Older Man Mauled on Face by Bear While Snowmobiling with Son

Facial Trauma Allegedly Caused by Bear Mauling

Older Man Mauled on Face by Bear While Snowmobiling with Son

According to the backinfo I got, a father and a son were attacked by a bear while snowmobiling. The old man got mauled on the face. The son then neutralized the beast.

The dialogue between the father and the son in the video makes the whole scene rather questionable, but the old man’s facial injuries seem quite real.

Does any of you guys know more about this? The pics tend to backup the “bear attack” story, but the acting in the video comes across very staged. Unless they’re really a cool family like that. Props to Best Gore member @landagirl for the video and pics:

Gallery of photos:

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204 thoughts on “Older Man Mauled on Face by Bear While Snowmobiling with Son”

      1. Not really! C-19 victims are on the edge of dying for like 3 weeks and every minute of 24 hours they are suffering. This guy is like damn that hurts till he is at the hospital. They give him morphine and he is in lala land chillin. After surgery he is probably getting it on with his wife and watching Netflix. C-19 people are sweating all day, lungs wiped out and knife pain, fever, chills, and cant move 2 feet without being out of energy!

        1. Having a horrible 3 week flu is not even close to the pain, suffering, several surgeries & the longterm care he will have to cope with. He will be stigmatized, discriminated against, ridiculed, bullied and be asked insensitive, personal questions.

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          1. Very true. People dont discriminate when nothing is wrong but when something happens like a race war or a civil rights movement everyone think a whole race is trying to get attention and then treat them terribly. Im not racist when times arent tough but when they are you find out how easy it is to hate on a whole race. Its hard for me to be racist to anyone near me bc I’m. well. Im a lot. I’m just not black and dont believe in religion. Very easy to hate on those groups. Way easier than anyone would think.

          2. LOL racism is just an excuse for ignorant people afraid of anything they don’t understand… and you are the best example.
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      1. Nice finding Brandon. Imagine being racist smh. Evolution doesn’t stick with the same thing for eternity. Evolution changes and can make thing better. Like less people being racist.

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          2. “deadvector says:
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            “deadvector says:
            you see? you start from the presumption that everyone thinks like you..”

            im starting to feel pity for racist people like you… you are getting outnumbered day by day and you don’t know what to do… you get desperate and don’t even know what to deffend, what to say

    1. This dude has been watching too much “Raiders of the Lost Ark NAZI face melt scene”…
      He should be arrested for ‘cruelty to a bear’ – his face wore away some enamel off the teeth ..
      Happy Corona !!

    1. Good memory IS55, I had forgotten that one until I looked up the link.
      At first I thought he was gonna be one of those assholes trying to “be one” with nature like the bear whisperer who, along with his girlfriend, were eaten alive by a grizzly bear.

          1. He mostly hunts hop-hoppin apes. You will be his prized trophy. You’re both an ape and a fat gay black bear (the gay bear kind).
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          1. and who give a shit about that ?

            nobody but you.

            extremly disrespectful and rude to who ? the dude who created bestgore ? LOL…yeah sure

            i doubt he even care about me… if he actually understand half of what i m saying sinze … sinze what … many years now… still never understood my shitty english XD

  1. Hopefully this is a prophecy that the Boston Bruins will destroy their opponent in the next Stanley Cup Final…. whenever that is. GO B’s!!!

    1. The Pittsburgh Penguins will stomp those Bruins. But due to those chinese pricks that playoff matchup will likely not happen this year. China must pay for the worlds demise with their bat eating people!
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      1. If I was president I would terminate all relationships with those bat soup eating bastards and banned them along with issuing them visas and punish any American thinking of traveling there with prison time that would send a strong message by simply saying fuck you CHINA!!!

      1. Word has it he tried to throw a NET over the beast, then beat it with a STICK, and finally decided to get the PUCK outta there…. obviously for all his efforts he was severely PENALIZED.

  2. Haven’t we seen this post before, about 2 years ago?

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      The other reason for commenting you is the above about that mongrel Johnson.
      Because I wrote this few days ago, slightly off topic (maybe) but. See what you think.

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      1. Oh thanks man, you really made my day with your comments on my re-hashed ‘Yesterday’
        I love it when ya laugh so much and so hard it tears your abs muscles to pain
        Means it was funny as shit
        As for your poem on Corona, yes I love it
        So true about Prince “Tampon” Charles, Tom Wanks, and Boris the Spider
        All wanks
        All fuckheads, who don’t live in the real World with real people
        So .. great great stuff .. Keep it up
        I’m actually gonna cut n paste your poem to my brother, so he can dig it too
        Be well .. Or be Pell ..

