Arrogant Policeman Receives What He Deserves

Arrogant Policeman Receives What He Deserves

A Federal PGR Ministerial Police visited a piece of land (large and full of debris and plants), for an investigation commissioned by the Federal Public Ministry Agent. The policeman talks to his owner, an old man
The police tell the owner that he wants to inspect his estate.
The old man tells him to do it, but please DO NOT PASS ON THE CLOSED LAND.
The policeman, demonstrating his authority as a worthy officer and police officer, says:

“Look, old man: I HAVE THE MAXIMUM authority of the government that I fully represent, and this ‘license plate’ that you see here qualifies me to go WHERE I WIN, I get into any property that WINS ME, be this one of whom be, WITHOUT QUESTIONS, and I must not give answers either. ”

HAVE YOU UNDERSTANDED ME? the old man simply shrugged and continued with his work
A few minutes passed and, the farmer hears some screams and manages to see the Federal running for his life, followed closely by a bull.
The bull runs quickly and reaches the police, GIVEN HIM A BEAT
The old man immediately leaves everything he was doing, approaches and shouts:

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    Could be worse. The Latin cartels use dull blades. I swear. . .some of the beheading vids. Did they use butter knives, or what?

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  3. Is this where the “mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns” line comes from?

    Karma is a bitch. I should take on that job.

    I had a misogynist cop a few years back. Let the males speak but yelled at us females if we tried to.
    Fucking pigs.
    Authority gets to their heads.

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