Seaworld Killer Whale Attack Video

Seaworld Killer Whale Attack Video

This is not a video of the infamous 2010 killer whale attack in which Orca trainer Dawn Brancheu was killed by a killer whale named Tilikum in the Orlando Seaworld. This video predates the Orlando one by 4 years. It was recorded in 2006 and had been banned from public viewing until the US Secretary of Labor decided to release it as part of her on-going litigation against the theme park.

The video is from the Seaworld in San Diego. It captures 10 tantalizing minutes of Orca trainer Ken Peters being in mercy of 6,000 pound Killer Whale named Kasatka who thrashes the trainer around and drags him underwater before he manages to swim to safety.

I think the fact that Ken Peters is a good swimmer and probably also a good diver saved his life. The Killer Whale grabbed a hold of his foot and dunk him under the water for extended periods of time. He had a pain of having his foot ground by sharp Orca teeth to deal with, while at the same time deprived of a possibility to breathe.

Michael Kirby, author of a book Death at SeaWorld speculates that Kasatka heard cries of her 2 year old calf from a nearby pool which is what aggravated her and made her attack the trainer.

According to marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose of the Humane Society, there are no known records of killer whales attacking humans out in the open ocean. The only recorded attacks on humans by Killer Whales are from captivity (Seaworlds).

Naomi Rose, who studied Killer Whales in the Pacific Northwest also said that according to her figures, a mortality rate of Orcas is two and a half times higher in captivity than in the wild.

I could see a point in taking an animal into a zoo because it’s so endangered, it needs protection so they’re gonna try to monitor its health and breed it to recover the population. But kidnapping an animal from its natural habitat just so some fat fuck can stuff his pockets with money it generates is wrong and needs to be put to an end.

The 2006 video of the Killer Whale attack from the Seaworld in San Diego is 15 minutes long, but the attack itself lasts less than 10 minutes. It’s still way too long for a monster of a fish to thrash a trainer around, though:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “Seaworld Killer Whale Attack Video”

    1. Thats basically the feeling i get. Your legs just hang there in some fucking odd open unknown bunch of shit. Something could bite the fuck outta me. I wouldnt do so well against a shark.
      Plus the water here is cold as FUCK. Itll make even a nuns nipples hard.

      1. No kidding. Draining water outta your ears for three days just for a thirty minute swim is just plain inconvenient.
        Open water just scares my dick(or at least my sorry excuse for a dick) off. I watched Jaws when i was like 3 or 4 and that shit scared the fux out of me.

  1. Proof that a video doesn’t necessarily need gore in it to be horrible: While watching this video, “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid popped in my head…and then the masochist in me made me look it up on YouTube. Now I’m depressed. Think I’ll go watch an execution to cheer up.

  2. I have to say, I can’t agree more that these mammals belong in the ocean, not in captivity, unless they are in danger. One of the reasons I don’t go to Marineland in Canada. This guy was incredible throughout the attack, and since I can’t spend another fifteen minutes watching it again, was it just me, or did it appear he had his legs free a few times? Maybe it was a fin or something, but it looked like he had the chance to get free more than once.

  3. im a firm believer in wild animals should be left in the wild….people take wild animals and lock them in cages for the rest of their lives and then complain when they eventually attack someone……..fucking right they are going to attack someone……i refuse totally to take my son to a circus where there are animals because i believe animals are treated very badily during training there (or can be)… the description it states the whale heard its calf crying….what mother would NOT attack someone to protect their young

    1. @razor- I, too agree that animals should be left where they belong. This might sound like sissy shit but one of my favorite movies is, “spirit-stallion of the cimmirron”

      I hate seeing animals get tortured for something that is part of their natural instinct. Like defending itself (bull fights)


    2. Pam. The problem is: Are the animals safer in the wild than in captivity?

      With around 60% of Earth’s non- Bacterial/ Viral species facing extinction this century alone… We can kiss goodbye to ever seeing a Lion/ Elephant in the wild. PERIOD.

      I would agree with all Animals being left in protected habitats and national parks across the world. However. In Africa, Latin America and Asia (the areas where said mass extinctions will take place)… These ‘habitats’ are nothing more than spacious death rows.

      The WWF adverts you see on the telly asking you to donate ?5 a month to protect the 30 snow leopards left in the world will be wasted…

      They are already extinct if their number drop below 5,000… They will never have a varied gene pool. So eventually they will interbreed…

      My point is. If we want to protect the world’s species from certain extinction. We will have to admit as many as we can into Zoos and captivity in the West.

    3. Absolutely! well said. You lock an animal up and it kills someone, don’t fucking bitch about because it’s the humans fault for locking them up. I’m sorry but I don’t feel a pitty for these tards! I was hoping the whale kill the fucker. The whale did what came nataural. Didn’t seaworld learn from this attack? I guess not so more is gonna be attacked or die.

