Pitbull Emasculates Alleged Underage Rapist

Pitbull Castrates Alleged Underage Rapist

Pitbull Castrates Alleged Underage Rapist

Ok, well, for one Seraphim Serenata wants to send a shout out to Brandi for keeping the Best Gore ship afloat while I have been adrift in the sea after walking the plank. Thankfully, there are not a bunch of douche fucks out here, such as Andrew Smith. Special debt of gratitude double times over to @illegalsmile55, @tenhearts and @jsmith666. I wouldn’t have made it without you kindhearted individuals!!

There are contradictory stories about this gnawrly video depicting an alleged scum of the Earth pedophile rapist and Man’s Best Friend. Reports say it is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but cannot be certain as other accounts say this happens in Mexico. Regardless or shall I shall re-ballsless, the individual is accused rapist and pedo. The victims’ relatives pick him up and give the dogs dinner.

While agonizing, the victim begs in Spanish: “let go of me already”. And one of his captors makes fun of the unfortunate fucker by saying that the dog is full already. The condemned says “ya déjame” -“Leave me alone”

Few members who sent this in are quoted as saying:

This shit is fucked up. Never seen something quite like this. It’s a guy who is getting his bits scoffed by a dog, looks a bit sore! He must’ve raped a kid or something to deserve this, at least they’re giving him a rag to bite on 🙂 Dog eating rapist penis …. Pitbull eating sausage! Muhahaha. A dog eats a man’s groin while Narcos hold him down. This guy gets his nuts ate well. So basically I got this video from a friend in Brazil, this guy was caught stealing and they gave him 2 options punishment or death he preferred punishment so this is what they did to him, its short but its worth it!

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk, @void33, @filthfungi, @magusxelor2, @masterdiggi, @spooky_daddy, @craneo, @johnnyblanco, @toenail78, @wizzer, @snowfairy, @gogodelaserna, @kvil, @valley0000, @poletinho, @honkeykong, @massoli, @mujula, @maxmad, @jjmc, @r88nkr, @ekin-666, @mastersplinter, @angryregent, @dasaboy, @kingmaster99, @xzero56 @jpthebear, @sat4n, @elguerro, @kingkazma21, @bsbfireman, @usernameforme, @topshell, @robrobrob and @13lunt420media for the video:


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          1. Well.. All vets do recommend fresh meat.
            Still warm is even better!
            The dog probably wont want dried pellets after this!
            Plus .. what does he really need a dick n balls for?
            He could get another hobby, like collecting stamps or breeding ants.
            I admit, it will be harder for him to masturbate..but..
            Fuck him!

          2. In all seriousness you should stop eating any commercial Peanut Butter…it’s actually bad for you. Full of oils and chemicals even tho it says natural …it more like peanut flavored Crisco. Get the DIY freshly grinded natural peanut at most health food stores and markets.
            I’m pissed v been eating Skippy and Peter Pan all these years thinking it was natural

        1. Makes you wanna sing:

          I’m havin’ a bad, bad day
          If you take it personal that’s okay

          Watch, this is so fun to see
          Huh, despicable me

          Why ask why? Better yet “Why not?”
          Why are you marking x on that spot?

          Why use a blow torch isn’t that hot?
          Why use a chainsaw? Is that all you got?

          Why do you like seeing people in shock?
          But my question to you is “Why not?”…

          1. All you have to do after a bad day is just watch this video. Then think to yourself, “you know what, I guess my day wasn’t really THAT bad after all.” Should cheer you right up.

        2. @hopingfornemesis

          Has this guy thought about all the benefits of what happened to him?

          1. He has lost weight (1gram)
          2. He doesn’t have to buy men’s or even male undies now
          3. No more embarrassing ‘stiffies’ when a cool breeze comes through
          4. No chance of teste cancer
          5. Easier to ride a horse (& bmx)
          6. Can use M or F toilets now
          7. Can give birth
          8. Can tell a great joke to his grandkids about “2 dogs”
          9. Cannot be charged with ‘flashing’
          10. Cannot get ‘twisted balls’
          11. Will save heaps on cock-rings & Viagra later on

          On the downside, the chances of being the next John Wadd Holmes have just diminished.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            And .. he’ll never have to worry about itchy balls again .. ever!
            Or dick cheese!
            Or being sucked off by a dude!
            Or the doctor using the ‘swab’ to test for infection
            He will save $$ on condoms
            His Prince Albert will be discounted to the hilt!
            Glory holes will be a little harder to navigate, though..

      1. I tried the peanut butter thing on a horse’s gums to have him do that Mr. Ed trick. Well, he gave me a swift kick then bit me in my nutsack! What a mistake THAT was!

