Six People Mauled to Death by Man-Eating Tiger in Pilibhit, India

Six People Mauled to Death by Man-Eating Tiger in Pilibhit, India

In Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, India, a man-eating female tiger mauled to death six people, and injured one. The two year old tigress has been terrorizing the village since November of 2016, prompting the villagers to threaten the authorities that they would boycott the elections if actions is not taken to contain the cat.

On February 12, 2017, forest officers succeeded in tranquilizing and capturing the tiger, who was put in a cage to be taken to the zoo in Lucknow. Kalinagar Villagers were so enraged by the carnage the tigress caused, that they snatched the keys of the truck brought in to take the tigress away, and tried to burn it alive.

Props to Best Gore ember @carborandom, in whose home town the event took place:

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      1. Just a curiosity, in some places they don’t put anything else in people’s tombstones other than their names, date of birth and date of death. Maybe India could be one of these places.

    1. Interesting how there’s a tolerance for the behavior of ferocious animals as it’s understood that they just act out in the way they are genetically programmed to, that is, out of instinct. Perhaps, it is why there’s a greater tolerance for crimes committed by emotional teenagers, who don’t have their brains fully developed yet and have their bodies full of hormones. I think people will tend to sympathize more to a murderer who kills to satiate a primal urge than one who rationalizes it. Maybe that’s why many people sympathize with psychopaths and maniacs despite at the same time fearing them. Like, psychopaths can’t feel empathy, but they many times act upon their primal urges.

    2. When I say rationalize, I mean to say the perpetrator has a greater conception of what he’s doing is wrong. Like, it seems that people feel less sympathy for someone who kills and feels remorse afterwards or tries to fake remorse than someone who doesn’t show any reaction or tries to fake remorse, but just admits he’s done the crime with a straight neutral face. Maybe that’s why criminals declared insane get off more easily.

    3. I do hope that one day the children of all you PETA loving faggots get mauled to death by some tiger or elephant. Lol you guys mostly come from western countries and the only wildlife you have ever encountered is a pigeon, so stop dropping your crocodile tears. You have never even seen a tiger or a lion in its natural habitat.

        1. The tigers were there first and the humans invaded THEIR territory. Left to the wildlife, the planet would be just fine. Instead, it’s ultimately in the hands of stupid humans (see above for two perfect examples) – so in the end the planet and all wildlife on it will be fucked. The planet will recover. Unfortunately, the humans and wildlife won’t.

          1. @bunkermentality You stupid little fuckin CUNT! How do you know who was where first, were you there, did you live there millions of years ago?? NO!, you’re just a libtard, hypocrite FUCK that is causing the same damage to the environment as everyone else(unless you don’t have a car,house,use batteries, wash with chemicals etc.etc)I guess if an animal ate your kid you would say the same stupid “the animal was just being an animal” shit!? Have you heard of the ice age, did people cause that? Like I said before it’s mans world and the tigers are here because WE ALLOWED THEM TO BE.

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  1. Man-eating animals are interesting… when you’re not living there, of course, but I hear the animals develop a real taste for it and a cunning to obtain it. It almost gives an eerie weight to that saying “you are what you eat”; as if they become smarter by consuming human flesh.

    “It’s using the trees…” (Predator)

    1. “Let me intercede”…”you are what you eat” indicates that these man-eating animals would become man. It’s right there in the saying. Wouldn’t the man-eating beasts become retarded tourists in gay safari outfits? Natives in grass skirts, etc…? Let me guess, your doctoral thesis was on how man eating animals actually get smarter every time they eat a tourist. How smart could a man-eating animal become by eating people that are too stupid to NOT be eaten by them in the first place? But, you’re the genius.

  2. Phew! When I started reading this article I was worry something bad had happened to this poor creature of God.

    I’m so glad she’s okay!
    She’s now safe in a better environment in where she doesn’t have to put herself in danger for a few Curry-Hindu bites.

