Performer at Crocodile Show Gets Bitten on Arm

Performer at Crocodile Show Gets Bitten on Arm

Performer at Crocodile Show Gets Bitten on Arm

During a crocodile show in Thailand, a seemingly chill reptile took a bite at his handler’s arm, when it was stuck deep down the captured croc’s throat.

The performer can count himself lucky the croc did not perform the death roll and let go off his arm as fast as it did.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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101 thoughts on “Performer at Crocodile Show Gets Bitten on Arm”

      1. Anyone who fucks with the contentment of animals deserve everything they get…..

        That includes the fuckers who pay to watch this shit, and further create a market for it……

        Pppfftt !!

    1. Interesting!!!

      He’s lucky the croc didn’t do a death roll like the one we saw before under similar circumstances. The deathroll would rip his arm out. This one looks more like a warning bite than a here-comes-breakfast bite.

      Thai idiot fucking with a dinosaur. You need 9 lives for that

        1. @svarg26 Oh dear. You’re running out of steam svarg. I’ll sit back for a while and give your few brain cells time to recuperate. Don’t keep me waiting long. And there was me thinking you were up for the long haul. Guess I was wrong. You’re just as fucking useless as the other cunts on here.

    1. The scum was seemingly trying to give the croc a bath after the oral.
      That’s like offering snow to an Eskimo, or a free dick to a whore.
      The croc does not seem to find that offensive. She’s clearly not a libtard croc

        1. Hahaha!!!
          Crocodilians have palatal valve which they instinctively shut when they’re under water OR when their mouths are opened. This is to prevent unpermitted substances like water from getting into their trachea.

          If the palatal valve is forced open, the crocodilian’s instinct triggers a secondary security measure which is to shut its mouth. That’s exactly what happened here. The croc snapped its jaws in self defense from this human intruder.

          People who’re experienced in this trick even put their heads in the croc’s mouth but avoid touching the p-valve. This guy is probably an amateur pushing his luck too far

          1. I thought for sure that you were going to call me a faggot. I wasn’t expecting that curve ball. So, do you not enjoy the company of your kids, or is it the other way around?

          2. If your kids have been writing your comments, then all this makes perfect sense. I am glad that you are actually participating in your children’s lives, but this site is definitely not for kids.

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    he is our newest alligator fucker-arounder with guy, and i think its his last day on the JOOOOOB.
    everyone wish JIM a good trip to the hospital and give him a round of applause..
    CROWD: GOOD LUCK JIM!!! Sparse: clap. clap. clap.

    CUE the Curb your enthusiasm music….

  2. Anybody who pays money to watch retards put their limbs into the mouths of deadly reptiles need to be eaten by said reptiles. That would have made this video much better.

    “Video of crocodile / alligator eating an entire crowd of paying customers who were there to watch the big show…”

  3. The partitioning of India and Pakistan left a bad taste in alot of mouths, to this very day Hindus and Muslims don’t get along because of it.. That being said, maybe they should’ve used a CHAKRADILE for this stunt, instead of an ALLAHGATOR… Am I right..?

  4. So I’ll explain what happened here …the crocs are cooled down to a body temp of 80 degrees ..this makes them slow and partially blind …and they are fed bits of meat they are used to bouncing down in one head bump ..hence no automatic deathroll..he felt a bump on the inside of his mouth and had a learned food response ..he bounced his jaw back expecting a morsel to bounce backwards as usual..this provided the split second for the dick licker to escape without his deserved ragdolling
    ..thank you

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