Monkey Makes Man Fall from Roof and Onto Corrugated Steel Panels

Monkey Makes Man Fall from Roof and Onto Corrugated Steel Panels

Monkey Makes Man Fall from Roof and Onto Corrugated Steel Panels

According to the backinfo I got, the incident happened in Nairobi, Kenya. The video shows a couple of men climbing a building apparently in order to scare away a monkey who’s sitting on top of the roof. Turns out, it’s the monkey who scares one of the men and as a result, he falls.

You can see from the first 3 seconds of the video, that the fence made from those corrugated galvanized steel panels, that are usually used on roofs, are intact. I’m not sure what the proper name for those panels is.

Then after the man falls (at 0.20 onward), the panels are bent, which suggests he fell right on them. And even though edges on those things are not razor sharp, they are still thin so falling on them from some height is sure to leave you with gashes on the body.

I don’t have the aftermath of the incident, but I’m guessing the fallen man ended up diced up quite good. The result – one man with possible lifetime injuries, but monkey still on the roof.

Props ot Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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  5. how the F did he get up there to begin with? there’s literally nothing to climb to get to the roof. Unless he climbed the pipe at the bottom of the building to get to the second unit’s protective bars and from there climb to the 3rd units bars to get to the roof level but that would take a lot of work and strength unless this guy served in the military or some shit. I figured he was already up there with his friend you can see in the back and he was trying to get away from the monkey.

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