      1. @Bellazombe

        I have to be for the sake of this innocent creature. Who cares she has 6 hindus under her belt. Come on! Let’s stop being fake here! No one cares about hindus. There are billions of those things walking around. Can you imagine, billions of hindus are stinking the atmosphere as you read my lines. We have to do something about the hindu population threat and fast. That pussycat did her best but 6 hindus is not even a drop out the bucket. The pakis should start dropping the good old stuff on hindus and fast.

  3. Lesson 2 be learned from this. ….
    (Learned from Mowgly from
    The Jungle Book)
    *if you ever come face to face with a tiger, don’t panic, maddog the tiger square in the eyes, breath deeply and cross your fingers and hope that by doing this you won’t become the tiger’s next meal.
    If doing this doesn’t seem to work. hmmm, You’ll find out….

  4. Hey you leave that fucking tiger alone !!! that poor thing is just doing what it does best … that is be a tiger… I wish the article would have said what happened to the poor poor thing… That is after they tried to set it on fire… it doesn’t say what happened afterwards… Was it taken to the zoo or was it burned??

    1. I was curious what happened too since oftentimes it would be murdered as well, especially after doing what it’s instinct and nature was designed to do – eat. Since it ate some people up, it probably got a death sentence.

      Intellectually speaking, how did these people think it was gonna go if they got the tiger out in an attempt to burn it? That she wouldn’t see them as her next meal because she already gnawed on several earlier? Or that she’d willingly walk along to certain death? Silly people. Such naivety.
      “We’ve already lost 6 people, what’s a few more?” Lol.

          1. Hehehehe hehehehe heheheh oh snap n shit …You got raped in your sleep and never knew it ?? oh hell no… didn’t you notice your ass was bleeding and you were walking funny????

  5. Well these people must of forgotten the most important thing.. when venturing out they should of put a mask of a face turned around facing opposite direction to the back cause tigers are skillful predators and like to ambush there prey but if it appears they are being watched there’s a chance the tiger won’t attack cause there would be no surprise attack if it appears they are being watched and seen. And if it fails then tigers must like dark meat.

      1. It works dummy.
        In utah only very experianced mountain hunters know this trick.big cats will follow behind you when you’re hiking and you’ll never know they are their.except later when returning and watching your old footprints you’ll see pussycats big paw print on TOP of your old print.(!!!)ruins the hiking experiance,everytime.

    1. It makes sense. The habit of attacking humans may happen because somehow the tiger has the genetics which make it prone to attack humans or maybe it developed the habit during its lifetime (or was taught by its parents) of doing so, specializing in taking humans as preys. So if the animal is not killed there is not only the risk that it will, naturally, attack again, but also of passing the behavior to the prole, either through genetically programmed (instinct) or taught habits.

  6. Maybe if the tiger had more food sources it would not turn into hunting human vermin.People in certain parts of the world breed like fucking rabbits,destroy other animals’habitats and then moan.By the way I would rather save one tiger than 10 Indian human vermin.Sorry.

      1. I follow Nat Geo on IG and they do a lot of research into felines all over the world.
        They say that by killing the big cats you kill the whole food chain and by saving the big cats you not only save the food chain but you save the world’s forests.

        My advice based on this info is, don’t harm the giant kitty, it would hurt us more than it would hurt them.
        I mean affect us.

      2. I follow Nat Geo on IG and they do a lot of research into felines all over the world.
        They say that by killing the big cats you kill the whole food chain and by saving the big cats you not only save the food chain but you save the world’s forests.

        My advice based on this info is, don’t harm the giant kitty, it would hurt us more than it would hurt them.
        I mean affect us.

  7. This poor little tigress she is just trying to find something more easy to chew because she have bad teeth and human flesh is a very soft meat verses zebra and annilope and animals like this have thicker skin and tougher meat. So she did nothing wrong but try and survive and they want to kill the poor thing! All these photos show is leftover lion food so I don’t see the problem. Instead of trying to kill or torture the lion they should offer her a dental plan. Lol

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  8. What dreams may come?
    I didn’t for a second! think of @hindufagboy while reading this.
    but it sure would be poetic justice thats for sure.