    4. I agree razor, animals who are nearing extinction should be kept in an area where they can breed, not be made to do tricks, zoos and circuses should be closed , as should safari parks, but yes some animals need monitored to avoid extinction but in a large enough area, not a cage

    5. Well said! And I couldn’t agree more ! The circus shit is messed up and ought to be outlawed. If like you say there is a valid existence issue with an animal then perhaps captivity can serve a positive purpose in helping repopulate the species. In any case, do what’s right for the animal. Study them in their environment but don’t give them a life sentence in ours. Every time I think about the ignorant poachers who kill elephants for their tusks it just makes me crazy. Man is the real beast in this world. This film is straight up clear evidence of an innocent animal snapping due to the stress. I don’t blame the trainer and I certainly don’t blame the animal. Seems to me the road would lead to the money grabbers.

  4. I do think in some instances, captive breeding programs have prevented some animals, birds and reptiles from becoming extinct in the wild. But, in general, I dont believe large marine mamals should be kept in captivity.

  5. Damn them whales. Brutally violent beast with no use on this planet. All whales should be banned. If it wasn’t for that whale then that poor guy wouldn’t have been attacked. The government needs to fix this now so innocent people can swim without fear. Better yet send them all to mr gore in Canada. He probably has the right answer on how to handle them.

      1. @rooster…The Orca is actually categorized as a dolphin. This is because dolphins are a sub-category of a sub-category of whales. This makes all dolphins whales, but it is necessary to note that not all whales are dolphins.

  6. A wild animal is a wild animal. Weather it’s Pythons, Chimpanzees, Negros, Orcas, or circus Lions. People who get there faces ripped off by a hanging around with their pet Chimp get no sympathy from me.

    1. Oh I can Guarantee you he just jumped right back in. As an animal lover and one who participates in sports with large animals, we all know the risk we are taking by working and playing with these dangerous beasts but we do it anyways. Get back in the saddle as they say, and that’s what he did. I betcha anything.

  7. Animals in captivity are often times unpredictable, at least this might prevent them from going extinct but it isn’t really their real home. The only animals I’ve ever hears going crazy in zoos are gorillas, elephants and lions. These places get too crowded anyway and I don’t like seeing animals in cages.

  8. The various news media have been showing snippets of this.

    The people from Seaworld have been defending their territory and say that although the child of the whale was in a holding tank next door, that child was over a year old and they separated on their own.

    I’m no whale expert so i’m not making judgements as there will probably be many stories come out about this.

    I think the guy’s leg was broken pretty early on because if you look carefully, you can see he is in a lot of pain but trying to hide.

  9. In the whales head…what sounds like elmo ” oh, twainer I wuv you! You want to see how I swim? Hee hee, ok we go down here! Oh twainer you so much fun! I wish we could pway all de time! Hee hee hee!

  10. See what happens when you play with something that has a first name of “Killer”!!? It’s not a Paddy-Cake whale!!! That dude was dam lucky and realy smart to remain calm. If that was me, I would of screamed like a school girl..( Oh wait,never mind)
    Excellent sprint to the pool side,must have been a world record for the broken leg giant fish after you time trials..

  11. I understanding the reasoning for keeping animals / mammals in captivity, but I still don’t like it. I especially don’t like when the animal is killed because it kills it’s trainer. SO WHAT! What do they expect? Like that elephant trainer who got stomped to death and people wanted the elephant killed, um why?

    They cut down almost all the forest around here and you have these wild animals coming into the city.. It’s just not right :/

    By the time I have any grandkids (or kids for that matter) most of these animals won’t be around anymore.. Humans suck.

  12. These whales are like the james egan holmes of the animal world. Now USA TODAY is saying he wasnt all that brilliant as a student, so perhaps both the killer whale and holmes brain electrical patterns were hijacked by the Reptilians to kill fleshy virus

  13. Why the fuck don’t they shoot the fuckin beast with a tranq gun? Nobody is doing dick to help the bald guy who is just floating in the water at the mercy of that giant, post-menapausal orca!

  14. The craziest shit I ever hear when these things happen is the news reports and trainers saying “We cant figure out why the whale would attack the trainer”…”it just snapped and went crazy”…how about it’s a whale you are a human, you were not put here to entrap them in a pool while you fondle them and make asses of them for other fucking paying humans

  15. Funny thing really, they don’t punish them at all, but any thing with hair would be killed, I’ve always wondered why they would not kill a whale for the same shit that they kill ALL CATS AND DOGS!

    1. Why “punish” ? Only humans can understand those concepts of right, wrong, guilt, shame, payback. Animals do not have brains that can understand those notions; they have only instincts.

      Either kill the animal (croc, gator) because it is too close to a human community and will continue to kill, or set it free in the wilds, far from human habitation. But for get about attributing human characteristics to animals.

      1. Yes, why punish, no animal should be, so why is it that we kill cats , dogs, bears and all the others, it seem reptiles aren’t put to death either, if I owned a dog that attacked someone, I would not let them put down my dog, how can they justify killing my dog and not do the same to whales or sharks or croks or snakes. This is why justice is flawed, it’s really only a point of view.

