Shark Attacks Young Man, Bites Off Piece of Thigh and Family Jewels

Shark Damaged Family Jewels

Shark Attacks Young Man, Bites Off Piece of Thigh and Family Jewels

Brazil, perhaps? The video shows the recovery and rescue of a young man who was apparently bitten by a shark in the sea.

The victim was pulled out of the water with a chunk of thigh and family jewels bitten off. Makes you wonder what the Senor shark said… “Ewww, human pubes with loins!


According to the update provided by Best Gore member @roughruby, the victim died in hospital of a combination of blood loss and two heart attacks. He was 18 year old. It happened in Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @shiddy for the pics and video:

Gallery of a few pics:

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163 thoughts on “Shark Attacks Young Man, Bites Off Piece of Thigh and Family Jewels”

    1. If a shark..or anything else bites my dick off, you’d better just leave me out there to die….and I would hope the shark choked on my cock… although I don’t sport a jungle patch down there, I’d wish nothing but a scratchy throat for that motherfucking shark

      1. 2 things

        1.- No need to hurry he better dies i mean no family jewels what kind of life can a man have without them.

        2.- why do they have to show their ugly ass face when recording something.

    1. yes Recife Brazil, Piedade Beach. I have already been to this beach and its full of warning shark signs telling people to avoid:
      – bathing with a fresh cut
      – bathing wearing beach wear with bright colours.
      – bathing with things that may reflect sunlight like watches or jewelry.
      – bathing at dawn or sunset.
      So, i just decided not to enter the water at all. Just had a beer under my sun umbrella.
      This guy survived a few hours after the attack.

      1. Who knows? maybe it was better for him to die. It’s done now anyway, mother warned him, she loved her son. son didn’t listen. That’s the problem with kids, they never do as they’re told and you’re emotionally held to ransom forever once you have them.

  1. His name was Jose Ernestor da Silva and he had been ordered by his mum not to go to the beach because there had already been another horrific attack in April. It was a tiger shark which did for Jose. Mum must be devastated. Always listen to mum. R I P.

  2. Stay from the ocean ..reason are a floating salty meat the ocean where all things are looking for a meat snack …2..we are sucking all other meat snacks(overfishing)from the ocean ..and if you need number 3 here it is ….you cannot live or breath in water ….you can die of thirst while floating in it …thank you

  3. In my professional opinion, the shark didn’t bite this guys shrimp cocktail off… It was a combination of the way the lifeguard was dragging him cockdown(sandpapering) and the outgoing undertow(sandblasting) his cock and balls off… That’s why he’s sands frank&beans..!

  4. No his dick is white because his penis and balls weren’t actually bitten but the skin was degloved off his dick and balls. That’s actually the cartilage of the penis. Google it you’ll see that it’s the two large holes on his penis are called the erection chambers, and the bottom circle is the urethra or the urinary tract.

  5. Shark castrated & degloved what was left of his penis, surprisingly his testicles were still intact ball sack skinned but balls still intact. I’d imagine a speedy extraction & storage of the sperm could still give him a chance of possibly fertilising an egg if need be. That would be last of his worries however & only if he can afford an ivf. Thats only if hes in a commited & loving relationship

          1. Oh shit @sloth12 you caught me 😀 I’m sorry but for this to work I’m gonna need you to let me have a stir fry from time to time… I promise pussy will be on the menu!

          2. @xsookiex haha i’m rolling up here. It’s a deal. I can almost taste it now and i don’t care what you’ve been eating. Eat all you want honey x

  6. Yes, this happened here in Brazil, in the city of Recife state of Pernambuco. The victim was taken alive to the hospital yesterday but died during the night because he lost too much blood. He was the second shark victim on that beach since last year, the first victim survived with only an amputated hand.

  7. No fucking way! This was part of the story in the last Family Guy episode. Where Quagmire gets his penis bitten off by a shark! This is life imitating art, and Family Guy is definitely art 🙂

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