that, it’s not suitable for people willing to actually learn something about wilderness survival. When you’re stuck in the wild, you can’t afford to waste energy constantly running, although running makes for a fast paced, dynamic visuals. Likewise, you can’t afford risking serious injury descending dangerous cliffs, although as far as a TV show is concerned, it’s good to include it in the picture because it will keep the viewer on the edge and stuck to the screen, wanting to see how Bear pulls through it. In all seriousness, if you tried to apply anything Man vs Wild promotes while truly stranded in the wild, you’d get yourself into some serious trouble.

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53 thoughts on “Man vs Wild Producer Steve Rankin Bitten in Foot by Venomous Pit Viper”

    1. Well the snake venimus is not made for peopel. How can thesnake bit fro a shoos? The snakes is not evel it`s jusing the venoms to get food and for defens. If we not have the snakes. We have a over populesen of rats.

  1. I thought the habitat of this pit viper was Eastern Mexico and Central America. Never heard of one in the wild in the United States before. Interesting. The photo’s are a graphic but excellent example of what venom can do to flesh. My favorite episode of Man vs Wild was the one with Will Ferrell. “I hate you Bear Grylls” lol

      1. Yes, living in the South I’m familiar with cottonmouth moccasins, diamondback rattlesnakes and pygmy rattlesnakes. I’ve heard copperheads are in our area but I’ve never seen one myself.

        1. I just meant I’ve never heard of a fer de lance being in the wild in the United States. Maybe it escaped (or was released) from a zoo or reptile collection, or I guess it could be possible they’ve extended their range into the US. Scary thought.

    1. In the United States we have vipers.Rattlesnakes and cotton mouths/water moccasins. The one he was bitten by was a fer-de-lance. Their bite rots your flesh away from the inside out. I’m glad we don’t have those over here.

  2. I remember seeing a Bear Grylls program , he’d gone to a really remote tribe. They had an initiation rite where they had to eat something made out of the bark a local tree. It stimulated the part of the brain that’s responsible for your social conscience. He was sick as dog but it made him cry for 12 hours non stop. He said he just thought about every bad thing he’s ever that might of hurt someone and felt terrible about. I immediately thought we should synthesize and give massive shots of it to people that have committed terrible crimes.

    1. @wicked mama, I have seen his show but not a fan. I watched an episode where he’s with a tribe in like Angola where they kill an ox, and then Bear drinks the blood as it dies and then he takes a bite from its liver. Totally necessary….not..
      I like your idea too, with the bark, you never know it could stop offenders.

      1. My favorite episode was when he ate raw goat testicles in the desert. He barfed and after he wiped his mouth said “Sorry Ahmed.” I prefer watching Les Stroud, The Survivorman sometimes he’ll go the whole week eating nothing more than a minnow and a couple of berries.

      1. @foster,
        it was more than that. I know there are a lot of tribes that take hallucinogens to see their ‘spirit animal’ or something. This was very different, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I think Bear is probably a very strong minded individual and it would take more than a bad trip to have him weeping like a baby for 12 hours.

      1. I bought a multi-tool because of “Survivorman”. I never leave home without it and it impresses the ladies when you let them use it. Sometimes it helps the relationship when you ask them if they want to see your multi-tool. But always ask from at least an arm and a half length away.

  3. Evolution is a wonder concept to behold, human beings have evolved to make use of tools, hence the flexible hands and opposable thumbs whereas snakes and such have evolved to kill larger targets due to their size and lack of organisation, we evolve based upon what we need to survive.

    The million dollar question is, how does our DNA allow for physical change to happen, DNA is not static and we know this because damage to our DNA causes tumours to grow and cancer to spread and we know from collected evidence that evolution exists in all species and we also know that those species who have very few predators evolve slower than the species that have more natural predators.

    It would seem then, from a logical standpoint, that our DNA somehow records the stresses of the hosts daily existence and tweaks certain areas to improve survival odds and naturally over time these tweaks cause a noticeable change in physical presence.

    If the above holds true then our DNA is a living organism much different than our other organs for it exists separately to the hosts homeostatic/circulatory system and can be transferred to another host, such as when we have children.

    This would explain why our children look like us, (I apologise if your child looks like the milkman’s, unless of course you are a milkman) and it would also explain how a child knows how to cry and crawl and other seemingly in born traits, I suppose you could say that we do live forever in so far as our children carry on the DNA which created us, anything else such as memories are the property of our brains which are like a computer hard drive and these are sadly non transferable.

    1. this is obliterator but this is not obliterator…..our next step must be evolution of the mind. we must transcend these bodies as we have become to focused on the physical. we have failed as human beings. we have forgotten our true purpose. to survive we must leave behind our humanity.

    1. spider’s can do the same thing if you’re allergic to their venom. of course you don’t know if your allergic unless a spider bites you…same with cocaine. that can also kill you the first time you use it if you happen to be allergic…and heroine/morphine.

  4. He fought mothernature an sheer won Lol bet that I’m sure they killed the snake ” Steve Irwin were still here he’d been like crokieeee mate what we have here is s ” ducked up foot mate” i wonder what part of his body they used for that skin patch

  5. I wonder if Bear ate the snake afterwards? He’ll eat anything for the shock value to boost his ratings. In reality the crew brings along plenty of good food to feast on but he will never admit to it.

  6. I’m not doctor, but from the post op pic, which I agree does look like sloppy work, is actually where an abscess/infection occurred and they had to leave part of the wound open to drain naturally. I’m sure there will be skin grafts when everything clears up.

  7. The top things you can do to survive is 1.) Drink your own urine every chance you get 2.) squeeze excess water from animal feces and drink it 3.) eating rotting animal carcass raw is good.

  8. I think this is an awesome show. It never ceases to amaze me the things bear will put in his mouth and yes his reactions to them make for truly entertaining television. I once watched him hold a giant chunk of elephant dung over his face and proceed to squeeze the juices from it into his mouth… Absolutely priceless indeed 😀

    1. what’s better to do? Let the poison course through the body? I don’t know the answer. If that’s a pretty potent venom it seems like it may have killed him when it hit the heart. tournaqet maybe saved him? That’s one sick wound!

    2. They should have let him deal with it himself out in the wild! They’re showing you to how to survive if you were lost in the wild. Well if your lost in the wild do you think some magical helicopter is going to come save you? Hell no. Just sayin.

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