Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull

47 year old Spanish matador Enrique Ponce was gored by a bull named Declamador during Fallas festival in the city of Valencia. The incident happened on Monday March 18, 2019.

Enrique Ponce suffered injuries to the knee and backside, but none were fatal.

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130 thoughts on “Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce Gored by Bull”

  1. Go to Juarez and attend a “bullfight” there. You gotta pay two dollars extra for the shady side of the stadium and the animals are older than shit, lame, glue candidates. For some reason I wasn’t too enthusiastic watching some jackass stick swords in blind animals. Fucking dickheads!

  2. i hate the cockyness of matadors. they TORTURE bulls to death, knowing that risk of getting injured is very low, because if bull attacks them, they will have 100 people with weapons run to his aid and then feel like they accomplished something. yeah great job, you accomplished showing how much of a pussy you are!
    i’d have respect for matadors if they’d take the bull 1 v 1 in a closed arena with no help rules. fight to the death, if bull gets you, you’re on your own. if you win there, now that’s something i’d respect, but not those bull torturers. they probably bump bull full of drugs before the fight too, so that bull can’t be very aggressive. that’s just sad and pathetic. i enjoy seeing matadors get hurt. even more i’d enjoy seeing them get killed.

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