Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit

Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit

Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit

In Detroit, Michigan, a mailman doing his rounds was attacked by a pitbull. Six minutes of the attack were filmed on video from inside a vehicle, and the cameraman did not go full vertical retard on that shit. Must not be an Iphone owner.

Allegedly named “Boss Hogg“, the pitbull gnaws on the feet of the mailman, as several people try to intervene by hitting it with various objects. Among the intervening people is a woman with a broom. She had better flown away with that thing – would have been more useful.

Eventually, the dog has taken enough of a beating to let go. The exhaustion causes him to briefly collapse, but he gets back on his feet and moves off camera. By that time, the mailman is in the safety of the vehicle.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit”

    1. I never had a chance to test it out, but how hard can it be to out-wrestle the dog given the weight difference? Grab it by the neck and break it with all your might. I don’t think it takes that much force.

      1. The dog may be small and everything, but the jaws are strong with the force. Ya know? I’ll fuckin throw the dog… It’s the jaws that you need to worry about and get loose. Every Pit I’ve had that attacked anything, (always other male dogs, because I’m not a nigger piece of shit) as soon as you pry the jaws open they give up. And you only need a small object to pry it. Once I used a wood spoon. They will attack again if they remain near the dog/person they want to kill, but they will take a short break to get their bearings back.

        And you’ll NEVER, EVER, break its neck. That shit is 100% muscle.

    2. A dog is a domesticated wolf. No matter how much we humanize them they are carnivores who if gone feral will be just as lethal if not more than coyotes or African Wild Dogs.

      1. My dog “attacks” people. He’s a Great Pyrenees but he really just punches them with his teeth in an effort to scare them away without severely hurting them because he’s a pussy and is horrified by random shit like garbage cans

    1. A city that’s 80% black, they are probably the ones who sent the dog on the killing rampage. They will laugh about this later when nothing gets done about it.. something being done as in beating the owner to death for creating this fucktard of a dog.

  1. SEE! This is what I keep saying. These Shit-bulls are not dogs! They are literally wild animals that could snap at any moment. They are literally like the dindus of the dog world. And whats worse than the pitbulls are their worthless owners who act exactly like a dindu’s parents in court after hes killed someone, you hear them shout out “HE DINDU NUFFIN, HE WAZ A GUUD BOY, THE POLICE AND THE LAW ARE JUST PERSECUTING HIM” God damn! Pitbulls are ugly dumb dogs anyway and dont see why people want them, and the breed should be banned like they are banned in the UK. Everytime theres news of a dog attack, its always a pitbull. Pitbull owners PLEASE KILL YOURSELVES before your dog kills you or someone else. Fucking dindus you are! If a shitbull ever attacks me I swear im gonna cut it open with my pocket knife, THEN CUT THE STUPID PITBULL OWNER OPEN WITH THE SAME KNIFE!

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            The whole time I’ve been here at BG, these type of videos always start the most shit. It’s hilarious.

    1. Kill myself? I usually don’t argue with my bestgore brethren but I have to say you are an idiot. Why don’t you just fuck off I own five dogs and yes two are pitbulls. They are more likely to lick you to death then bite your ass. You better keep your swiss army knife in your pocket before you end up in the ER with it shoved up your ass tuff guy. Remember I am a retired fisherman and my gutting knifes are way sharper then your Chinese knockoff. Don’t worry I still love you <3.

      1. lol, thats what every pitbull owner says. “he was a guud boy, he dindu nuffin, he would never hurt nobody” You are proving my point. And if I get attacked, self defense means by any means necessary buddy, cuz there is this family in my neighborhood that does have a pitbull, and the entire neighborhood is scared of that dog, he literally barks and growls at everything that moves, its only a matter of time before that bastard gets loose. And the question is, do you always carry around your giant gutting knife everywhere you go? I dont think so.

    1. That is the truth. Pitbulls are the fuckin NIGGERS of the canine community. These fuckin dogs and their black worthless owners should be beheaded on sight and footage posted here so we can enjoy watching them gushing with dark niggerish blood

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      Q: Two Argentines jump off a cliff. Which one hits the ground first?.
      A: Who gives a F**K!

  2. I’ve had dogs for most of my life and it’s hard to hate pitbulls just because. But, Never have any animal you can’t kill with your two hands in much less than a minute! That dog should have obliterated with the people and resources that were available. Once it crosses that line, it’s no pet.

