Photos of Indian Youth Maqsood After He Was Killed by Tiger at Delhi Zoo

Photos of Indian Youth Maqsood After He Was Killed by Tiger at Delhi Zoo

Here is what Indian youth Maqsood, whom we have recently seen get mauled to death by a white tiger after he’d jumped into the cat’s enclosure at Delhi Zoo, looked like after Vijay the White had his way with him. The pictures provide a realistic feel of the power of the tiger’s jaws.

The tiger basically snapped Maqsood’s neck and severed his carotid artery, giving him zero chance of surviving having the fangs sink into his flesh. The cat must have been well fed cause he did not feel like munching on the human, but that still did not stop his instinct from going after the prey’s neck.

Props to Best Gore member Zer0 76 for the pics:

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      1. @Cheeky I may have made a mistake saying he was dead I just looked at about 8 different stories and they don’t mention putting him down. Me and Vijay would both be happy if I’m wrong. Maybe watching that video link to them killing that lion made me think it or the assumption that the animal will always pay the price in human animal interactions. If I’m wrong I’m sorry I misinformed and glad that you questioned it. 😉

          1. @danilelray.
            So, where you been my lone star state dwelling friend ? Are you still cosy with the new lady in your life, all going nice and smooth in the honeymoon phase !?! 😀

  1. I have watched the video and I believe that the tiger only reacted when they started throwing bottles an stones he was possibley trying to take him out ov harms way … the man was mentally ill to jump into a tiger inclosure and last i heared the tiger was being monitored as he did not maul him to death he carried the man away ….

  2. ?He eats 10 kg of meat every day in summer and 12 kg of meat in winter. He is put on a fast once a week and prefers to eat buffalo calf meat. On Tuesday, he was fed as usual and was let into his enclosure in the morning,? a zoo official said.
    Vijay was known in the zoo as ?the tiger that likes to eat in slow motion?.

    Source : The Indian Express

  3. M from the same city new delhi this zoo is 24 km away from my home and this tiger name is vijay it means the ultimate winner unbeatable the realstic information given by zoo adminstration that vijay is in real very calm.n cool.tiger he eat daily 14 kg beaf his age 6 years 2 months he is 325 kilogram heavier his height 9 feet 10 inches he is safe and in cage after happened this incident vijay

    1. Thanks @Rasheen007 for the info on Vijay.
      What a magnificent tiger he is.
      Do you hear the tigers (wild and captive) calling out to each other at night time?
      I ask, because I used to live in between two captive lions that were 5km apart from each other. Although I’m sure they never actually met ( sadly) they had very lengthy conversations at night time. I used to lay in bed every night listening to those lions roar to each other.
      Very cool.

      1. Hey thanks dear m rasheen sethi from new delhi ,india and dear new a city and capital of india hehhe here is no jungle where i can heard lion roar hahah i use to go zoo with my friends there are big big royal bengal tigers actually we indians love tigers much much then lion bcz tiger is a national animal of india and also tiger is the biggest cat breed

  4. The tiger looks worried and concerned at first for the guy. The turning point seemed to be when the cat growled at the man out of curiosity and someone to the right of the tiger reacted with screaming. The cat looks to his right, and suddenly realizes that this guy is off limits and is in danger(any cat person knows that cats despise being told what,when, or where to do anything). The hunter suddenly becomes prey, and all fear of this human is lost. He pokes him with his paw a couple seconds later, which gets more reactions…Yep, the tiger definitely wants to play with this thing now. The only problem is, people are screaming and it is pissing the tiger off. He feels danger, and someone throws something at him from above. The tiger dodges, but that was the final straw! Fuck these humans! Tiger is pissed, and there is no chance in hell they are getting this seemingly dying human back now. He pounces, kills the guy, and moves to a safer area. For a moment the zoo walls fade, and he is once again the king of the jungle. He most definitely basked in the moment, looking over at the humans from his hill as he enjoyed his new prize, as if to give them all a big F-U.
    Moral of the story: Don’t be a dumb ass and jump in tiger enclosures. If you do, don’t ball up like an injured animal. If you do ball up, don’t wave your hands slowly in front of the tiger’s face. If you do wave your hands, do it while standing up and screaming.

  5. Indian boy was a mad dangerfreak and adrenaline junkie, maybe suffering from a mental illness. Clapping his hands and putting them up and down in front of the mighty tiger was not a good idea. Tiger first touched the moron softly, pissed on by his strange behaviour later on killed him softly. That’s the way it is…

  6. I hope they don’t kill Vijay 🙁 on another post on here when a leopard came into one of the cities in India and attacked a guy they didn’t kill it because they are Hindu there and don’t kill living things. Unlike in British Columbia here they kill every bear, coyote or cougar that comes into the city (even when they don’t attack anyone) 🙁 Stupid

    1. Hey SleepingSun! 🙂

      There are people in India who have made a business out of cow/buffalo leather!

      Like illegal slaughterhouses exist in various parts of the country!

      I used to live in Gujarat, India for a while!

      The state has been predominantly vegetarian since India’s existence( 5000 years!

      So we dont kill anything- not because it’s sacred, but because that’s not a humane thing to do!

      Yet like in every other parts of the world, cruelty does exist!

      Unlike Canada and the U.S.A, we dont hunt our own animals to make money and stupid taxidermy and then call it Conservation!

      Because we all know Conservation happens when a bunch of stupid idiots armed with a Remington Model 700 go in the wilderness/national park or what is actually the animal’s land and habitat and then skin it and mount it on a stupid piece of plastic/ model!

      And then make money from the flesh and hide of the animal!

    1. i remember an show at tv, thats was in india some peasant attacked by tiger (and cow/beef attacked by tiger etc..)
      they say, you never need quit the eyes of the tiger, always look eyes in eyes with the tiger. a tiger never attack if you look in his eyes and always attack when you not look at him directly. for prevent of tiger attack, these peasant use some mask carnival they place behind their head for make look like they have eyes behind the head, and its look like very effective and work. tiger always attack behind the head/neck for catch and kill his target. look like some indian itself didnt knew that…

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