Pet Rat Causes Small Bite, But Worrisome for Victim Due to Anemia

Some Infection Still Hinders Healing of Injury

Pet Rat Causes Small Bite, But Worrisome for Victim Due to Anemia

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock in brought to you by Best Gore member @wickedrabies, who got rabies, I mean… got her finger bit by a pet rat:

This happened a while ago and it really isn’t all that impressive, honestly, however I am iron anemic and this is the first bite I’ve ever received that I needed medical intervention because of the bleeding.

The rodent featured is the culprit to the bite – he is a two year old dumbo rat that had gotten loose for a short time.

I know better, handling animals is something I’ve been doing since I was very young, and I absentmindedly tried to grab him after sending him into a panic of fear. Of course he turned and bit me really fucking hard, I absolutely deserved the retaliation because one never tries to grab a scared animal bare handed.

In the end, that single bite bled for six hours total until finally seeking medical attention. I needed a lidocaine injection around the bleeding bite, of which took another ten minutes of attention to finally slow the flow enough to bandage. I also had to receive my very first tetanus shot in thirty years (of which I later found out I have an allergy to through informative Mother, my left arm is still stiff and limited in movement – therapy in progress to fix this too.)

No stitches needed, no notable nerve damage other than a new little scar that is a new lump on the knuckle. The biting rat is still a pet to me and has not resorted to repeating the offense, he is quite gentle when he isn’t scared.

So a word to the wise; scared, cornered, or threatened animals of all sizes absolutely will defend themselves – even if they love you in the end.

Thanks a lot for the pics and the story, @wickedrabies:

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94 thoughts on “Pet Rat Causes Small Bite, But Worrisome for Victim Due to Anemia”

        1. It isn’t wholly impossible to catch diseases from domestic animals, this is a lot of why I do not allow my dogs (or animals) to lick my face or near my face. A bite is the least of my concerns; that is the smoking gun should I have come down with something.
          Rats are utilized often in intelligence tests and so on to compare to humans, without them – there wouldn’t be as many breakthroughs in science and medicine. I like to think of them as smaller, quieter puppy dogs. Because my Big Poppa bear has been captive bred and kept, the chances for deadly diseases had been minimized intensely. The tetanus shot was probably most dangerous thing I received because I already have lock jaw and knuckles that will stiffen into place. (:
          Rats rule ~

    1. They’re called Fancy rats. They’re domesticated animals and differ from their wild brethren, they wouldn’t survive in the wild. Sincerely- an owner of super friendly, never bitten anyone, rats

  1. 6 hours from that bite I would say is more like hemophilia than anemia, hence the lidocaine in a finger tip which they normally would not do because of risk of gangrene,…no fun but glad you’re ok from it (more or less with the arm). Next time get a tranquilizer dart gun and blast the rat from a safe distance, then no more nibbles.

        1. I wouldn’t doubt it Sphinx. Those little fuckers can be vicious. I had some breeder rats get loose and they killed and ate one of my parrots. They became food that day. I did know one that was pretty smart. It would follow you around the house, and loved affection. They smell worse than cats though. That’s the main problem.

          1. I had been keeping guinea pigs a few years back while trying to get some rats to breed for snake food. One rat doe managed to get out and over the week of trying to trap her, she killed four of my wheeker adults, and six babies.
            When I finally caught her, she was immediately sentenced to a dairy forty minutes from town where the dairy cats no doubt made a quick meal of the killer rat.
            I do not believe that once an animal tastes blood, it will go rogue – but this one, I wasn’t going to take the chance. I even sent the rest of her offspring off with her the following weekend to be sure all the genes would be killed off.

      1. What are warfarin rats Honkey?
        Rats have tended to become resistant to the poison and usually just eat the stuff that’s put down for them. There are more potent anti-coagulants available these days.

        We had a rat problem a few weeks ago and my wife wanted to poison them but I don’t agree with it as a method coz it’s an extremely cruel & painful way to die by bleeding to death internally. So she bought a couple these new fangled electronic high frequency gizmos and they work a treat…no more rats.

        1. You should check out Mouse Trap Mondays on YouTube. This guy tries out every type of trap there is, and rates them. He also shows how to build some of them. I had a mouse in the house a few weeks after I started watching, and built one of the traps out of a block of wood, some coat hangers and some string. I caught the fucker that night.

          1. Ok I’ll check it out..thanx for the heads up. Who said youtube is a waste of time? I’m trying to get my chops around how many kinds of rat traps there can be. I guess many of them seemed like good ideas at the time. Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door…….then you need to build a better trap to catch all those fuckers banging on your door at 4 am in the morning….right?

          2. Just had a quick squiz..I like the “walk the plank” that’s just oozing Pirates of the Caribbean style. I can just imagine Johnny Depp saying…You dirty rat….you killed my brother..see? And now you gonna pay. Walk tha’ plank ye salty ol’ rodent. arrrrrgggrgghhgghrhgh

        2. That walk the plank one is supposedly one of the best designs. One of the simplest designs for catching mice is to take a large bowl and put a small amount of peanut oil in it. The mice climb in and get oil on their feet and it’s too slippery for them to climb or jump out. It doesn’t kill them so you can let them go if you want, or (for our Asian friends) just throw them in the wok for a light snack.

          1. That’s like the story told by the father of Frank Abagnale in Catch me if you can. 2 mice fall into a tub of milk and are getting very tired from having to swim to stay alive…the weaker mouse finally gives in and sinks under the surface and drowns. The other mouse gets a second wind and swims like crazy and eventually churns the milk into butter and escapes.

