Reconstruction of Jaw Destroyed at San Sebastián de los Reyes Bull Running

Reconstruction of Jaw Destroyed at San Sebastián de los Reyes Bull Running

The almighty bull hoof – a force not to be messed with. Yet each year a Running of the Bulls event is held in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain during which daredevils try they luck evading running bulls. Sad and pathetic event, but it’s part of Spain’s cultural heritage so it’s not gonna go away anytime soon.

These pictures are from the San Sebastian de los Reyes bulls running held in 2005. The man took a bull’s hoof to the jaw which is an encounter comparable to a grown man stepping with a boot on a potato crisp (or playing baseball with an apple). His jaw split like a watermelon, some of his teeth were knocked out and his tongue was near ripped off. The man underwent reconstructive surgery the results of which are nothing short of impressive. Considering the damage the patient was brought in with, the surgeons did a truly phenomenal job reconstructing his face back to normal (plus a few scars).

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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126 thoughts on “Reconstruction of Jaw Destroyed at San Sebastián de los Reyes Bull Running”

      1. Plus, to top it off, wahtever was on that bulls hoof, like street garbage, spit, shit, used condom resadue, wahtever, ended up being force-fed to this unlucky mother-runner.

        Great example of what NOT to do with Your day.

  1. On a serious note, WHAT the fuck is wrong with these stupid motherfuckers? Oh yeah, I almost forgot,THEY ARE STUPID!!! They get every thing they deserve, no sympathy here, but, we already know that.

        1. i’m not complaining actually i support the BestGore watermark so people won’t steal the pictures and post them in other sites, i know some will use photoshop to get rid of the watermark

          1. Yup, that’s what a watermark is there for, and , layed in properly, they can be a real bitch to remove.
            Yup, that’s um, about all that needs to be said about watermarks.

    1. me too, my dad used to have a rodeo bull, that fucker would charge your ass, three times i had to jump the fence, cant imagine what would’ve happened if he caught my ass, it was a scary, fun as hell rush.

    1. I’m not sure whats better to look at, the pic of the day or a stomped in face? I guess I’ll look at them at the same time. I think mark puts them there for the people with weak stomachs, “”” AH, I think im gona barf, O, naked chick, sweet.”””

          1. *tisk tisk* *stare* *standing still* So… *pacing now-slowly* you sir *speaking slow and firm* aren’t really busy, and don’t always “gotta run” because *chuckles* *stare* *standing still* “typing something doesn’t mean you’re actually doing it”?? *awful dead stare straight to you*

          2. Lol… everything with stars I’m suppose to be doing… the rest are words… I said.. Hahaha!! You can’t poke me back, it’s a one way street bit honey…

        1. It’s just fascinating that the majority of smokers would say that, but if they knew the disadvantages of smoking before they would start… None of them would be smoking today.
          Thanks for restating a prejudice

  2. The bull is amazing in my book!! Surgery went swell!! But they should’ve left his a face a tad fucked up.. then we’d have a new suicidal spaniard member..

    1. How many times must I say it? This guy’s face was always fucked up. The bull did him a favor.

      P.S. Hey there halie, I gotta run (again) but check out my post under the last skull pick here. See ya.

          1. I did see it… quite clever, yes.. I don’t give you heck.. I just don’t like you engaging me into a conversation only to end it before the climax… Lol, you do it often.. think of it as blueballs.. You can’t blame me..

          2. Climax eh, sounds like we should have our own room. Holiday weekendhere, lot of partying going on so I’m very “tied up”. Can’t wait to chat with you again. I think you are awesome.

  3. Who wants a spaniad,only good
    thing to come out of spain was
    Hispano/suiza,& that was half
    swiss!!! effing strutting peacocks,
    looking down their huge noses
    @us.fuck em…twice over.

  4. drrocco rocks my world for gore!!
    i have no sympathy for stupidity. ( i have that attitude even at work and im a nurse!) if you do something stupid, like i dont know… running with the bulls… and your face ends up looking like this.. its your own fucking fault. these people are a waste and a drain on the medical system!

  5. You mess with the bull, you get the hooves.

    Stupid “customs” and “traditions.” I’ve been to bullfights, and they are nothing but excuses, to allow some effeminate super-slim loser to parade around in a suit with sequins, dancing like a ballerina in front of the bull.

    The horn penetrating his guts is the finale of some form of homoerotic fantasy.

    Same with these “corridas.” As if it were macho to run ahead of a stampede, while flapping your hands and screaming like a little girl.

    Looks like this one achieved his masochistic fantasies. He’ll be eating his dinner through a straw for a while.

  6. So a bull did this??????? Baaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaa I fucking love it! Since the bull is about to endure torture and torment and a painful slow death I love the fact that it can at least wreak a little havoc on a human body or two!!

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