Pit Bull Attacks Man in Street

Pit Bull Attacks Man in Street

Equal animal rights am I right? In location unverified, but my third eye tells me it could be Brazil.

On a street a man is bloody and gnawed at by man’s best friend.

A little shit in the form of a pit bull bites and chews on a man on ground for an unknown reason. Unlike the other dog video, there is a lack of multiple concerned citizens intervening.

Man is able to climb onto back of pickup after standersby separate the two. Don’t worry, no dog was harmed or hurt during the filming of this video. The other animal is however in need of medical attention.

This video is dedicated to member @firefaya. Love ya!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the vicious dog attacking man’s best friend video:

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  1. Very wrong guess haha that isn’t brazil for sure, look at the signs at 2:30. Also that pink bike-cart at 1:41, anyone with something like that here in brazil would be bullied for good. It’s some asian country.

    The dog is probable revenging his fellow race brother’s eaten in bbq by those gooks.

          1. Great fun. This is what happens when you eat dog. Other dogs can smell it on you. I’d like to have seen it more close up or photos of that bastard all chewed up. Good doggy. Get that slitty eyed cunt.

          1. Close Minded? What enjoying the opening up of these flea bag fuckers isn’t enough? Right. The whole of these pivoted fucks needs a nuke. That’ll open our minds right up for you.

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          1. Ha! Sucks the song was edited, it’s a classic. I miss the old DMX. Never got his shit together unfortunately. Like the dude in the video he kept slippin’ n’ fallin, couldn’t get up.

      1. Actually you are wrong. If you have half a brain you would have realized that there are far more dog attacks in America on their white owners. Thus, it’s usually white crackers that rape, sodomize and fuck dogs. there’s a video on youtube of a white crack female talking about why having sex with dogs is better than with human beings. unfortunately, she is just the tip of the iceberg. once you start researching it you will be unnerved by the massive amount that you will uncover of dog fucking and abusing white crackers, like you, do on the daily. It’s truly disgusting. That’s why there is so much dog attacks in america compared to Asia. You know this to be true. Dog attacks on their white owners are extremely high here in America. It is, like you said, most likely do to sodomy.

          1. I take it you have nothing to say in the face of these solid facts, logic, and evidence concerning white people and dog sodomizing instincts. I rest my case.

  2. I hate to say it but this is another good reason for carrying a pistol. I walk a couple of little dogs and if a random dog started to attack us I’d have no choice but to put it down.

    People need to learn responsibility for their animals. Some people shouldn’t own dogs. Some people deserve to be locked up.

    Asians should be cooked while alive and then eaten by other Asians.

  3. Makes you wonder if this Dog Was not attacking his Handler/Owner and was mistreated since a puppy trained to Attack humans, (For One) and used for Dog Fighting which is Big In Brazil. And if it is the case which i would Not Doubt Whatsoever,,, then Good Dogie, Very Good Dogie! 🙂

    This Breed of Dog “The Pitbull” is The Second Most Abused Dog On The Planet second only to The Greyhound that is abused as a puppy until they are too old to race. Then as a result of not being able to make money for his owner it is oftentimes just shot, or dumped far in the jungle where it on most times just dies alone and lonely. And it does not matter how many races that it won, or how many thousands of Dollars that it made for his owner leading up to his getting old and tired from pleasing his only wanting only love and attention in return, He/They just Kill, or Dump Them. Very Sad! 🙁 🙁

      1. that’s not always true..

        a lots of time, i see a dog like pit or rott attacking childrens or parents that give him nothing but love.

        thoses beast are just wild in mind, they not born to be pets lovers. they born to fight.

        its like having a crocodile as a pet. can’t avoid to be bite and attacked one day. its all in their veins.

          1. who’s the retard ?

            the guy who try to speak a different language the best he can ?

            or the guy who can’t accept fact some peoples aren’t shakespear clones ?

            if my english disturb you. then just dont read it.

          1. Looks pretty decent, I’ll have to check it out sometime. There’s a bunch of movies I’m behind on, on the pirated sites. Need to get some new headphones first, mine crapped out on me the other day.

  4. Once the jaws lock it’s game over man, lmao shoulda been a pack of Rottweilers or Dobermans those things would have nuked his ass and the wolf looking breeds like German Shepherds or Malamutes go right for the throat.

    1. canin vs felin.

      cougar aint a dog. aint have strength that a dog have in mouth.
      still have more curved claws.

      but its totally different… a dog like this is full muscles, while a cougar is (like all feline) all in ability and flexibility

    2. You should read the follow up article from the game wardens who went back to the scene of the attack, to recover the dead “kitty” Iirc* it was a young juvenile Male only 70-80 lb.s (less than half the size ,strength & skills of a full grow Male Cougar) (very possible even @illegalsmile55 , miss smile would or could have strangled that Big Pussy to death if she forgot to carry her trusty 357 and didn’t just blow its Brains out’.)…..and likely its first season of trying to feed itself without mama, but still managed to fuck up that jogger dude pretty damn bad.
      And yet he’s still a fkn hero like @hopingfornemesis said just for being smart & strong enough to strangle & kill the damn BIG Killer Kitten* (catamount)
      Ps. They are becoming a problem anywhere they are NOT’ hunted ,…once a predator loses fear of humans , humans become just another dining opportunity *

      1. You are absolutely right. I did read a few articles and they did say it was a juvenile. I did not mention it as I did not want to take away from his achievement.

        Like you ,My take is even at half adult size ,fully -muscled with such power like a coiled spring from those legs he is still a hero. Pit bulls maul and kill people at less than that weight and a catamount is much more deadly. Bravo to the man.