    1. once it bites someone it’s on it’s way to doggy heaven, the owners will be sued for millions of dollars, never buy a dog second hand especially a pit bull

      if my cat bites me I don’t get mad, not because it doesn’t hurt but it’s in the cat’s nature, I’m human, it just see’s me as a toy

  3. Either the mailman will have to quit the job or otherwise be armed with the fire crackers or a taser to ward off the danger the next time over , if he has to deliver . That goddamned pitbull has sniffed him from tip to toe and the mailman will turn out to be a mushman if no action is taken but with a touch of loving and caring towards the animal .
    IDK what the pitbull was after ? Was it that it hadn’t heard any news of canine bitches in heat from the neighborhood or was it that he found the mailman lax in delivering any love letters from ” Delilah” its love interest to him.

  4. Someone just shoot this useless fucking waste of fucking fur. Not ALL pitbulls are like this I know that for a fact BUT there’s no doubt in my mind neighbors already knew this fucking dog has been a menace. I’ve seen enough stories of kids mauled and a couple buddies walking their own dogs had run ins with these fucking vile beasts. Even when I walk the neighborhood for fitness I carry a gun, both for the two legged fiends AND these four legged fucking mauling machines.

    I love it, too, when one of these asshole dogs maul the shit out of someone and the owner is either on the scene angry at people trying to beat the dog to help the person or they’re on the news saying “she’s a good dog,” just like they do after their chillens get killed robbing someone or being involved in a drive by.

    I bet this po’ dog was trying to “turn his life around.”

  5. Fucking useless.!
    If I’m ever in trouble I fucking well hope my “rescuers” are better than these retarded cunts.!
    All the while I’m watching this nearly shouting at my tablet..
    If any of you know who Jasper Carrot is, he told a joke & in it he tells how the only way to stop a Pitbull when it’s jaws are locked on… Is to pop your finger up its arse.!!!
    (He’s a British comedian.. Funny cunt too).

  6. 1) The mailman should have been carrying his mace that the post office supplies them with for situations like this as it is very common. He must have been thinking “workmen’s comp” opportunity.
    2) Man in car should have run dog down.
    3) Old lady with broom was just tapping the dog with the broom handle instead of jabbing the monster dog.
    4) The man had a wrench or some other tool in his hand he could have used to strike the dog with earlier in the incident before using the trash container to distract the dog off the mailman.
    5) Mailman continued to lay there waiting for help instead of struggling to get free. Still thinking of “Workmen’s Comp” vacation time.
    6) When the dog was down, they should have finished him off instead of letting it rest in the street. Who ever had it by the leash should have never let it go but wrapped it around that pole first.
    7) Hoping everyone gets a cut of the mailman’s “Workmen’s Comp” settlement.

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  8. I keep a loaded shotgun next to my door for these situations..but the thing is, once I dispatch any unleashed dog? I’m going to take it out on the owners. if they feel compelled to join their beasts in doggie heaven, so be it> But the very least of their punishment for letting their dog loose is a good ole fashioned pistol-whipping. No tolerance for this behavior

  9. I stay away from Blacks and their pit bulls and carry a pistol just in case.

    It’s a shame that these dogs have such asshole cocksucker owners. These dogs can be violent and that’s why they need to have a fenced in yard and not be brought around other people. If you are going to own a dog, any dog, you need to be responsible and care for it. It’s a damn shame this dog had to even find itself in a position where it’s harming someone.

    It’s the owner’s fault.

  10. goddamn, i hate dogs. i love animals, but really can’t deal with dogs. they’re worse than kids, almost. the owners of these dogs should be locked up when their stupid assdick dogs attack, maybe then these attacks wouldn’t happen so much. and it’s ALWAYS “oh my little pookie wouldn’t hurt a fly!”. yeah, right up until it mauls your stupid face off. goddamned morons. GET A CAT.

  11. I was bit by a dog once, so I bit back, dog lost it’s ear, then the owner tried to sue me for mutilation lol bitch pls I did what I had to to make it let go of me, their dog ended up getting put down & I walked outta court with $10k

  12. As a pitbull owner and advocate I have 1 thing to say… This dog needs euthanized. I love my dogs but if 1 of them ever attacks a person that isn’t hurting me that’s my only option as far as I’m concerned. Not everyone should own a pitbull, you have to understand what you have in your possession and be responsible about it.

  13. Holy fuck that person trying to help didnt accomplish shit. Like when someones life is in danger u do whatever u gotta do. Fucking grab the dog in a bear hug and pull him off with all your strength. Or punch it kick it, do something. Try… Ughhhhh

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