Rampaging Cat Attacks Pit Bull and Owner

Rampaging Cat Attacks Pit Bull and Owner

No idea where takes place, background speaker sounds like English is first language.

A cat is on the borderline of sanity and decides to strike a pitbull and it’s owner for no apparent reason.

The stupid dog wraps his leash around owner, causing him to fall.

Have to give props for owner keeping control over the leash the whole time.

The cat done with business scurries away just as fast as it came into play.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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    1. I’m not so sure InnasSky, the Brummie accent Is a lot more distinctive (think of the comedian Jasper Carrot for example). The way ‘house’ Is pronounced sounds like Nottinghamshire, or perhaps a little more North, say East Yorkshire?

    1. …just as i was scrolling down to reply!!! you’re right, i do love this post. lol

      that cat is a frigging’ bad ass!!! that said, it is awesome that the dog owner kept the dog under control. well, semi-control. control-ish. i’d have felt bad if that overzealous tom got chomped on.

      i had a cat, he was 17 year old, he walked right up to my friend’s huge dog and swiped her right on the nose. then sat down and turned his back to the dog, like, bitch! now what?! it was fantastic. 😀

      1. I would have loved to see that! Lol I had a cat who protected our property very well from other animals. Once I saw my cat latched onto a German Shepherds belly and they both were rolling around fighting like crazy. Needless to say my cat won! I saw the German Shepherd scurry away with his tail between his legs and never saw him again! ; ) Cats rule and dogs drool! Lol

        1. oh, snap!!! weren’t you afraid for your cat??? i mean i am so glad he/she won, but i woulda been all kinda scared seeing them rolling around. i must admit, i would have gotten in on that brawl to save the cat. and, probably end up get mauled to death and on best gore. 😀

          *high five my fellow cat lover!*

          1. I was terrified for my cat but I was a kid and my mom made me stay in the house. Luckily my cat was okay, he was a real fighter yet was the sweetest with people. Cat lovers united! Lol

  1. i would have shot the cat and dog and the gay cunt, then urinated on a tree. mark your territory, cucknuts. people generally cross the road if you piss everywhere and shoot their pets.

  2. Behavior of this cat means one thing:
    Unprotected kittens of her were near, maybe just close to that car. I have no doubt about it.
    Mother cat charges at ANYONE if she sense that her babies are in mortal danger but i am also sure that she didn’t attack the owner to.

  3. For sure that pitbull had a bad day out . Whereas the feline one tenth his size ; frightened the shit out of the canine almost to death . Never heard or seen something , so unusual happening what plays on in the video .
    And she wasn’t happy with the way he was walked knowing well when they reach home he’s gonna get his dog food as usual and she will have to go hunting/foraging for food being a stray .I just zoomed in to see if she had a collar strap on as that’d prove she was domesticated but there was none around her neck
    It was simply priceless to see her going in for a second attack which left the two of them hitting the deck .She even ended
    up clawing the owner before her lightening escape .

    1. lol good luck with that…

      cat is more faster, more agility and wayyy more dangerous due to more curved ,retractable claw and killing natural instinc of predator.

      unless the cat is not in good shape, a dog have low chance to catch a cat.

      (adding too the possibility for the cat to jump wayy higher than the dog and easier way to climb on any non smooth surface.)

  4. Hmm… Sounds like the UK (if it isn’t Australia, but doesn’t sound like it). Aren’t Pit Bulls banned in the UK? I think the name of the law is “Dangerous Dogs Act”, and the punishment is euthanasia (not for the owner sadly) and a fine or even jail time for repeat offenders.

    1. That was an English pitbull (Staffordshire bull terrier). They are legal. The American pitbull is banned. Dumb law. But then again, if that dog was American, it probably wouldn’t have let that go down like that.

      1. No such breed as an English Pitbull,I do agree that some Big Staffies get mistaken for Pits however.Mine has been accused of being a Pitbull due to his size on a number of occasions,he is well built purely from the exercise he gets.He had a great workout the other year when my next door neighbour’s cat ventured into my garden to inspect my girlfriends 14 cockatiels that live outside in an aviary.My Staff spotted it and gave chase,5 mins later he wandered back inside and spat out about 3 inches of ginger fluff,he had snapped the top part of the cats tail clean off.The cat never ventured over that fence again.
        This incident happend in Birmingham,England.The Dumb Brummie accent is the giveaway.

    2. Its in Birmingham,England.
      As for that Dangerous Dogs Act law,it was introduced way back in 1991 and it needs to undergo a complete overhaul.The law banned specific breeds here in the UK,namely Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasileiro.But over the years thousands of family pets have been taken from owners and destroyed simply because of how they look,the Staff being a prime example.
      The law has got to change,the danger is at the other end of lead/leash,the DipShit owner.

  5. Cat had advantage with 4 sets of claws on paws and her set of jaws with teeth sharp as needles. Dog only had killer jaws and grip and knew that the cat was a demon and obeyed and protected its master by doing what it was told to do, stand down. Usually a pit bull won’t, but this one wanted to protect its master. I had both kittens/cats and dogs and love both species for their unique personalities. Like I like people.

  6. Good kitty!

    Stupid fucking dogs, and their tater baby owners need to get a heads up-
    animals that shit everywhere and bite people belong in the zoo.
    Or dead.
    We are tired of you, and your shithounds.
    We are raising attack cats to kill you and your mindless yardsharks.

    Keep your dumpsterwolves in your own damn yard, if you want to keep them at all.

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