Pigs in Haiti Literally Eat Anything

Pigs in Haiti Literally Eat Anything

Twitter posts reveal the depravity that is Haiti. Video has been sent in of high quality from last month’s inner conflict in Haiti.

Horrifying images of bodies/body parts being found scattered in dumps surrounding La Saline in PAP, #Haiti & being eaten by pigs. Inflaming the grief & horror is statement by police they only have evidence of a mere 3 people killed.

Posted by another Twitter account: Haiti fucked up real bad man, mad people gonna die bruh please pray for my country. Niggas walking around chopping people off, Hanging people etc … cause they hate the president.

Brief History Rundown

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Its population lives on an average of less than seventy cents per day. The policies of the United States government have often made that poverty worse. The US has invaded Haiti multiple times and occupied it from 1915-1934. In 1991, it instituted an economic embargo on Haiti to force out the military dictatorship that had overthrown the democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

The embargo was originally intended to last a couple of months but lasted three years, devastating what remained of the Haitian economy. However, the damage the Haitian people seem to remember most is the US-led eradication of all the Creole pigs in Haiti in 1982-1984.

To understand the impact of pig eradication upon the peasants of Haiti, one must recognize the pig’s central importance to peasant families. The pig has been referred to as the peasant’s bank. A bank is a place for storing financial resources until they are needed, in the meanwhile letting them grow.

At the time of the institution of the eradication program, replacement pigs from America were promised to the Haitian peasants. The peasants called these Iowa pigs four-legged princes. The Iowa pigs required better living conditions than the peasants. To receive the pigs, peasants had to show the financial resources to care for them plus construct pigsties that met government specifications. When the pig-princes arrived, they got sick easily and required veterinary medicine and required far more resources to keep them alive, much less to make them thrive.

Ultimately, the introduction of the replacement pigs was an abysmal failure.

The decisions of the rich and powerful can have a devastating impact on the poor. We can recognize the role that we Americans have played in making life worse for many in the developing world and decide that in the future we will work instead to make things better. That will require in turn that we radically increase our understanding and appreciation of others.

Props to Best Gore member @limonboy for the better quality video:

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  1. Would you eat pig meat if you knew it had been eating a Human.?
    Only if there was Tomato sauce.!!
    That guy though.. He’s like…..
    “This is disgusting, how could this be allowed to happen… An outrage”.!!
    “What.?..fuck no I’m not going to stop them.!!
    Not my fucking job”.!!….
    “An outrage I say”.!!

  2. This battle for the top of the food chain is alarming, but I guess with all the earthquakes, hurricanes and early indication of devolution, this could be one contest the Haitians lose.

    I think it all comes down to Labadee. If the pigs can break through and chase away Royal Caribbean, then it’s Game Over.

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    So where Haiti gets its bacon from are from pigs living and grazing in a junkyard cesspool feeding on human rotting corpses …. eh yea sure their won’t be any Salmonella outbreaks.

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    1. I think he is complaining about the tarnished state of their country while expressing horror of how the pigs are devouring cadavers (despite not doing anything about it… I mean, if it was me, I would arm myself and kill the pigs if they were that much of a problem).

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  5. The American Colonization Society (ACS) encouraged free blacks in the United States to emigrate to Haiti. Starting in September 1824, more than 6,000 African Americans migrated to Haiti, with transportation paid by the ACS.[84] Many found the conditions too harsh and returned to the United States.
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    if your interested in the read I’ve posted a link with good resources. Knowledge is power & it’s good to learn about diseases 🙂 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creutzfeldt–Jakob_disease

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  8. You have to wonder what the dynamic is when you live amongst the Bodies of the “Lucky Ones”
    Those that made it out through the spiritual Realm if there is any.

    It would be no diffrent than the nepalese who leave their dead up there in the mountain to rot for the Buzzards to grub on.
    Or the way Hindus leave their dead in the Ganges and later bathe in the same water with the decomposing corpses.
    Pretty gnarly way of living
    None of us got the balls to live that way.
    Props to the Shiteaters of the world.
    I commend you.

  9. Ive been to Haiti a couple times. Crazy x 10..!! Went there after the earthquake. We needed a local who could weld. And easily found one. Would weld all day.. no eye shade or anything.Hed weld all day. Met a lot of cool people there. But ya don’t turn ur back on anyone!! Another thing I noticed was the total lack of wild life. Barely any birds even. Mangy dogs are about all ya see. And almost every tree has been stripped to make charcoal. Very barren place. Funny though.. these people come out of their dirt huts and have the cleanest clothes Ive ever seen. Weird..!! Wouldn’t go back.

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