        He should skin it and wear it as a headress as both Hercules and Ethiopian warriors once did.

        1. Update, just today the game / wildlife department amended the true story of this “kitten” , cougar & it only weighed 24 pounds , so it was only 2-3 months old and that changes the whole “original” lies the jogger also admitted he hit it with sticks & threw big rocks at it to kill it and then finally stepped on its neck to kill it , sooo I guess he WAS NOT ‘ some great man like Hercules nor similar to an Ethiopian Warrior of ‘Yore’
          As is very often True the original stories published are often not quite accurate & very much exaggerated *
          I wouldn’t be surprised if the PETA people ,’crazies try to attack this dude Now!!
          We were both fooled by the original”fake”newz”

          This guy did in fact get a lot of scratches & bite marks though*

  5. Stupid ugly SHIT BULLS. why do people still insist on having them? They are ugly and on top of that they are not really dogs. They are wild animals that were bred by gangsters to instinctively fight. They have been banned in several countries, and are basically the dindus of the dog world.

      1. when did I say “kill”. I just said they should be banned. Go move to africa if you want to live with a vicious animal so badly. Pitbulls have been known to even attack their owners, its like owning a lion. You never know when they are going to snap. Even you might get attacked one day, just watch out.

  6. 6 or so mk ths back I broke up a dogs fighting in my front yard. 2 cane corsos were ripping apart a maltese. The little boy walking the maltese was also being attacked. Fucking cane corso bit through my hand so I ran back in got my 1911. By this time the boy was on top of a neighbors car screaming as his dog was being shredded. Cane corso bit my calf and I through the Maltese over my privacy fence right as the cops showed up and assisted in beating the fuck out of the dogs. I never fired a shot because I was worried about hitting the boy as he was in the direction I was facing and fighting the dogs. Dog bites fucking suck ass. The owner got a slap on the wrist because NJ sucks ass

  7. where I live, in central CA, its legal for me to kill ANY unleashed dog on my property if “I feel that I am threatened with great bodily injury”…and to me that means it looked at me.

    I keep a loaded 12 gauge next to my door. don’t worry, I know fully well the sociopathy of misanthropic dog fetishers who INSIST on accompanying their beasts to doggie heaven, so I will always keep an extra round in the chamber. After the dog is screeching and twitching in its death throes, act humble so its owner approaches and identifies themselves. Then you can punish the owner for ‘siccing the dog on you”.. The owners must be beaten while they watch their mutt die..otherwise they will just go to PetSmart and buy another one.

    Remember that dogs are human-engineered mutants bred to serve Man, just as chickens and cows, and that they have no rights, they are slaves dependent on food, and that these items are sold in stores like cans of soup.
    There’s a-plenty. so go buy another one, and STFU about your “fur-baby”. nobody fucking cares

  8. god, i fucking hate dogs. assholes in my hood get pittbulls and let those fuckers run around loose, no leash. dick-for-brained imbecils will never learn that these dogs are dangerous and shouldn’t be pets to everyone. don’t get a goddamned dog if you can’t/won’t care for it properly. or, you know, GET A CAT. seriously, cats are awesome. fuck dogs.

  9. Not brazil, probably some of those asian shitholes. Funny how nobody gives a shit about the man’s life. Also nobody has the balls to kill that little bastard, the old cunt at least could have defended himself, if I got attacked like that by a dog, I will fight and kick the shit out of it’s nose.

  10. Incredible shoot of anomality in one society:
    Car passes, people driving fucking bicycles, women screaming for man intervention but those man are now more female then ever, guy doesn’t turn around to help desperate dude jumping up on safety, cars that have chance to stroke motherfucking pitbull but they let his ass pass….
    There is no society anmore and everyone is on their own. Just exactly what the rullers of this world craved.
    Anyhow, big respect to those few brave guys that jumped to help. Without them and billions “equal” females around, the byten one would be dead for sure.
    This is just another blood boiling video that proves importance of nation to be weaponized.

    I hope that dog is chooped to fucking pieces by now.

  11. Why is it so difficult to fight off a dog? I have been attacked by a 80lb pit before. while it was chewing on me, I picked it up, carried it 100 feet to my open garage while it was chewing the crap out of my left forearm. Once in my garage, I grabbed a hammer and banged its skull in. Yes, it hurts to get bit and yes it is damn near impossible to pry the dogs mouth off of you. But an adult male or female can carry the dog to wherever a suitable weapon exists. I saw a guy one time get bit, he carried the dog to a nearby fence and hung his arm over. Once the dog let go, the dog was trapped on the other side of the fence.

    Of course now I would just shoot or stab the dog. Later I’d beat the crap out of the owner for no controlling their dog.

  12. i would have fucked that dogs world up. we are on top of the food chain for a reason. snout punckes, eye gouges, stick your finger between its ribs, anything but just laying there crying over it will get you killed. fuck its owners feelings. if you cant control your dog, ill end its fucking life on the spot. pit or not im still alot bigger and faster and at the end of the day i win, shit dog looses. come back at me with some shitty responses and if you love your dirtbag keep it at home, or away from people like me. im having pit for dinner tonight boys. pit on a spit.

  13. If call of duty (the game) teached me anything, it’s that if a dog attacks you, grab it by the jaw, and break it’s fucking neck.

    I love animals, but the dog should never attack the stronger opponent if it’s not ready to die.

    1. Amen brother. Fucking trash dogs need to be extinct. I feel bad after killing wild game, but an aggressive pitbull being eradicated point blank would make me…oh how should I say it? Content?

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