Removal of Severe Bot Fly Infestation in Small Monkey

Removal of Severe Bot Fly Infestation in Small Monkey

This poor little guy has managed to become infested with numerous bot flies. The holes these creatures have created in him make my skin crawl. Almost looks like the cratered surface of some alien planet. Seems the monkey is not in any serious danger from the experience, but he’s clearly been living in discomfort. He’s also in danger of infection from the massive holes those things have left in it’s flesh. No doubt permanent scarring…I mean, you can see more than one larva occupying each hole. That shit is gonna itch like a motherfucker.

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      1. I actually know the back story behind this particular case. The monkey was rescued from the wild. Despite the vets best and valiant efforts, the monkey succumbed to her parasitic infestation. She simply was too weak from the infestation and died shortly after this film was made. Sad….the monkey was clearly weak and fragile by the time they removed the bot fly larvae.

    1. Yes, poor Little Monkey, for sure, my man! At least this one got medical treatment. I wonder how many more cases like this exist in the wild ? He is now a lucky little Monkey 🙂

    1. Weirdly, this sent more shivers down my spine than any of the barbarism and gore on this website. No problem watching a man being beheaded (aside from the moral outrage I feel), but this was really hard to watch.

  1. My ex had a cat that got one of those in her neck. After the vet removed it and cut away all the dead tissue, she had a big hole in her neck where you could see the muscle underneath. She had to wear a gauze ‘tank top’ for a while afterwards so it could heal. When the vet was cutting that shit away I almost passed out but the cat took it like a champ 🙂

  2. There’s something pretty cool about primates, they have a such a way about them. Cheeky, sneaky, relaxed way of life! Poor little bugger. This is just the way nature works unfortunately. 🙁

  3. I guess this little guy had no other little monkey friends, because monkey friends are suppose to pick that crap off of each other and eat them, or at least that is what I thought they did.

    1. Oh, that’s sad Ladybug, not only did he die of Bot fly infestation he didn’t have any little friends. I’m wondering if it was a pet though, I can’t really imagine the locals going to all that trouble for a wild monkey after the fact. If it was a pet ,they did a bloody crap job looking after the little fur baby.

      1. I didn’t think of him being a pet, but that would explain why he had no other monkey friends to help him out, he only had mean humans to let it get to the point of death. now I really feel sad for the little guy. Animals should not have to suffer for humans I think 🙁

  4. The shit that lives in tropical regions !, every damned one of them out to kill.
    I remember a friend of mine who went to Namibia. His arm swelled up like an air bed, and that was before he left…. he had to have about ten jabs. Unfortunately, this fella didn’t have the option of protective injections.

  5. Oh sweet Jesus this isn’t helping…. I go on hiking trips a lot and after each one I sit at home feeling my head for ticks. Just the only day I went and I swear there are weird lumps on my head that I keep poking at and sesrching for in the mirror.

  6. The monkey died when it received the vet bill. It was charged for the removal of each larva as an individual surgery, for the three days spent in ICU, and $80,000 for antibiotics. It never had a chance.

  7. I was a vet tech and these are very common, even in the US..They happen in kittens/cats ,squirrels and rabbits and hunting of squirrels and rabbits are limited to the colder months as these bot fly’s are hatched and gone on their own by then. In the south, they are called wolves by some. The hole does seal back together

  8. Wow…the dug out the entire extended family…the mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, little family clusters, uncle jack and ms daisy having a threesome with the babysitter….etc…

  9. Pop goes the weasel……..

    Poor lil monkey dude. Disgusting humans letting you live like that……..hope you gave them all a good bite with those fangs of yours mate……….

    I would have loved to be the one pullin those out……awesome fun. We don’t have bot flies in Australia……..but we got every fucking other thing that wants to eat you, kill you, poison you, bite you, live in you, infest you, rape you, dissolve you and suck your cock. I am happy about the parasites wanting to suck my cock, but you got to peel them back / rip them off before they get under your skin and into your veins and find out the pin number to your bank card……..

  10. Weirdly, this sent more shivers down my spine than any of the barbarism and gore on this website. No problem watching a man being beheaded (aside from the moral outrage I feel), but this was hard to watch.

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