Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Gored to Death by Bull in France

Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Gored to Death by Bull in France

36 year old Spanish bullfighter Ivan Fandino died after being gored in the leg and torso by a bull in Aire-sur-l’Adour in south-western France.

The incident happened on Saturday June 17, 2017. Ivan Fandino reportedly tripped on his cape, giving the bull an opportunity to poke the matador with his horn.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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210 thoughts on “Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Gored to Death by Bull in France”

    1. The above video is from 2013. He was gored in the leg but survived and continued his career. He was wearing a peach colored outfit when he was gored to death. He was gored in the chest and his lung punctured. He died on the way to hospital.
      I think bullfighting is awful and should be outlawed. There is no sport in torturing an animal. Score 1 for the bull!

      1. Fucking snowflake, should we banish Football and the NFL as well ? You have the Nerve to be on a website that caters to Gore and all manner of death and this (Bullfighting) offends you?? Think about that for a second, and next time you log on maybe you should click on the puppy

          1. @twistedxxkitten ya know now that you mention it,there should be an NFL team called the Bulls! Fuck there’s Bears,Panthers,Dolphins?,Lions,Eagles,Broncos,etc…a Bull is the ultimate animal representation of a football player. How bout the Texas Bulls?! I know there’s the Bills,but Dufuq is a Bill?

        1. I also agree with @RougeKitty and @fritzmaddie . Cause “A Big Man”, lol, who kills an Animal in a Faggot Tight Jumpsuit, doing what looks to me like, (The Morning Stiff Cock Walk to the Bathroom), or “The Just got Fucked In The Ass By My Trainer” “Faggot Walk” like a Fucking Flaming Clown, should Not Deserve to Get The Horn??? BULLSHIT! That Beautiful Bull Should have given this “Snowflake” a Horn in the Ass first, this way Sunshine could have died with a smile on his face. And Why have these bullfights if it is always supposed to be one sided Slaughter? That poor Bull is being tortured, and Killed Every time, instead of the Paid Aggressor, and just because you don,t want your Little Angels to see a Useless High Paid Cunt Get Owned, Torn Apart, And Swung around like the Rag-Doll That He Is? The answer is YES,,, And because of all you Bleeding Hearts, are paying Big Bucks to attend these Innocent Animal Killings, You Fucks decide the Bulls fate every-time that you enter this Arena, unless of course, one of these Pillow-Biter,s has an off day, cause he stayed-up all night getting ass-fucked by Traveling Hank, The Bull Trainer. And you,s have the nerve to cover your kids faces, when you witness one of those things get killed. Some of “You Buttercups Babies” Cry For Weeks on end, when your local Mainstream Media T.V. Stations bring this Puffer,s name-up, and of how much of a good Man that he was, killing, and Torturing, an astounding 236 Bulls in his Career, and he will be remembered for years to come, lol. And when you lose one of your Hero,s in the Ring, you viciously attack Anyone who shows support for this poor Bull. Disgraceful, This is.

          1. Spot on my Don. Assfucker, or however the fuck spell your username, how are you gonna seriously compare this shit to the fucking NFL. And on top of that, call everyone that ain’t about this barbaric bullshit a fucking snowflake. Mate give your fucking a head a wobble and get a grip.

          2. LOL! I have to admit that was pretty funny. “Stiff cock walk to the bathroom, tight faggot suit, just got fucked in the ass sore butt hole walk”

        2. @ASCHBUMMSER -Maybe you should read BG’s take on animal abuse. I enjoy seeing the aftermath of people stupid enough to run with the bulls get gored or stomped, but bullfighting is not a ‘sport’ in my opinion. They bleed the bull to weaken it then kill it. Football is not even comparable to bullfighting as it is a team sport with willing participants on both sides. What does me not caring for bullfighting have to do with gore, anyway? I think it’s funny how much my comment bothered you. I have been visiting BG for years so, yeah, I have the nerve to be on here. I think you ignored my last statement… Score 1 for the bull!
          Oh, by the way, Mark. I was not complaining when I stated the first video was older in comments. I simply made a statement. The same video was used by other news media to report the death. I don’t even know what an activity update is.

        3. There is often many comments similar to this on this website, especially when animals or children are involved.
          You’re the baby bitch, snowflake that went out of your way to critisize the comment you’re crying about because it somehow butt hurt you.