      2. @tenhearts – I guarantee 2 things 100%. Horses (not blood thirsty dogs) love peanut better and will suck your cock like a champ if you spread the nut sauce (the peanut variety that is) all over yur pole with a spatula.
        To get some cock love from a Pitbull, I’d suggest tying some dried pigs ears to your nuts. Puppies will no doubt lay down and lick your salty balls until ropes of hot spunk spray all over the Pitbulls titties – can you let me know if you go ahead with this plan as this is def something I’d like to jerk off too. Cheers.

          1. No, old ladies use a different technique due to different anatomy. The horny old bitches (women not dogs) simply spoon half a can of Pal into their dry and cracked cunt and let the big powerful tongue of their pooch power lick that clit until her cunt has been irrigated and repaired enough to beg two monster cocked lads to rub their cocks against each other inside her tight cunt as they double fuck it

          2. @illegalsmile55. Good point, I steer clear of anything grape flavored, it just attracts niggers.

            I have a feeling, that your preserves, are well past the freshness date, but I will take a look, for you.

            What can I say? I’m a nice guy.

      3. Listen to all of you guys, spreading lies and sick stories about peanut butter. Just a bunch of shills of big jelly, no doubt your on their payroll. Those cracker ass motherfuckers at smuckers have been trying to bring down peanut butter for years. And why you ask? Because it was invented by a black man.

        1. George Washington Carver (who began his peanut research in 1903)? No!

          Peanuts, which are native to the New World tropics, were mashed into paste by Aztecs thousands of years ago. Evidence of modern peanut butter comes from US patent #306727 issued to Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, Quebec in 1884, for a process of milling roasted peanuts between heated surfaces until the peanuts reached “a fluid or semi-fluid state.” As the product cooled, it set into what Edson described as “a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment.” In 1890, George A. Bayle Jr., owner of a food business in St. Louis, manufactured peanut butter and sold it out of barrels. J.H. Kellogg, of cereal fame, secured US patent #580787 in 1897 for his “Process of Preparing Nutmeal,” which produced a “pasty adhesive substance” that Kellogg called “nut-butter.”

          George Washington Carver “Discovered” hundreds of new and important uses for the peanut? Fathered the peanut industry? Revolutionized southern US agriculture? No!

          Research by Barry Mackintosh, who served as bureau historian for the National Park Service (which manages the G.W. Carver National Monument), demonstrated the following:

          Most of Carver’s peanut and sweet potato creations were either unoriginal, impractical, or of uncertain effectiveness. No product born in his laboratory was widely adopted.
          The boom years for Southern peanut production came prior to, and not as a result of, Carver’s promotion of the crop.
          Carver’s work to improve regional farming practices was not of pioneering scientific importance and had little demonstrable impact.

          To see how Carver gained “a popular reputation far transcending the significance of his accomplishments,” read Mackintosh’s excellent article George Washington Carver: The Making of a Myth.

      1. Now all he can do is watch while the dogs get it on… Fingering his new Taco. He would feel like Burgess Meredith at the end of that Twilight Zone episode… ‘It’s not fair… It’s not fair! Wah!’

          1. This kind of reminds me of another TZ episode. After the gonads are torn off- ‘NO CHANGE! NO CHANGE!’

          1. @villanelle

            No wincing but, to paraphrase the movie, There Will be Blood.

            Blood supply to the penis & scrotum is, mainly, via the testicular and deep penile arteries on both sides.

            Trauma results in arterial contraction and clot formation which is an anatomical and physiological (biochemical) reaction. It doesn’t last long, and continued dog snacking will disrupt the clots, the arterial contraction will lessen, and it is going to bleed like fuck with the potential to avoid all of the things that I have detailed in a response below.

      1. You can see the poor kid is young. What is more likely to have happened here is he turned down some little whore from a drug dealing family and she falsely accused him of rape because she couldn’t take the rejection. If they simply took her word for it then more fool them.

          1. Must be an uncomfortable way to live. The dog that’s wrecking that dude’s genitals looks like a strong, healthy animal. I might try to buy a puppy if I could.

          2. So it’s impossible to hate something that you find disgusting, ugly or completely retarded? I didn’t know I was afraid of niggers, mexicans, and pitbulls. All this time I thought I was just laughing at and being annoyed by them.

          1. To me they’re pretty easy to understand and get along with. They want to play, eat, fight, or fuck another dog. To love and be loved. Maybe they can be territorial and jealous, but with the right amount of attention and exercise they’re wonderful companions.

