Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

47 year old Spanish matador Enrique Ponce was gored by a bull named Declamador during Fallas festival in the city of Valencia. The incident happened on Monday March 18, 2019.

Enrique Ponce suffered injuries to the knee and backside, but none were fatal.

Props to Best Gore member @fracazzo for the video:

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130 thoughts on “Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull”

    1. I agree, best gore is great because it is the one place I can go to that doesn’t ban the extreme stuff, so I get to see it, but that is a double-edged sword, it means that when you see tame stuff on best gore, it’s a disappointment, even if tame stuff is still entertaining, the extreme stuff is much more entertaining.

        1. One of my favorite bull gorings was the matador that got his face caught by a horn and the bull rips his face from cheek to scalp. Somehow his eye wasn’t ripped out, but the left side of his face was fucked up.

      1. @Doc Undy I agree. Any sport where an innocent animal is hurt or killed is uncivilized andI think the people involved should be jailed. I always hope for the bulls to gore and stomp the fuck out of the faggoty looking matadors.

    2. @HonkeyKong

      Don’t You Just Love Seeing These Tight Little Jumpsuit Wearing & Jester-Looking-Fagots,, Get Completely Owned By A Poor Terrorized Innocent Bull??? Cause I Know That I Do.

      I Just Wish That Many More Were Killed, Instead Of Just Being A Little Gored-Up. And I Say This Simply Because, These Poor Bulls That No Matter What, Always End-Up Losing In The End, And Suffer Needlessly At The Hands Of This Cock-Sucking Goof.

      And All the While,,, He Thinks He Looks All Tough, And Cool While He Repeatedly Stabs The Poor Thing, Until It Gets Weak, And Is Unable To Continue Standing His Ground, And Defend Itself, Only To Fall To The Ground, While Completely Winded, & Taking His Last Labored Breath, Just Trying To Survive, While Being All Bloodied, and Completely Out Of Breath.

      And Then,,, Only To Be Finished-Off Like An Animal (Pun-Intended 🙁 ) So The Heartless & Evil Little Kids, & Their Retarded Parents, Can Get Their Kicks Out Of Watching A Poor Animal Suffer. ***********THAT,S NO FUCKING SPORT************


    1. I know right? I think if the bull kills or maims the matador it should be allowed to live the rest of it’s days on a farm. Then again I also think any sport that hurts or kills animals should be outlawed and the people involved thrown in jail.

  1. Ahhh-Mannnn,,, It’s Too Bad He Didn’t Kill That Jester-Looking Fagot In Tights.
    I Swear To God That If I Ever Got To Get Close Enough To A Bull Before A Bullfight, and I Had Some Spanish-Fly On Me, that We would all witness one hell of A Cock Beating On One Of Those Animal-Torturing Queer-Boys

  2. Didn’t have to watch the video…good…fuck em! I’m hardly PETA or moral majority but some of the shit we do to animals for our entertainment is fucking bullshit! Love it when the animal wins, even if it’s only for a little while until they get killed for their offense against “humanity.”

    1. I love it when the mothers of the animal abusers get cancer or the children die really young. That’s what makes me laugh so much each day, turning on the news and finding out that people I hate have DIED!

      I hate them. I like it when they die.

  3. Say what you will but it takes a lot of balls to stand in front of a bad molappy like a bull with long horns and extremely pissed the fuck off. I don’t condone the stabbing or killing of the bull though. Just my two fucking cents. Cause that’s about all I got left after partying like a homeless dog last night? lol if I could but most of my organs hurt.

  4. Bull fighting is totally disgusting and needs to be stopped !!!!!! I am glad the bull got him – didn’t get him bad enough though! If you antagonise a wild animal what else do you expect !

  5. I wish that bull would have penetrated the guys dick with the horn effectively cracking it open, blood gushing from throbbing veins, and then proceed to stick both horns right into both eyes with appropriate depth as to not kill the man via brain death but just enough to have friction so both eyeballs are torn right out when the bull retreats, and then I hope some alien civilization teleports the mans entire family right into that bull arena and walls it off so no one can interfere as the shocked crowd sees his wife, children, grandparents, (dead grandparents brought back to life), get gored in the most horrible way imaginable whilst the spirits of all the poor bulls that died in this abhorrent sport cheer on their fellow comrade!

  6. just fucking die, you and all the matador of the world. they deserve it. fucking bull-shit men who kill for pleasure.
    that fight is not even fair, as the bull is already exited and tired before the fight start and is anyway doomed whatever happening. because thoses fucktards prefer to get away with a tail and ears of a bull instead of letting it live. just for popularity.

    i wish this shit would not exist anymore… tradition or not, this is just stupid.
    like all thoses peoples who enjoy to sing,dance and drink on the bull death.

    that’s the kind of peoples who deserve a terrorist bomb.
    fucking degenerated retard neanderthals.

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