        4. Of course NFL and bullfighting arent the same. But despite that he is right about his take on us being on a gore site. Because im pretty sure some of these murder victims arent willing participants. Did they do something to deserve it? Maybe. But there is alot of deaths of innocents on here. People go and went to see these things in the past because it was viewed as an art and probably to see some gore and are either knowing or unknowingly promoting the killing of more bulls. Much like us going to gore websites to see killings and other such gore. We are knowingly or unknowing promoting the killing of people because gore sells. This is also a website that posts the murders of rival gangs and factions or innocents. If there werent a following for gore then these videos couldnt be posted through a medium and as a medium of communication between rivals of the savagery that awaits dissenters, because bestgore wouldnt exist if no one visited it. So we as an audience have made gore videos glamourous in a taboo sort of way thereby promoting and probably causing more murders because potential murderers know there is an audience for it. Also, its brought the murdering and ways of murdering people to a new level where people want to 1 up the savagery of their rivals. So perhaps you are no better than those who watch a “poor little bull” get killed and promote the death of bulls by sport. Perhaps simply by being audience to gore you ate promoting the creation of more gore. Much like anything that requires an audience. So please stfu with this psuedo sympathy of the weak to convey a enlightened and strong character.

    2. Agree! Glad the cunt is dead I can’t stand animal cruelty or kids being hurt at all, never know if enough of the torturers go this way they might actually ban it once and for all. If Spanish think this is entertaining they’re sick fucks too, next time I go to Spain might start a little fire in the stands…

    3. There are no more enjoyable deaths on this entire site for me than these fucking faggot spanish twats getting whats coming to em. Good riddance to hyper aggression with zero masculinity spaniards hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        1. The absolute majority of hunter don’t hunt deer and elk just for the antlers. Hunters are often very nice people and normally share their pray with friends and neighbors.

          1. I agree with you 100% @masterplan as like you say, most Hunters hunt to enjoy healthy, pure, and delicious meat for their family. The people that @bubbazinetti is talking about, are The Filthy Millionaire Tourists that employ Guides to bring the Game right to them, so all that they have to do, is pull the trigger, both for the thrill of the kill, and to hang on their wall. One of the neighbors at our cottage in Wolf Lake PQ. is a guide, and most, if not all of his customers are Rich American Jews that come to Canada only to kill for bragging rites, and head back home with their trophies.

  1. France allows this crap? I thought this “sport” was a thing only in Spain.
    And btw the Matador didn’t trip on the cape. The bull stepped on his cape and “poked” the stupid scum to death. Wish Facebook poke did the same.

        1. I don’t think bullfighting is bad, you’re gonna kill the bull anyway (they usually eat the bull afterwards if I am not mistaken). I find it more dignified to kill the bull in a more “natural” way, as it would be more like if you were hunting him than just slitting his throat while it is hanging in a hook upside down. Moreover, bullfighting had a social function historically, and perhaps one which should still be relevant today, to expose people to gore and combat (like the coliseum had) so as not to let people get too soft, which would be bad in times of war, although I must say from what I have seen bullfighting used to be more interesting, today it is much boring in my opinion, that is, you can barely call it a fight. Once upon a time people would enter into the arena with nothing but a pole, which they would use to avoid the bull by jumping, that was probably interesting, although dangerous…

          1. The Dirty Jews own, and finance most of these Bullfights as their Kosher method of preparing meat insists that the Animal must suffer greatly before eating him. They do the same to their own too, by cutting off 8 day old Boy,s penises before Sucking Their Little Cocks dry of blood. Now if that is not a form of torture, and suffering, then i don,t know what is. Those Sick, & Twisted cunts, should be the ones in the Ring, naked, & Afraid, Special Edition. Watch naked Jews run, as their big noses are painted bright red, this way their is no se way that the Bull can miss him. And the last one alive gets his exposed circumcised head painted bright red also, to give the Bull 2 chances at success.
            Now that would be a sport that i would pay Big Money to go see. I just would not stick around for Jew-Roast afterwards, just let the Bull eat him up.

          2. @thedre Do you have any proof that jews own bullfighting? It’s a tradition that has been practiced in Spain for centuries, even when jews were persecuted there, only if you would say that it was promoted by crypto-jews, but then again, the tradition comes from Roman times and the jews didn’t have more of a hand in promoting it back then than non-jews. Now, I know of the machinations of jews in the financial system, their push for dubius social engineering, that they own the mainstream media and promotion of the rogue state of Israel, but to say that they own and promote bullfighting is a big surprise to me.