    1. I’ve seen some fucked up shit on this site, yet I keep coming back. I guess I like being reminded how shitty people really are. I’d have to say this is top 5 material. Definitely in the same class as that video showing a young guy getting the filet treatment while still alive.

    2. if he is truly a sexual predator, rapist or child molestor he deserves every bit of what he is receiving. now if it turns out he isn’t and this is just torture for some bullshit transgression then i feel for him that’s a horrible way to die i honestly can’t see him living through this infection alone from the dogs mouth will kill him

      1. They probably let him live in shame for a while, until the infection got him. But, what I would like to know… Why waste 3 good drums on this perverted Rice and Beaner?

    1. Come on, boys! The way you’re lollygaggin’ around here with them dogs and them shovels, you’d think it was a hundert an’ twenty degrees…! Can’t be more than a hundert an’ fourteen! Get that shallow grave dug poncho!

  1. Fuck, that’s insane

    More of this sort of thing please chaps!

    What if the dog gets a taste for it and will no longer eat anything but human flesh?

    If I was the fella I’d kill myself at the first available opportunity – eunuch

  2. Now that’s fucking good ole fashioned creativity right there!! I hope he was a pedo and not a thief!! That is just what should happen to any and all sex offenders and kiddie diddling deviants!! That is far better than just slicing off the offenders dink!! Good doggy!

      1. Always poked fun that like 90% of them had 35mm cameras strapped around their pencil necks. Now they use iPhones… So now there’s an epidemic of Nips falling into open manholes. They should just randomly leave the covers off for population control.

    1. How do you know? Is this just your opinion given what you know about Brazil or did you read or hear he was falsely accused? It could be he was guilty and the perps got it right. Yes ,men are cucked in Brazil and India but they are here as well. Yes ,there are many false rapes in these countries as there are here but there are also many true rapes. They are not all false rapes.

      They went biblical on him sure but they may have got the right guy.

      Most childrapers do not ever change so this at least prevents him doing it again to another child. Here we have many repeat offenders who came out of prison and did it again and again.

    1. That dog performed an act that most dogs only dream about. When they start sniffing a stranger’s crotch, they are usually pushed or pulled away JUST IN TIME. Whew! Think about that the next time Fido starts sniffing around.

  3. I showed the video to my old lady, who reluctantly watched. I said, “Sometimes, you never know what you have till its gone. You should show a bit more appreciation for these things… how’s about some appreciation tonight?”……. N/G!!!

  4. @seraphim-serenata

    Technically, this is an emasculation, rather than a castration, as the testes and penis have been removed; it’s classed as a type IV avulsion injury.

    I’ll put my US$1 bet on this being a very creative, painful, degrading and completely irreversible Mexican cartel punishment.

    There is no possible salvage management, at least a 30% infection rate, a very real possibility of urethral stricture and a lifetime requirement for intermittent, or permanent, catheterisation.

    Additionally, no testosterone; he’s going to become someone’s bitch.

    For BestGore members that want to expand their knowledge base:


    1. How absolutely amazing. Some fine healing done there…I have heard that the most devastating injuries to the male genitalia are from stepping on mines/IEDs when serving in the military. At least one penile transplant was successfully performed on a maimed American soldier and he and his wife were able to have a baby!

  5. That’s just wrong. Kill the dude for crist shakes. Hes just as cruel as you guys are. You deserve death as well. Hope one day when your sleeping those beasts turn on you and eat your face off.

        1. Well .. 1/3rd of the penis is inside the body .. but .. No dice for that dude because it looks like the doggie got that bit as well.
          He needs to go see the surgeon in “The skin I live in” to get a new vagina, and get fucked in the ass by Antonio Banderr-ass.

          1. They already do that, too. You can look up subincision and superincision if you’re interested. I believe subincision started with Australian aborigines.

  6. I remember local farmers in Trashganistan telling the US forces their neighbor was a terrorist. Off to Guantanamo they went and the farmer would take his land. As much as I am for vigilante justice I am against it because you cannot trust anyone these days.

    1. No one deserves torture and especially for something as little as rape. I think a few months in jail maybe but torture and dismemberment and disfigurement is mentally derranged. all of these Non-Whites that did this to that man should be put in a gas chamber like hitler did to the Jews.

    2. deserved IF he is a child molester in any way, but i read this was cuz he stole something. this is way to much for theft. it is unbelievably disturbing. sort of wish i hadnt seen this one. sorry, but i love dogs, pitties included, and so teaching this dog to love human attack and blood, well they doomed this dog to death. they probably let him do this and then killed him. i swear i am all for unbleievably horrible torture for all molesters and rapists alike, but for theft, jeez….what the hell did he steal? poor dogs!

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