    As for the cat? well, lets be real.
    that one tiger is worth a thousand of those greasy, hairy, lung patched faggots. but i fear it may be the end of the line for this one. and rightfully so, once they get a taste for human blood and all.

    cat had nine lives
    just spent em all 🙁

    1. I understand the importance of preserving wildlife, some of which affect humans directly, such as fisheries. Moreover, the environment is interconnected. Nevertheless, you are a fucking human too, are you gonna kill yourself to make way to wildlife? Like, humans have hunted many animals to extinction, ostriches (Arabian ostrich), mammoths, the dodo bird, whales etc. While it is something not interesting to disturb the environment as it generates imbalances on the food chain and may have other undesirable effects, and efforts should be taken to diminish our impact in it, we still have to put ourselves in the first place, as animals themselves do the same. Nevertheless, Indians exaggerate in multiplying their numbers, the fuck, about 1 in 7 humans is an Indian…

      1. Yeah, and maybe 1 in 5 Indians make a positive contribution to humanity; the rest could have been swept up in Noah’s flood and the Queen of England would still take a shit every day.

        I wouldn’t say the same thing about Brazilians, cause Brazilians do ass-to-mouth, and that wins every time.

      2. Right, my point was that there are plenty of humans at this point. We’ve won that battle again Mom Nature for now (until she pitches the next epic pandemic our way, which is only a matter of time). So instead stressing out our finite resources through further overpopulation, why can’t we step down from our enlightened perch and help out some of the critters we’ve repeatedly fucked and refucked over the past millennium?

        I don’t want to live on a planet with no tigers, or rhinos, or polar bears. A world with less people, on the other hand? That sounds bloody lovely.

        1. I agree that we are too overpopulated for our current technological capabilities, which puts us at risks for a potential disaster caused by pathogens or a sudden change in the climate and diminishes our quality of life through pollution, overcrowding (although this may be discussed) etc. The optimal numbers given by some is 2 billion, I think that would be fair. Now, the places that contribute mainly to this overpopulation nowadays are Africa and some Middle Eastern and Asian countries. It seems that fertility rates are declining in those places, just like they’ve declined sharply in Latin America over the past 50 years, so it may be that in some decades, as they predict, global population may start to decrease. But who knows, the limitation of resources may sometime in the future be addressed through space exploration, but it seems it’s going to take some time until that happens, if that happens…

      3. India has a large population, due to thousands of years of continuous migration from people all around the world. It is because it has the most arable and fertile land in the whole world, ample resources and the most suitable and hospitable living conditions.

        Not to forget, that India is the 7th largest country in the world, only behind Russia, America, China, Canada, Brazil and Australia. And none of those countries have been inhabited for as long as India. China comes close but still not as old as India. And all those countries except maybe U.S. have a large portion of land that is tundra or uninhabitable/inhospitable for human life. India is populated on every nook and cranny, even in the most extreme parts of the Himalayas or the deserts, there are people.

    2. That’s fine. But animals throughout history have been better protected in India, than anywhere around the world, due to the vegetarian lifestyle of many Hindus. India was the first country to ban animal slaughter of any kind under the great king – Ashoka, whose empire stretched all the way from Afghanistan to modern India and, he also spread Buddhism to South East Asia, Tibet and Central Asia.

      India is the only country in the world to have lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, elephants, red pandas ALL IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT. Indians are the last people you should be lecturing about shit like this.

      1. I’m not just blaming India. I’m blaming the myopia of humanity, in general. Believe me, I get plenty irritated by the overpopulation here in the U.S. as well. Any time I hear anything about the Duggar family, I want to run off into the night screaming…

          1. My husband (at the time) and I decided to have a child. One and done. However: although multiples do not run in either his or my family, we ended up with twins, because apparently the universe is a fan of irony.

            Floodgates = open. Fire at will.