          1. Throat slitting upside down is done to please Jewish and Muslim cultural requirements (I think). I assume a piston to the head is a lot more sensible. There is a lot worse done to animals and east and west have a lot to improve on it’s animal industry practices. Not all are barbarians and many raise their animal with respect. Sadly, I believe most doesn’t.
            I find the ‘Running of the bulls’ insanely fun, entertaining enough, and I have nothing against it. What I see above is a slow execution of an animal. It is very unusual for the matador to fail. This is not Pakistan, this is Spain/France, they have television there! If football is not enough, if will really want violence, is hard to go beyond MMA (give them Swords?). Perhaps make paintball a national sport. Personally, I’m more in favor of good practices over cultural practices, but I have the world against me.
            Today many provinces in Spain have abolished ‘bullfighting’ and most of France as well.

          2. @MasterPlan For halal or kosher meat, the throat is slit but the animal doesn’t have to be hanging upside down when the throat is cut. I know all the blood is supposed to be drained in both cases; maybe that’s when the hanging upside down occurs.

          3. @masterplan @itsplaster is right, but throat slitting is used in both halal and kosher and standard slaughtering, the difference being that in standard slaughtering they use a stunning gun, whereas it’s prohibited in halal and kosher. The reason they don’t kill with an air pistol, and just use it to stun, is because the brain would contaminate the meat, strange explanation but that’s what I saw somewhere, anyway, the bull is just stunned by the gun, and killed when his throat is slit while hanging upside down.

          4. *is right throat (forget about the but)
            *and also in standard
            *prohibited in halal and kosher to stun the animal
            And by slitting his throat you drain the blood off the animal, besides killing it.

          5. Thanks for the info guys. There is the penetration and non penetration ‘captive bolt pistol’. Crazy cow disease was the reason to discontinue the use of the first.
            They may hang the animal or nor depending on size of animal and size of the installation. I’m sure there is more brutal ways to kill them and there is a lot to improve all around the world. Not many bulls die in ‘bullfighting’ but it is brutal and slow. To me, is the glorification of the wrong message. They may want to show we can subdue the strongest beast without pity. I think we have subdue them all already. I’m no vegan, haha but a message of pity would be nicer. We could also go back to hunting wales on cultural grounds.

  2. Tripped , tossed and gored across the Matador is shown the door to the hell. He just did what a bull is supposed to do when it sees red
    What Ivan Fandino didn’t know was that the bulls hate seeing humans playing with their emotions Indeed that’s some splendid goring there …good old handsome bull .
    With that sorta head butt I don’t think the Matador may have survived …once again that’s a good old handsome bull .

    1. I love how you describe that beautiful, yet poor scared Bull. Imagine that mighty beast, used to being in a field doing what Bulls do, like protecting his females from Large Bears, a Pack of Wolves, or any other threat that comes his way. And all of a sudden, he is taken, caged, and then let loose inside a stadium with thousands of (Sheeple), or “screaming animals” themselves, i should say, wanting to kill him? That poor thing must be completely terrified to begin with, being out of his element & all, and with these funny looking freaks constantly stabbing him over, & over, until he collapses of exhaustion, with his tongue sticking out, and panting heavily, until this unfortunate death. What a sad, and cruel thing to do to such a beautiful, strong, and protective animal, as he knows nothing else but to protect, and keep safe his whole heard, and would fight to the death to do so in the wild, or Farms pasture. And to have these asshole degrade, torture, and abuse this beautiful Beast, and therefore reducing him to a frightened, defeated, weak and dying, innocent living breathing soul, saddens me deeply. So much, in fact, that i only ever partially watched a bull fighting for his life in a ring on T.V. once, and i felt so sorry for that lost looking, injured, yet still fighting till his last breath, poor thing. This stayed in my head for a long time, and i never understood how these assholes could
      watch, & cheer at the slow, and anguished demise, of such wonderful Animal, without any remorse or pity for him. 🙁

      1. Bro@thedre ………first up where is your pic with the shades Bro ……I want it right away ..and thanks bud I always have liked the way you get compassionate about all things living like me. We two may be living distances and oceans apart but our hearts are exactly the same my man.
        Its a sport which needs banned wherever its watched or played . I am all for the darling bull or these innocent animals .I don’t know what makes the spectators enjoy such a sport where an animal is harmed and brutally tortured to death although we at these gore sites wouldn’t mind a bastard done to death but as for these lovely animals my heart bleeds and cries out .
        I truly respect the strength within them and poise they come with . They are the types to be befriended and then you have nothing to worry about cause they can avenge if their masters are harmed .
        Hats off to the creator of these lovely animals I just adore them all

    1. To notyouraveragegore……..
      A Matador has some kind of balls tho……..And a huge
      Ego…..I gotta give them credit…..
      Anyone ever tried to fight a 1000 to 1500lbs furious bull with humongous horns …………..with a red napkin…..
      Anyone?????……Me neither.
      Cutting the tip of the horns is like fighting a cow……
      All the sick magic is gone…….!!!!!
      I know that Matadors are in a bad shape physically
      At the end of their carrier……A lot of them.!!!!!
      If it wasn’t for the horns……
      Hilarious…….when you say they are stupid………..!!!!
      Well ….
      They surely thought of it…….!!!!
      But isn’t that……. it’s only funny when someone gets hurt…..So…….
      They wouldn’t be rock stars in their country……
      Some serious sick right there tho.