            Moral of this story……… watch those motherfucking mice in that peanut oil Honkey…. they may start growing them & start a peanut plantation.

    1. It actually didn’t hurt. (:
      It was the fact that after six hours of profuse bleeding, it was not going to stop without some help. Being a bite toy for truly aggressive animals is only part of what I enjoy about handling all kinds of creatures.
      Besides – I am not going to put my entire Pack at risk with their shenanigans. Rat and snake bites are much more common and less life threatening, given I would like to keep handling for a bit longer.
      The most painful injury I recall enduring, is a shih tzu chomping on my entire hand – I will HAPPILY take another wolfdog attack over another shih tzu.
      (Yes, I have been attacked by a wolfdog. It was before the internet.)

        1. It isn’t necessarily wrong, either! Careless is what leads to injuries a lot of the time.
          @fred1212 As do the creepy crawlies living in your walls and skittering across your kitchen counters while you sleep.
          I do use cages! I may be pretty fucking stupid – but definitely not irresponsible!

          Just air headed. Probably should have been a blonde, eh?

        2. I laugh now, but that bite puncture wound must have taken a long time to heal and in an area subject to constant contact.

          I had an index fingertip injury in 7th grade and it was a good two weeks before I could use it to write.

          A puncture had to be worse.

          1. I would love to have a dough-t errr two , butt it’s not even pausible…Best butter not believe it is more scents-able to have a known “GUYnickCall-Ahhh-ooohh-geee”

            *yeah yeah I know*

    1. I find it easier to understand the creatures that cannot verbally speak to us, than it is to decipher the mixed messages of human beings.
      All animals are communicating – we simply have to pay attention to their messages.
      The bite took about a month to fully heal, and I had gone through several packets of gauze in the six hours of profuse bleeding (and a towel that was ultimately thrown out.) I was even sent home with a syringe of lidocaine needed to stop the bleeding when I’d change the bandage.
      Anemia, hemophilia …. po-tay-to … po-tah-to. Aye?

        1. You have my attention. Go on…

          Oh, and don’t mind Spinkter. His black father left him at birth. I did the best I could with the boy but the homo gene is a helluva drug.

  2. @wickedrabies

    Oh,,, And By The Way @wickedrabies I Would Not Even Think Of Fingering Myself In The Pink, Or Da-Stink With That Finger For At Least A Little While Anyway! Just Ask Your Neighbor To Do Instead By Telling Him That Both Your Hands Have Been Infected, And I’M Sure That He Wont Mind One Bit, lol. Mmm-k??? 😉

        1. @SrbijaBgd & @WickedRabies

          It is something that i started doing when i first leaned to use a computer, and type. It is A Bad Habit that i am trying to break, but even though it takes me much longer to capitalize each, and every word, i have always found it to be easier to read. I Know,,, i know it sounds weird guys but it just one of those things that i picked-up, and am having a hard time getting rid of it., if that makes any sense. 😉

          And @WickedRabies
          You do know that i was only joking with you eh my B G Sister? At least I Hope you knew that i was only joking. I Also love rats i find them to be on of Gods little creatures that are way underrated and always frowned upon when they are in fact one of the softest & cutest little things you could ever want in a small pet. And furthermore they are much more intelligent then some human beings, lol. You can stick them in your shirt pocket and go to the mall with them, and they will stay right there where they feel safe and warm. And they love going out as they are very curious little guys/gals. 🙂

          1. @thedre Absolutely! However I won’t sit and deny the lopsided “equality” either. (And it really is totally skewed.) Besides! Hands are super dirty as is – this is why we have dildos and vibes… That most certainly will not be getting stuck in any orifice of my own, as I am very aware that “vagina” does not translate into “pocket book.” (Sincere believer of handing out Proper Pussy Etiquette guides to all these third world cuntries, pun intended.)
            I had attended an entire eight month high school experience with my free roam rat in my hood or hoody pouch. I did have a proper habitat for her – that she never used and I could not keep her in for anyone’s life. Which worked out, really. Her name was Miss Mouse and when I say she went with me *everywhere,* she really would catch up with me to climb my legs and crawl into whatever open pocket she could.

          2. That is too cute hun, fuck i wish that i was 30 younger, single and was a Rat, Cause I’d climb-up your leg and jump into your soft pocket Too, lol, 😉

          3. @SrbijaBgd

            Thanks brother! 🙂
            If you see it,,, then “Please” keep reminding me of it right when i,m doing-it, and after awhile i will surely get the hang of it, as bad habits are sometimes so hard to break. At Least for me it is very hard to brake with my shitty-memory bud! I say this because it saves me lots of finger- work,, especially when the fingers on both my hands don’t work as good as they used to since my five surgeries ob both arms, and hand.

            Again,,, A Big Thank-You Brother! 🙂

          4. Thanks brother,
            and god-bless you and yours as well, my good man, and b g bro. Brother, do you like me less as a brother because i know that the earth is flat??? or do do still like me as a good and sincere best-gore brother anyway??

  3. Deep puncture animal bites, even if the wound appears only to be a pinprick, can be very dangerous, deadly. You were lucky in this instance, it would so far seem. Bites from a pet cat (mouths of rats are actually cleaner) esp difficult to treat, many resistant to antibiotics. And a wound to the hand or finger, worst possible place, ask any hand surgeon.

  4. Explosion of pets everywhere in white places means alienation and dead of family.
    Bravo Zionists, you doing great.
    Anyways, having cat(s), dog(s) or aquarium is one thing but having a rat as pet is..pfff…

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