  9. YAY! It took 4 months for another tiger attack to come to BG. But it got here.

    Felines are Gods. Tigers are the most magical creatures on Earth.
    As I’ve said quite a few times, that’s how I want to die: I want to be killed by a tiger or a female lion. That has to be a gateway to an amazing other world.
    I would also be okay with a cougar.
    Those idiots wanting to burn her alive. There aren’t any humans as awesome as tigers. tsk tsk

      1. there is an actual alien race of super felines their manes glow and they have huge heads and brains and all the physical attributes of a cat but can choose to walk upright any time they like. and they are very psychic etc they are just super charged in every sense and extremely good at solving puzzles very quickly and hold the most amazing sporting events the roars when a cat wins a sprint for example are truly deafening.

          1. nah not really like thundercats ! they are actually a very old and wise race some think maybe older than alpha draconians and they are quite fixed in their galaxy and dont like to roam unlike other alien races, but as they grew as a civilization other alien races heard about the magnificent sporting events they hold (they are obssesed with their gladiator style sporting events) and surprisingly the hierarchy doesnt lie in the super felines which are the physically strongest but their wisest some of the lions with huge manes are a 1000 year old. and they can all read each others minds they are that psychic so if a feline is thinking negative images/thoughts they can instantly be dealt with. a magnificent structure to their civilization. the alpha draconians would probably be wise to steer clear of their colonys.

          2. Have you ever seen one of these? I mean, it could have been written or made up by people high on mushrooms (amanita muscaria). It sounds like it could have been written by one of those hippies who see elephants that are pink or have polka dots on their living rooms. Do you believe in leprechauns too? Just to give an example of how beings can be dreamed up I’d cite Santa Claus…

        1. they are not storys i have been told most of this by eastern european mystics who opened me up to the spiritual world and spirit essence of my soul, how to tap into the power of my pineal gland etc and taught me so much in 2 short years. there are galaxys they can access through the power of the conscious and astral travel.

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          1. Why should Trump be interested in any OTHER country? North Korea? Iran? If they obtain nuclear weapons, they will become apex predators; your dream of Islamic domination will become a reality.

          2. Trump said: “Grab em by the pussy” (It was all over the media)
            Gnat said: “In India … the pussy grabs you” (joking about Trump)
            I said: “That’s why Trump avoids India” (reply to gnat’s joke)

            So I have no idea what you’re going on about. It was a little political joke.

          3. “…just one of those dementia moments that comes with life. *sigh* We all do it and then go “Fuck, I have no brain!”…”

            Which proves my point all the better… 😎

    1. Ha ha…(sarcastic laughter) I used the same period jokes when I was in elementary school. The only thing cranberry juice is good for (in males) is making them piss frequently.

      No, your post HAS no point, except humor, and it fails even at that.

        1. @ dethbyplaster
          Yeah, I’ll plead brainfart on this one, thanks. I have NO idea where THAT came from.

          @ Gnat
          Meh…I like you better when you’re in a mood to debate. TRYING to be either a half-assed comedian with one-liners or an obnoxious prick doesn’t become you at all.

          @ Hindustan
          Fuck you. I’m proud of being Salvadorian. Tiny-ass country it might be, but it was the only country in Central America that managed to repel the first wave of Spanish colonizers and, for such a tiny country, it has managed to maintain its independence to the present day; it hasn’t been swallowed up by its larger cousins. Remind me again how many times India has been fucked in the ass by other cultures, a country so much larger than El Salvador? And what’s the point of having such broad borders when 60% of it is worthless slum trash?

          Just like people from Latin America migrate to the United States in search of a better way of life, people from poorer countries in Central America migrate to El Salvador looking for better paying jobs. I’m not saying we are a perfect country, we are struggling, no doubt about it, but struggling well, to the point where we have become the most industrialized country in the Central American region.

  10. Thanks to Sharron Needles for the story link. It does say the tiger was transported away. It also explains that the tiger was not getting enough food so she turned to the villagers. I hope she ends up at a nature refuge rather than a zoo. I love tigers … sleek, graceful, smart but they can tear you apart in a snap. That’s my kind of girl. 😉

  11. Kalinager villagers!! FUCK Y’ALL dont we abuse and torture enough animals already! A Tiger was hungry and so lives on instinct by catching and killing prey is all!! Someone should capture y’all and burn y’all alive!! BURN IN HELL mother fuckers!!

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