New Videos of Corpses in the River Ganges, India

New Videos of Corpses in the River Ganges, India

Best Gore member f00d411 who hooked us up with photos and videos of corpses in the River Ganges in India, recorded during his trips to the country has two new videos for us. One is from April 2013, the other one from July 2007 but even though older, it is new for us to see.

There is a lot of great footage in both videos, often showing hungry scavengers, including dogs and crows feeding on floating or washed up on banks corpses.

First video is from April 2013:

Second video is from July 2007:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I’ve advised a lot of clients over the years on financial affairs. While it has made me an affluent man, I’ve also found that Indian customers generally are merely better than retards. That’s sad but true.

        1. ha…it’s a bit amusing to see a man claim affluence right before making an offensive, nonsensical remark, which he then tries to pass off as a strictly objective observation. Lol, was this the result of a controlled study? “Colleagues, it appears our hypothesis was correct. Those of East Indian descent are ‘merely better than retards.’ I’ve checked the mathematics several times…”

          Nope, that remark isn’t remotely spiteful, just the result of a highly objective, well educated man’s analysis. haha, give me a break, dude. According to my calculations, you’re a poop face; I so badly wish it weren’t true, but alas, I mustn’t run from the truth – to do so would be unbecoming of a sophisticated chap like myself…haha…alright sorry. I’m done.

    1. I’m sure they hate you too. I’m married to one and I can assure you they are a lot fucking cleaner, much harder-working and a damned sight more compassionate than most whites I know, most of the time. You’re just an ignoramus.

      1. Sure they learn to behave like civilised people, and clean up after themselves once introduced to a Western white country.

        But have you ever seen Indians IN India ? Where the fuck do i start ?

        Oh a monkey just took a shit on my food ? ”oh its ok one of our god’s is a monkey so this is a blessing”…

        Are you fucking kidding me ? I have watched so many documentaries about India on ALL kinds of channels on TV, read so many articles on the inter-webs, read several books, and the list go’s on.

        I come to the conclusion every single time that IN India, Indian people are fucking filthy animals.

        I mean come on, monkeys and humans take shit and piss in a river that you then use the water to ”clean” yourself ? Are you fucking kidding me kid ?

        It would take 5000 page book just to describe the filthiest of those cunts. (part 1 of 100) 😉

          1. Excuse me? Not even in the poorest slums of the USA, Australia, Canada, etc, do people bathe in the same water they take a shit and throw their corpses in

            What I have seen in India is absolutely disgusting – beyond disgusting.

            I mean, how can people live like that?

        1. India may have nice views and beautiful countryside but that does not make up for the fact that the Indian’s themselves are dirty people say what you like but any culture that drinks, cleans and shits in the same river is a filthy animal, actually no thats a slander against animals even they know not to shit on their food then carry on eating it. India is such an amazing beautiful picturesque country and thanks to the indians it is now ruined.

        2. @Nuvos, You can’t get a well rounded idea of people or country just by reading a book or watching shows about India.You have to go there and get to know the feel of a country by experiencing it from within.

        1. Personally, i would love to go back to India any day , if only to see piles of corpses again. Also i appreciate the warm friendliness of most people i met there. Many fv there were a lot nicer than the cold selfish fv here in N/W Europe. Educated Indians are in many respects an example of human values to me. But Indians have obnoxious traits too. Personally i (dis)like fv for their character, not for the country they’re from. I ‘ve even met a few nice jews (although they were rarities ).

        1. Yip, i knew a couple indian families well. They are generally crazy, illogical ppl but their entire families were like surgeons/doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. They don’t eat meat at all, too afraid to hit or stand up to any one, always praying. Not to mention, they hated how North westerners kept pets indoors, complaining how unhygienic it was.

          1. aha, that explains something; i once heard an indian guy talk about a cat in their kitchen as ‘a filthy animal in a holy place’. The guy was a jehova’s witness , i thought that had something to do with it, but now i know. He also killed cats an other animals without remorse; i found most indians to be very cruel towards animals.

    2. I personally want to visit knowing many Indian people from my sate. But they are wealthy not in the slums. But they never told me of the dead floating down the river. Oh PROPS to the wader who went out fr the pic!! Kudo’s

    3. Those fucking shits and assholes who hates India, remember one thing we are far better that shits who don’t respect humanity and every country have it’s own tradition and we have own,so don’t compare us with your country you may be good but may be bad on many positions

  1. The Ganges in India is very sacred very religious and alot of people go there to commit suicide thinking their souls will flow freely in the Ganges until their soul is ready for the next life in other word reincarnated. Mainly the poor or ones whose family have disowned them whuch happens alot there.

    1. No they ritually burn the bodies but since they are so cheap they usually don’t burn the whole body and dump it in the river. Then throw the next body on the still hot coals for the next family to view.

  2. I got bored of the Krishna philosophical commentary but I learned a valuable lesson from this… Dog may be man’s best friend but if he’s hungry, he’s gonna gnaw your face off.

      1. Without hesitation. It reminds of me a picture I saw once (possibly on here) of an old guy who dad died and his dog had eaten parts of his face. Obviously, the dog was starving since the owner had died so he did what he had to do.

      2. Without hesitation. Thing is though, the dog in the video was far from starving, it looked healthy enough to me. I think it just saw an opportunity to have a lil snack. Some dogs will eat their own shit after eating their food so it’s not always out of survival instinct. I love dogs but I don’t kid myself into thinking that they aren’t animals.

  3. Gross to know that people see the Ganges as a sacred river, and therefore drink from it, and bathe in it. Imagine drinking that water and looking to the left or right and see a corpse floating.. 🙁

  4. my advice for any would-be traveller to india would be … don’t. Unless you want to be constantly stared at and be duped at every nook and corner of the country. there are a few genuine good people though, a few. On the surface, term “poor” people may invoke sympathy but in truth it’s a different story altogether (without getting into too much detail).

  5. Coming to think of it, i’ve been consuming rotting corpses as well, hehe. When we were in Benares, we (a bunch of westerners) all got sick after drinking bhang lassi with icecubes in. The icecubes were made from Ganges water. ( bhang lassi as such was quite enjoyable though)

  6. India and it`s people are filthy. Dead corpes floating while they bathe in the same water. Animals and humans use the river as sewers while people drink it. Why is it indian people dont use underarm deodorant. Freakin animals they all smell like raw sewage. I hope they rot.

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