Sloth Bear Goes on Rampage in Populated Area

Sloth Bear Goes on Rampage in Populated Area

Sloth Bear Goes on Rampage in Populated Area

I don’t have any backinfo, but it looks like the videos could be from India.

What they show is a sloth bear who wandered into a populated area and went on a rampage. One man is seen getting mauled, but other residents then attack the animal with sticks.

I got two videos of the attack and pasted them together. Both were filmed from the bed of a parked truck. Got to love the guy armed with a hammer like he means business, but keeps distance from the bear:

Also a vertical video of the mauled man in hospital. It would seem he got part of his face chewed off. Props to Best Gore member @neo1998 for these videos:

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64 thoughts on “Sloth Bear Goes on Rampage in Populated Area”

    1. It’s a Sloth Bear, native to India and listed as vunerable due to loss of habitat. They’re going to have to look at renaming that particular species of bear though, cause that fucker was moving faster than any Hindu…

  1. Another Sloth Bear attack we had some of them bevore .. hell they enjoy mauling humans.
    This fuckers don’t go for the honey they get attracted by the curry ass-gas it seems… Fuck maybe the bear was a reincarnation of someone he facefucked to death and now carma bites back.

    WTF !!!

  2. I’d go ape-shit too if i was trying to have an afternoon nap and these overpopulated big mouths, and their bike/car horns just wont let off. So he figured,,, i’ll give ya’s some thing to be loud about ya Cunts!

  3. The World Wildlife Fund and some bunch of wet snowflake arse-wipes want these fucking animals protected. Protected against what exactly? They don’t need protecting. There musta been a few hundred people there and that fucking bear just took the whole town on.

    1. I have to say, I seriously doubt India’s people caught or killed this bear, Bears like this usually won’t go down like that, Not from people like this, They can’t even clean up their own filth their living in themselves, Fucking hating trash junkies from india that’s what I say……

  4. Sloth Bears aren’t very big in comparison to other species but they are probably the most aggressive. This aggression is due to the bears sharing the forests with Tigers who’ll eat a Sloth Bear given the chance.

  5. Indians are the scum of the earth. They are lower than dogs.

    Over half of the world’s street-shitters are from India. About 40% of that country are savages who openly defecate. My guess is that one of these flip flop wearing, curry smelling turds meandered its way to shit in the bear’s habitat and he had enough of these Indian pieces of shit and decided to strike back. Good for the bear, let’s hope the other bears rise up with him in solidarity.

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