Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally ill man decided to have a picnic with a European Brown Bear named Finn at Bern Park in Switzerland but the bear was in no mood for that shit. Instead, he thought it’d be fun to maul the intruder to his pen and had himself his way with him.

25 year old man scaled a wall separating Finn from the onlookers and dropped 4 meters to share hugs with the beast. The beast sank his teeth into his ass and ragdolled him back and forth in what looked like pretty brutal mauling. The handicapped man got away with severe, but not life threatening head and leg wounds. The bear wasn’t as lucky.

In order to rescue the reckless intruder, the police took a shot at Finn. The bullet splintered inside his body making it impossible for the vets to surgically remove it. As a result, the bear was in critical condition. I have no info on whether Finn eventually survived, but probably so. He was 4 year old when the incident took place in 2009.

The Swiss Zoo representative said that they could not use tranquilizing darts because they take several minutes to take effect and the man was already being mauled for 7 minutes when authorities arrived. He further explained that Finn was instinctively defending his territory wh8ich he shared with female bear named Bjork.

Many thanks for the video, Jack Mehoff:

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172 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo”

  1. Hey look, there’s a bear eating someone, let’s piss it off some more and throw fruit at it. Shame the Bear died because of someone else’s stupidity, should have put the loony toon down instead, there’s plenty of humans to go around

        1. I did some digging and this incident is 2 and a half years old and according to the Austrian Times on 26.11.2009 reports were that the bear made a miraculous recovery from his injuries according to vets, so yay!

          1. Aww man that would be torture for the poor bears. As appealing as the thought is, I care for the wellbeing of the bears, and that kind of easy meal is equivalent to feeding a starving man White Castle or Taco Bell.

            To those who defend WC or TB, Ive had bad experiences with food poisoning from both those places. For what it’s worth, keep chowing down there if it suits your dear little hearts

      1. HoneyBane Why? Sympathy and going aww poor poor guy does nothing to help a situation and the world is full of shit situations we can’t do anything about so we can either sit and go crazy with sympathy and hatred or we can just get on with life and laugh. Besides I spent a few months in a loony toon house myself 7 years back and really don’t care what people say about me and certainly crave nobody’s sympathy, so I can say what I want, like a black person using the “N” word. So please grow up, you don’t always have to say the things you think other people want to hear πŸ™‚

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      1. Not gonna lie, i would have liked to see the bear get shot…

        But the bullet passes through the bear and hits the man in the head…and then they both die…That would be as gr8 as that Race way accident with the man chopped in half and the other guy got his brains carved out with a fire extinguisher that the man was carrying to save the other mans car XD…That kind of shit is interesting.

        1. shooting a zoo bear is like shooting a cow in a paddock! No bear species are common anymore, I hate seeing ‘threatened’ animals destroyed.shooting wild animals is NOT sport either, in a ‘sport’ both teams should know the rules! a bear scratching his back on a tree or shitting in the woods does NOT deserve to be shot/killed.

          1. @tiger Hunting is a sport…because the bear could try to Charge at you, and the bear knows the rules…its called survival. Maybe the bear shouldent be running around shitting and scratching its back. Animals kill other animals, we are animals, its the way of life. if you came across a bear in the wild and it saw you and it was hungry, it wouldn’t care if you were shitting in the woods… its gonna kill your ass.

            Everything in this world deserves to die by any thing, mortal, immortal incorporeal, Jewish…w/e lol.

  2. We ‘Down Under’ heard about this. I don’t remember if the bear survived tho…….. anyone ?

    Oh yeah, why not shoot the bear with the tranquilzer then blast him with a fire hose until it sucumbed to the drug. Dickwads.

    I nearly forgot, there is a mentally ill HUMAN invloved…… oh well, you get that………. go BEAR.

  3. I feel bad for the bear,he was just doing what an animal does to protect his territory.I also think the person supervising the mental midget should be thrown in the bear lair,after all,Its all his/her fault for not keeping a keen eye out.

    1. Was that root FOR the animal toothy one or do you just root other animals………. oh wait, DOHHHHHH.

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  4. that’s fucked, a retarded man generally has NOTHING to contribute to society. The bear (whose species are ALL nearing low numbers) is very important for breeding heathly numbers of bears! Does the moron even know what he’s done? the bear was shot, maybe killed, I’m unashamed to say I think 1 healthy big bear is more important to the Earth than 1 slow learner human.

    1. yes I read that too, some ‘Pommy’ newspapers are saying 90-100 ’emo’ boys have been stoned (ha ha) to death, but the Sheik-el what-the-fuck said it wasn’t “that many” it was funny just hearing him say the word ’emo’, he says they are ‘Devil-worshippers’ who have ‘skulls’ on their clothing & their stationary! They’re not allowed to have a skull on their pen!

  5. I hope the guy died. That is a problem of modern society – we idiot proof everything, allowing morons to survive thereby thwarting the natural cleanising of the gene pool. For thousands of years, humans have gotten progressively smarter and better, but for probably the first time in human history, the species as a whole has taken a step back because we idiot proof everything and save morons from themselves, allowing them to breed and create more morons..

    At least the bear made it. This story says he pulled through.

  6. is it just me or does anyone else notice that every time a mentally ill person visits the zoo, they always climb into the cage and get mauled? They really should ban them for their own safety.

    “I’m telling you the lion did not shout ‘come at me bro’ you are hearing voices.”

    1. SO many famous bears – Fozzy, Smokey, Yogi, Winnie-the-Poo etc, everyone who uses a bear for their advertising or profits from using a bear in any way should donate money to a ‘save-the-bear’ foundation. Actually that goes for other animals too.

    1. yep. hahahaa. It’s a crap they shot Finn,
      coz he’s really having a good time playing with his new found playmate and the audience seems to likes it. They’re cheering for Finn and throwing stuffs as a reward. Her mate should’ve joined the fun though, It’s one of those great bonding moments for them. I’m sure Papa Bear Finn would make this one of his favorite Bedtime Stories to his cubs.

  7. The (un)funny thing is that neither the bear, nor the ill can control what they’re doing. There’s the bear, trapped in humans’ everyday useless routine whinies, and there’s the ill, trapped in his own mind. How poetical, both tried to escape, to break their own prisons: the man by doing something different, the bear by (b)eating something different. Was it worth it? Only they know that. They’re like babies, doing what they do, but where are the parents, why did they leave their babies alone?

  8. I’m glad to hear the bear survived. Both it and the mentally handicapped were not at fault for what happened. The bear is young, it was only going by instinct for when a stranger enters its’ territory. Unfortunately the mentally ill man couldn’t help himself. Someone should have been watching him and not let him out of their sight.

    Best wishes go to the bear on making a full recovery, as well as the mentally ill man.

    Thanks for sharing this, Mark.

  9. LMAO ! Yea, throwing things just pisses the bear off more. He doesn’t know what is hitting him so he just keeps going after the guy.
    Being a mental case he never thinks to poke the bear in the eyes.

    1. Yup, well spoken with true “symphony “.
      Gotta love a good metaphor.

      What’s a Metaphor and I quote :-

      ” A figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance “.

      Schools out kids, you can fuck off now.

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