Remains of Eaten Child Recovered from Huge Crocodile in Batu Niah, Sarawak, Malaysia

Remains of Eaten Child Recovered from Huge Crocodile in Batu Niah, Sarawak, Malaysia

This 30 minutes long video was filmed in the town of Batu Niah in Sarawak, Malaysia. In the beginning, it shows the process of recovering a huge crocodile from a river. The Croc is then transported by boats to the village where it is gutted. At 12:20, a grown man is shown crying, apparently in anticipation of the worst – his child recently disappeared and the animal is suspected to have eaten him. Turns out, his fears were warranted.

After opening the crocodile, the villagers pulled out human remains from its digestive system. It would appear that the remains were given a funeral according to local traditions. The corpse of the crocodile was then cut up with a chainsaw, and parts of it burned.

If you haven’t seen it, also check out this other video of similarly huge man-eating croc with human remains inside.

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          1. People will say it tastes more or less like the kind of meat they are used to eat. The cannibal tribe may be used to eat pigs, the japanese guy said it tastes like sushi, and an american dude probably would say it tastes like burger

    1. I don’t know…it may be an odd thing to say being that I hunt, but I’d take death by fighting an apex predator over dying in my sleep or a lame ass accident any day. I kinda like it when nature gets a win.

      1. That’s fair enough, I see where you’re coming from @jsmith666. Still, to be taken by a crocodile, into its death roll, all the while being conscious of your limbs breaking off !!. I’d stick with passing in a warm bed thank you. Taking on a Bear ?, yeah, that sounds more like it.

        1. @Ewe if it took you in the water it would be over in the blink of an eye, the first time you inhale your out cold. They like us best though if they can let us rot a day or two we come apart easier that way but by no means do we need tenderizing.
          I saw an old episode of River Monsters the other day and he said if your in water over your head a 15 lb fish could drag you to the bottom and your pretty much done. As a species were pretty pathetic in the water.

  1. Human beings spend their entire lives eating other animals and yet every time a ?Moby Dick? dares to do the same the villagers get their touches in hand and march on Dracula?s castle.

    The stench of hypocrisy is enough to give you the shits, which ironically is what would have happened to the crocodile had it lived long enough to fully digest that smelly little jackanapes.

    1. Makes me thankful to be top of the food chain. It is all relative really. I mean, once the kid stepped into the water, he also stepped down the food chain. If he’d been in a sturdy boat, equipped with the right tackle, he would have remained top of the food chain, unless, of course, the croc managed to cause enough swell in the water to tip the boat over, thereby altering the chain once more.
      All negated by staying the fuck away from crocodile infested water.

    2. @Es, spot on dude! Arrogant, primitive, fear-filled humans have always personified, then demonize acts of nature. The croc eating that kid was 100% void of malice and as natural as you and I breathing…Sad still.

  2. I remember watching this so long ago, some speculate someone could have killed the child and then thrown his remains to the crocodile, I don’t know. Crocodiles bite their victim limbs then spin to severe it and swallow it without chewing, so it’s all clear

    1. @ LaCoq – Malaysia is acceptable. Its unlike her less civilised neighbour “Thighland”.

      Like most countries in that region, just stay away from jungle areas and from smuggling drugs – and you will be fine!

  3. Terrible way to die, getting eaten by a giant croc and then getting pulled out in slimy pieces with all the villagers watching. At least he got buried I guess. Those legs and arms were severed neatly I would think they would be shredded up some. I guess that croc swallows the pieces whole.

  4. That’s the way of their lives in those places you’re the hunted one if you’re not careful. It’s the food chain. That’s the way it goes . Parents should have been looking over their young or encourage them to be super careful around waters. I blame the parents.

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