          1. Mutual Nems assured.

            Do look into it, I’m still digging meself as there’s a wealth of wide ranging tangents to the subject.

            Obviously you know the mantra.

            Don’t take what I say as fact, for half the time I’m parroting fact(s) while always endeavoring to uncover the truth.
            There’s a world of knowledge uncovered.

            You couldn’t ask for a clearer example of the difference between fact and narrative than this. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Whoever can see beyond narrative can see the truth. We must all strive for this.

            Definitely know I’m on the right track so.

        1. Ha. Thanks yourself BJ.
          Posted yours to friends as well, credited obviously but I’m the only person I know who gets here most days, nephew of mine checks in couple times a week but only if I’ve sent links to a particular video.
          Obviously I recommend the site to friends and others, mostly one two videos then there outta here. Oough..! How do you watch that stuff..?
          I just say with me Eyes.

  3. IF FAKER than shit…I think 20th Century FOX would LOVE to see a copy of this amazing “I’m bored so let’s make short-film for fuckin’ VIEWS” work. Great C-rate acting, fantastic make up job, and way to do it withOUT the fucking effects. The way he says “We need to get out of here” in such a mild-manner is a fuckin’ eye-roller. Like yeah dude, you SO had me with Leo Decaprio’s coaching skills AFTER getting a NEW face lift in “The fuckin’ Revenant.” That’s as much enthusiasm as you’ll get from any North American who HAS just finished posting a fuckin’ tweet. We Americans are so proud of doing SHIT like this, yet a total fuckin’ joke to the REST of the world. And I’m MORE than proud to make that fuckin’ statement. Watch the rest of the world suffer WHILE we just chilax with stupid shit like this. Thanks again to SOME North American whose just chowed on a bag of Cheetos!

    1. Did he say “let’s just keep our heads?” Hate to be the one to tell you pops, but you certainly suck at your own advice, I watched this a few dozen times, yet still I cannot tell if it’s fake or real. Maybe the bear needs glasses and mistakenly thought Pop pop was a tree? Let’s say the bear has perfect eyesight but grew up without a dad. He noticed that man and his son spending good old fashion time together and it triggers Smokey’s depression. He goes in for a “bear” hug but experiences flash back memories of poppa bear being shot by the same hunter, many years ago when he was just a cub. He then turns into The Hulk, of the Forrest minus the tight Ass skinny jeans and tee shirt apparel. Point is, DONT FUCK WITH BEARS!!

      1. That’s a VERY creative script you got going there. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was ANYTHING close to what these assholes had intended. They’re like, “Oh shit! What the fuck was my line again? Here, I’ll say it like I’m A fuckin’ middle schooler that has just picked up Shakespeare.” The only reason he’s going to need to keep his head down is so his fuckin’ BRAIN doesn’t fall out. At least they kept that much “realism” in the script. Aside from that. These 2 should NEVER consider Hollywood.

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      1. Yeah Nem good point – most clusters of vile pedophiles have in them:
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        I mean, the guy in charge of the Fed Cops Pedophile task force is probably a kiddie pervert!

        Game of Thrones?

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  5. Fucking redneck honkeys always fucking with nature. Now his face looks like Andre the giant’s mother’s pussy after a C section. Losing a lot of blood I’m sure he’s starting to feel a bit light headed !!

  6. oh my god … that’s violent !!! But the result after the operation is amazing (wow)! Too bad for the bear, but what should you have done ?! How he talks so cool after being torn to pieces … respect!

      1. I’d whip his ass. I’d whip the bears ass too and then invite em for drinks at the local podunk bar/toilet. Then I’d make them pay for my drinks and take a crap in the old mans facehole. Then I’d punch the bear in the nuts and go enjoy a refreshing ice cold Pepsi. Can’t wait to tell the grandkids about how awesome my life isn’t.

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    1. I’m not gonna read that,
      It looks so very dumb,
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      Like sitting on your thumb.

      Stick your thumb into your anus,
      And spin til kingdom come,
      Your words are boorish and silly,
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      Jk man. I Like your wordplay. Just here to vent steam.

  8. Probably he didn’t even know that time, he lost his eyes, nose and 90% of the face.

    But one thing I gotta mention – he’s hard as f**k. He was fighting the bear, left with mouled face, and he’s still able to calmly talk to his son or nephew (dafuq is this guy actually).

    He doesn’t panic, he just sit and calmly talk to that cameraman… He’s used to stress and fear

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