        1. Probably because of the close proximity we share with cats and dogs – we often espouse them with human characteristics and feelings, emotions. Bears kill someone and are automatically labelef as “man killer” and assumed that they will do it again, because it is a learned action. It is mych easier to destroy a flimsy human, than it is to overturn a tree to eat a bunch of ants. In parts of India tigers ambush and eat men routinely (maybe not so mych anymore because there are so few remaining) but good on the Indians for not killing the tigers for it. Animals always lose in the interaction with humans. Reptiles seem to get a pass because they exhibit no emotion or intelligence. At least, that’s how I see it.

    2. @phatman, I think I read somewhere that Tillikum, the large male orca that last made the news for killing the female trainer, is their only stud.Since they can’t catch new animals to train for the “shows”, they have to breed them if they want to continue raking in the money.

  16. I have seen this video before and can’t watch it again or it will ruin my week.
    Between the ages of 7-15 I hung out/worked at a local place called “Sealand of the Pacific”, it was another horrible animal prison like Seaworld.
    Unfortunately being too young at first it took me a while to realize how wrong all of it was.
    This poor beautiful killer whale named Haida was forced to humiliate himself doing tricks on a hourly basis for the likes of us fleshy viruses.
    It was when Haida lost his mate Chimo that it all came crashing down on me.
    Let me tell you – if you EVER see a killer whale cry you will NEVER forget it – I sure as hell won’t.
    I could go on but this makes me very emotional.
    Us humans are SUCH assholes.

  17. 1. I totally agree with your point re removal of animals to zoos, etc, for the profit of a few rich non-people. Which is why, I have not visited a zoo or seaworld or the like since 1983. No problem with hiking, hunting, safaris, where the animals are in their natural state, but definitely ‘no’ to pitiful commerce like this.

    2. Keep in mind that these circuses also progress the worship of animals, and thus the diminution of humans. That is part of the jewish agenda, in their declared war against humanity. While not being an animal lover, I have great respect for them (animal lovers with their black-or-white thinking, will not understand that!). Eg. this one is tonnes, and has teeth, what the hell is a man (employee or circus performer) doing in the pool with it ? Why is it allowed to separate a mother and a calf ? I would not allow any of that.

    3. The saddest thing is, no one else jumped in. No one used a tranquiliser (which they have on hand in Australia). If 3 or 4 of his alleged co-workers jumped in, they would have scared the orca off. Sure, it could have let go of him, and latched on to another worker, but that would have been better than 10 minutes alone. I do not care about what the business owners stated as procedure; I am taking about, where were his friends.

  18. is it just my perverted mind or did anyone else notice the chick in the red shirt near the end was giving buddy leg massages which seemed to get just a tad close to his johnson…in fact i think his johnson was part of the groping…why is it i always notice the pervy stuff??

  19. Top 3 favorite animals of all time Orcas! Also love the big cats, dont much like house cats but props to them since I guess they are related but the Jaguar is probably my favorite, maybe the jet coal black colored ones. “killer whales”, everyone should watch some nature videos on these cuz Orcas fuckin rock! Sea World is working to make stuff like the water drain instantly inside the pool or have the floor raise up to where the water drains instanstly. its called technology. I wouldnt mind having all of Killer Whales free in the wild, but than again how else would we get to see these animals but inside some aquariam?

    1. and fuckin’ elephants fuckin’ beaten to perform inside the circuses and not just beaten, but my guess is it looks like these elephants even feel psychological fear when they are being trained. oh well.

  20. Fuck that. I would’ve freaked out right away, put my hand in the blowhole for grip and to suffocate it while punching it in the head, eyes if I could reach. Well, would’ve tried, anyways, it probably would’ve really tried to kill me but hey, at least I would’ve died fisting a killer whale’s blowhole and punching it at the same time. I would like them to brag about it for me at my funeral, maybe put a little statue of the scene on my grave. “Here lies the mighty suffocating-fisting whale puncher

  21. I almost drowned in a creek once.
    I used to live in the mountains up in NY, where you had good ole backwoods fun. ATV’s and your best friends backyard farm.

    Anyway, had a friend who didn’t have an above ground pool, so we used the man made creek by means of giant pipe in the woods nearby. We’d take turns jumping out into the body of water, swimming to the shallow bits with rocks and repeating this all day.
    Well one day, it had stormed earlier that afternoon and the pipe was furiously spewing out water, but because we were naive little shits, we all thought “No way! that looks awesome”

    Well my dumbass 70 lb body slipped and the current dragged me out and then pushed me underwater, and kept me there for a good 2 1/2 minutes, but that was the longest 2 1/2 minutes of my life.

    Watching this brought back flashbacks, that poor guy was fucking terrified and you could easily see it when he got out.
    Props for him keeping his cool as to not agitate the whale even more. I certainly would’ve shit myself and died right there from shock.

  22. I’m thinkin’ FAKE…..
    If you go to wikipeida and search “orca attacks in captivity” it would floor you!!!
    ( i would copy and paste the direct link, but my phone is acting me up and not letting me:)
    any how, its a super interesting read.
    Apparently,since 1920 there have only been 4 (on
    humans in captivity…..since 1964. Thst should tell yoj you something. The wikipedia artical goes on to explain each attack!

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