Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally ill man decided to have a picnic with a European Brown Bear named Finn at Bern Park in Switzerland but the bear was in no mood for that shit. Instead, he thought it’d be fun to maul the intruder to his pen and had himself his way with him.

25 year old man scaled a wall separating Finn from the onlookers and dropped 4 meters to share hugs with the beast. The beast sank his teeth into his ass and ragdolled him back and forth in what looked like pretty brutal mauling. The handicapped man got away with severe, but not life threatening head and leg wounds. The bear wasn’t as lucky.

In order to rescue the reckless intruder, the police took a shot at Finn. The bullet splintered inside his body making it impossible for the vets to surgically remove it. As a result, the bear was in critical condition. I have no info on whether Finn eventually survived, but probably so. He was 4 year old when the incident took place in 2009.

The Swiss Zoo representative said that they could not use tranquilizing darts because they take several minutes to take effect and the man was already being mauled for 7 minutes when authorities arrived. He further explained that Finn was instinctively defending his territory wh8ich he shared with female bear named Bjork.

Many thanks for the video, Jack Mehoff:

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  1. One of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do as an EMT was hold a dead kid who got killed in a car accident because his mother drove high on cocaine. What does she say when i pronounce her child has deceased? How am I going to get to work tomorrow?

  2. oh so its all the bears fucking fault, that is why i hate the people in this world oh a man has intruded the bears space lets shoot the bear, i mean that what bears do people dont realise that we are meat and we are part of the food chain

  3. I believe in protecting and conserving all creatures (preferably NOT in zoos; I don’t care for zoos) but bears, I tell ya… bears I don’t like at all. I don’t believe in hunting or eradicating them, but I also don’t want anything to do with them. Bears cannot be trusted at all, (like all wild animals, really.) Better to just give them extra wide berth and stay out of their way. But then of course you’ve got the super-dumbasses like Tim Treadwell who just HAVE to go poke the bears… when will people ever learn YOU DON’T POKE THE BEAR?!

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