  3. Though I have a respect for Spanish history,Bull fighting thought is cruel and is not a part I like. I say well done Bull if you’re going to die then he definitely fought back well, Use humans are such a destructive race and take all of earths creatures for granted. And really we could learn alot from animals but we still haven’t lost the hunter genes, And who the Hell goes and watches this shit. Must be boring as hell in that country,A Dragon fight with light sabres would we be more impressive not a poor Bull,This is literally Bullshit.

      1. I live near Hogwarts school of Wizardry, Haven’t you seen the film’s all based on a true story. England just is like that ,Don’t you have dragon fights with light sabres you don’t know what your missing LOL. Na Ime just joking please don’t Google it

          1. In Brazil you can hand feed wild little monkeys. If you like little monkeys.
            But if you like birds instead, you can have a lot of fun fucking around with the monkeys.

      1. Yes the skillful Argentine air force with its French Exocet and British 500 pound bombs. The thing that makes me laugh is more Argentine’s died when the Belgrano was torpedoed, Than all the British soldiers killed in the Battle for the Falklands. I guess they couldn’t swim my Argy Bargy friend.

          1. Over 300 soles lost there lifes, HMS conqueror hit it’s mark. A British nuclear attack Submarine, The only ship kill by a nuclear submarine in the world to date. But what did they expect would happen with there ex American WW2 cruiser rust bucket.

          1. The Gibraltans also voted overwhelmingly to remain British not too long ago.

            I’m guessing you’ve never set foot on either, so, as per usual, you have not the foggiest idea of the reality of the situation on either territory.

      1. ?! I thought most Argentinians had Spaniard blood. To call a Spaniard an imbecile is risking calling yourself an imbecile if you are descended of one, so I hope you don’t think their imbecility is genetic, and I object, Spaniards are not imbecile, otherwise they wouldn’t have ruled your country and shaped it the way it is today…

          1. Brazilians always hated Argentinians in a very special way, and I could only assume they hated Brazilians as well in a strange bondage. In UK I discovered they REALLY hate Argentinians, but my surprise was to learn that Spanish people hate Argentinians above everyone else, including Gypsies, Muslims, Blacks, you name it! Lol.

          2. So Argentina has about 40% of its genetic constituency being Spaniard. It’s mad to say that Argentina’s prosperity (although the country is not as proper as it used to be, I don’t know even if you can call Argentina a prosper country anymore) is solely due to the 40% of Italian genes, both groups contributed their part. Moreover Italians and Spaniards are quite close genetically to each other.

          3. Argentina used to be a power house and have the best quality of life in south america since always. Argentinians are the only white South American Nation, Spanish and Italians, they were called first world Europeans. Maybe they prosper, because they killed all their imported blacks. Their pride took a strong hit on Falklands, but only on late 90’s Argentina broke. It wasn’t a stumble, it was more like this They have been living in a zombie apocalypse scenario ever since with no pretension to ever be great again so you should better ask who is responsible for their demise, Spanish or Italians? Here is something educational;

          4. @masterplan “who is responsible for their demise, Spanish or Italians?”
            Neither, it’s the international financial speculators, Jews, and Americans who keep interfering in their country’s political system, for instance, propping up the military dictatorship in the 70’s…

          5. Yes, I guess your right, but it leaves a dilemma. Should I congratulate this fuckers for what they did to Argentina?? Just kidding. Those dictatorship year were really fucked up.

  4. It’s not that cruel. Most ”normal” bulls have far worse life. These fight bulls are treated like kings, get the best food, plenty of space, healthcare, etc. Until they have to fight and die that is, but until then their -relatively long- life is really good.

    1. @grofaz There’s no way in hell you can justify this. Good food, Health-care etc. is only given to them so that they become presentable to the dumb audience and So that the muscular bulls can stand on their legs with multiple spears lodged in their body, long enough to hypeup the crowd.

  5. I am so happy he is dead , usually i don’t say that . When i see video of dead people here i’m like ”mehh ” human vs human so don’t care but a BullFighter and every faggot hurting an animal deserve to die , i’m not vegan or anything but i hate those guy hurt the bull and not kill him direct.

