Pics of Guy with Face Mauled by Sloth Bear in India

Nigh Indestructible Eye Survived, Face Will Be Difficult to Get Going Again

Nigh Indestructible Eye Survived, Face Will Be Difficult to Get Going Again

These images purport to show the aftermath of the recent mauling by a Sloth Bear in India. I looked quite closely and concluded that the guy in the pics is not the same guy we see get mauled in the video. That either means that other people got mauled as well, or the two may not be of the same incident.

The pics show a guy with face apparently mauled off. Bears know how to go after the soft, juicy parts, it seems. Face transplants are notoriously difficult to pull off, due to the many muscles and nerve endings throughout the face, so the fellow is looking at challenging times on his way to recovery.

Many thanks for the pics, @neo1998:

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90 thoughts on “Pics of Guy with Face Mauled by Sloth Bear in India”

          1. living off the land is fine by me bro,hunting is the natural way to get food….going to africa to shoot lions at 50,000 dollars a head is a bit to western ,the latest weapon ,scope,bullet, lions ,elephant,buffalo,deer, just to stuff and hang on the wall..use a spear ,bow,maybe thats ok ,if you ready or man miss the
            y attack..fair game..

          1. Sloth bears don’t shy away from nothing. They will take on a Tiger in a minute. Man with a weapon and Tiger is the only threat to the Sloth bear. A man without a weapon does not have a chance. a Tiger is a good match for the Sloth bear. A Tiger will run the other way most of the time. A Sloth bear never runs the other way.

    1. Hell yeah dre a suicide mission i would say 🙁

      I Wonder how much of this mauling
      you feel before your brain shuts down .. Or do you hang in all the time.. Fuuuck !

      This Sadistic bears not just eat your flesh they fuck you up for live!!!!
      Hmm…maybe i would just try and stick my butt cheeks in his face so he can chew on them instead if they realy search for the soft parts ….
      But fuuuuck wait… what if i fear-fart ????

      They should call him Indian Facemelter !!!

      R I P

      1. That is quite the menaceing scowl and glareing stare he now has! His intence eyes seem to penetrate through to the very core of my soul! Just kidding!LOL That ugly fucker is gonna wish he be dead if he can see a mirror! And that’s a big fuckin if! Leave the bears the fuck alone! They will eat you! Case in point, this.

    1. I think he is laying on his belly. Appears to be his right hand clutching the scarf-thing. Oh ok look at the gallery of pics, all will be revealed!

      Hands seem unscathed. Couldn’t even block the mouth. Went straight in on face. Pretty vicious

  1. Amazing that the eyes still seem to be in tact (maybe not so much his right, it’s hard to tell) – but to look at the claw dragging mark going straight down (and deep) his face it’s amazing the eyes didn’t take more damage!

  2. These bears have been abused in the most sickening and cruel way in Pakistan and probably India too for hundreds if not thousands of years. Declawed and made to perform and rammed into tiny cages. This might have been a revenge attack for years of abuse but claws intact!

    The facial damage looks more like what you would expect form a north American Bear. Could the guy have got his face trapped somewhere that he could not stop the sloth bear from a continual attack? Having said that, I have not been up close with one of these Sloth Bears and so maybe I’m off base here and they are capable of that level of damage in a short space of time. Mother of fuck, what sharp and powerful claws!

    1. Actually further research indicates that Sloth Bears can do that kind of slicing in a very short time!

      So moral of the story is keep your face the fuck away from any angry Bear big or small!

      PS, that goes for Chimpanzees too!

          1. Don’t be sad.
            After a sloth bear dies he comes to the land where milk and honey floats in the rivers. Soft faced
            Indians run arround in the lush fields and sexy sloth bear femals are horny all year long.

            He will have it good there :3

            Salute !

  3. Lucky for him to an Indian in a country of monkeys, they so stinking like like a evill iland in a sea of hell that most wont even pay attention for that , if he will survive of course..
    But as mentioned faceplant, in our days are still doomed for sure.
    Cousevthey cannot connect different nerve edges together at all..
    And naturally nerves have a low and slow ability to repair them selves..

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