  6. Ironic in a way, the bull being bullied by the Matador as is the norm, but turns the tables in this case.
    This so called sport/entertainment was hugely popular in the 80s in Spain, billboards everywhere. Less so these days I’d say, definitely a decline in advertising over the years, but still pretty popular in Spain and Southern France.
    Bullfight is a misnomer, too, given the Bull’s outcome is predestined. The Bull dies regardless, which is sad to say the least.

  7. Nice spandex. Bull fighting in the arena and meat sword fighting in the locker room.
    These fems could not look more gay even with a dick in each of theirs mouths.

  8. It’s a pity that bulls are taunted just for the sake of a country’s culture.

    In Britain we have foxhunting to keep the rural fox population down, but that’s secretly a cover for sick bastards to mount horseback and lead a pack of wild dogs to tear down wild foxes.
    You see, our shit also stinks too :). But not anywhere as much as Spanish bullfighting.

    1. I don’t have a problem with hunting if the hunter is skilled. Idiots who shoot an animal in a non-lethal way or in a way that causes a slow death shouldn’t be allowed to hunt until they can properly aim their weapon. But deer hunting is needed where I live. Otherwise, they get hit by cars or starve. I think that’s much worse than getting a quick shot. I also think hunters should eat their kill.

  9. Yay BULLFIGHTS! Keep them coming. Double death strike, this is the equivalent of two boxers simultaneously knocking each other out. Guess neither one will get to dine on the other’s testicles tonight.

  10. As Trump would say “he’s a loser for getting caught”.
    What happened to the ‘torso shot’? All I saw was this spanish ballerina waving a toothpick at this big black bull – the bull looked like shaquille o’neil – and the bull got pretty upset about it and shoved his big black horn (maybe the horn is not black) into the ballerina’s thigh. The ballerina might as well have been wearing mascara and a thong. For all we know, he probably was wearing mascara and a thong, ole.

    1. Hey @felipe.s When the Russians have finally had enough with the Western-Jew-Loving Fuckwads, the E.M.P. Weapons that they unleash upon them, will send-us all back to the times of horse drawn buggies, and Hunting for survival. And in North America,s not to distant past, The Algonquin Indians, and other Natives, Hunted for small, and big game animals for survival, and NOT for any monetary gain, or for entertainment purposes. They used every piece of the Animals they humanely killed for food, tools, clothing, blankets, and much, much more. When the French Ships arrived, and mated with the beautiful Native Women, Louis Riel was one of them, and the half French, and half Indian “Called Metis” Were Born. These French Europeans quickly learned from their new Indian Family, how to respect all of Nature, learn how to Fish, & Hunt it,s plentiful bounty of fresh game, and also how to survive in this, Beautiful, yet rugged New Country. As opposed to the English who Hunt, and kill foxes for fun.

      1. Even though many will die. I can’t wait for that emp to send everyone back to the days when we were forced to connect with the earth rather than the internet. I know I’m ready and prepared 🙂

  11. I would also like to give Kudos, and Major Props, to @Thavenom for his utmost professionalism regarding the way he dealt this issue when it came-up, by using a different avenue than the general “Comments Section”. For as many times that Mark, and myself have mentioned this while replying to some Ignorant Cunts, Purposefully, and Intentionally Screaming, and Whining about it in “The Comments Section”. But like a bunch of 1o yr. old Schoolgirls, we have had to revisit this childish behavior by telling them over, and over, (that the Contact Form is There for a Reason), so use it!!! Trust me,,, it is a much better avenue to use for letting B-G know if, and when, a potential problem arises. You will get much more respect, well deserved praise, and recognition for it in return. Cause some of us awake individuals know that mistakes happen, and we ALL do them from time to time. So instead of being a Sheeple Dick, and trying to make others look bad, in order to try and make yourself look good, better than everyone else, a Fucking Hero, lol, just by shooting your mouth off in the “Comments” about it,,, you end-up making “Yourself” look like the stupid young kid that runs home to Mommy Ratting your bigger brother out, like a “Dumbass” for looking at a Playboy Magazine in the Park. and just because you feel (Like A Big Man), lol, and that you are highly Intelligent, because you have noticed 1 tiny mistake. “”Respect is a Two-Way Street Man” Sorry for adding my 2 cents Mark, but
    i am also sick of this backstabbing bullshit, and can bring-up at the very least 10 posts in the past where i have asked other Members not to clog up the post with 10 comments related to the same thing. But i also have to say “As You Have Mentioned Above”, that i am very happy that somebody was finally paying attention, and listening to our plight, and with this being said, i am cautiously optimistic about the future, and betterment of our Site. 🙂

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