Spanish Bullfighter Dies in France after Goring

Spanish Bullfighter Dies after Goring

Spanish Bullfighter Dies after Goring

The Spanish bullfighter Iván Fandiño died on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the hospital of Mont-de-Marsan, in the southwest of France, where he had entered after suffering a serious goring during a bullfight in the town of Aire-sur-l’Adour, According to a medical source.

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  1. No video this isn’t worthy of being on best gore. Jees I’m killing best gore cause I’m leaving I guess you were right. I’ve been watching excuse me all of you gore members deserve to know where to watch gore.

  2. meanwhile in france…

    nobody give a damn shit .

    good thing he is dead. that kind of bull-shit shouldn’t exist at all.
    they are still some retards who enjoy watching this…
    that shit should be in the same folder as terrorism as its nothing but public execution that end with some “holaaaa akbar !”.

  3. I don’t get how they call this sport.
    They stab/kill bulls yet if they(the human) get hurt 10 others come in to recuse him… Yet 10 bulls don’t come in to help the other bull. Where is the sport?

    1. Corrida by itself mean (kill the bull)

      that’s the whole sens of this . to kill the bull.
      in extremly rare case the bull is keep alive. but that’s extremly rare and depend of the matador (wich, in case he keep the bull alive, wont receive his glory and price)

      before the corrida start, the bull is placed on the arena and the matador “play” with it by avoiding his attack. this have duration of an hour.
      then, the bull is send back to his “cage”, where he is beaten on his back (to make him less powerful) and hit with stick (to make him more aggresive)
      then, the bull is released on the arena against the first guy (not the matador)… the goal of the first guy is to attack the bull and stab it with the little “harpoon” with colored stuff on the bull back. to make him bleed and being more faster tired.
      then, the second guy come (the matador), who is the main “hero” of the corrida. he “play” again with the bull by avoiding his attack, this, until the bull get exhausted and sit on the arena tired as fuck.
      at this moment, 2 possible way.
      1 – the matador make the bull attacking him, and avoid the attack while stab/kill the bull with his sword by piercing and pushing the sword between the shoulder of the bull (to reach an important part of the bull anatomy that will kill the bull very very fast, more fast than hitting the heart)
      2 – the matador walk to the tired bull. as the bull is tired and cant move anymore, the matador kill the bull with his sword (similar to first version).

      in both case, its possible that the matador actually “miss” the bull with his sword and dont kill him instantly. in that case, a third guy come up with a small dagger and stab the bull at the point (where the matador was supposed to attack for kill him).

      at the end, the jury ( a bunch of assholes) give their verdict , and depending of it, the matador can left with various pieces of the bull as “rewards”.
      best rewards is :
      N°1- the both ears and the tails
      N°2 – 1 easr and tails
      N°3 – 2 ears
      N°4 – 1 ears
      N°5 – the tail

      its pretty rare that a matador left without any rewards, that would mean he did an extremly shitty performance.

      like i say, i m absolutly NOT fan of this shit, i hate this shit and consider it as free violence and terrorism. But i know the rules of this shit, that help to understand how fucked up this whole concept is.

          1. fine, if you think its trolling… then next time keep your questions for yourself.
            that would avoid someone to answer them politely.

            my bad for wasting my time.

  4. Good, you spandex wearing little French-Fagot,,, glad you dieded. That’s what you get for torturing innocent Animals for retards, and their kids to take enjoyment it.

    Now take enjoyment of seeing a human get tortured, and killed instead 🙂

  5. The spread of Anal Bull Horn insertions from Spain to France is disappointing to say the least. We could understand that “macho” Spanish Men used Bull Horn insertions as a “cover” for anal pleasuring because Gays in Spain like to hide their gayness by parading it as bull fighting or bull running. They are nothing more than very public Gay Sex displays which are posing as “macho” activities.
    Most matadors wear silly trousers to disguise the “dribbleback” from the vast amounts of KY Jelly, Vaseline and industrial-strength lubricants pumped through their ringpieces and up into their chutney lockers. As they get closer and closer to the bull (during the “fight”), the matadors often smell the strong stench of bull cock and begin gritting their sphincters in readiness for some hot bull-horn action.
    This guy obviously used too much (or too little) lubricant or perhaps the bull inserted the horn with little in the way of foreplay and just sank it into his shitter right up to its bovine forehead.

    I always thought the French were better than this. I was mistaken.

    1. You’re my hero. Okay…I really like your post. My uncle Joe was executed by the NAZIS as the French (Frogs) he was trying to help…he was a Night Raider…because the locals turned his platoon in to gain favour with the Germans. Thank you for your post. I’ve never thought they were better than anything, but it’s good to see that you’ve seen the cunts for what they really are.


      BTW: I used to live in Market Harborough for 3 years. I was listening to 2 Kent Radio (don’t laugh too hard about the Essex Girls 😉 ) in Calais waiting for the hovercraft and waited 4 hours for the boat as the Frogs, as usual were on strike. It took the full 4 hours for this station to get the correct answer to the following: “When was the last time the French won a war?” The answer was 1066. ROTFLMFAO!!!! This was in 1998. Besides easy/stupid chicks to fuck, I really don’t have anything else to give Essex credit for. 😉 )

      1. @mnbearpig I wept tears of great pity when I read your confession that you were forced to live in the shithole of Market Harborough in Essex for THREE FUCKING YEARS. You only have one life. You will NEVER get that time back. You must feel epically cheated… but you are obviously a solid guy and don’t let such shit get you down. Stay fucking cool.

        It is a great pity that Oliver Cromwell (what a man for using the power of Gravity) didn’t raze Market Harborough to the ground after he had won at the nearby Battle of Naseby. It is also a greater pity that the flood relief system was built which nowadays repeatedly prevents the town from being washed away by the River Welland. Not only did the shithole of MH escape the pleasant destructive work of Cromwell but interfering busybodies thwarted the completion of God’s will in washing the shithole into the North Sea.

        Q. How do you know when an Essex Girl has had an orgasm?
        A. She drops her Kebab/ Pizza/ French Fries/ Selfie Stick etc. etc.

        A confession… nearly thirty years ago I nearly moved to Stoney Stratford with an English Girlfriend. I moved down from Scotland for 48 hours and returned to Scotland alone, broke but unbroken. Nothing and no-one was worth living in a shithole like that for.

      2. @mnbearpig “When was the last time the French won a war?” The answer was 1066. ROTFLMFAO!!!!

        Sorry! 1066 was a battle (Hastings). Not a war.
        No one country (with very few exceptions) ever “wins a war” my friend. Various battles are won and lost and a peace is eventually hammered out. But wars seldom have a winner. As far as it is possible to determine the USA has won a few battles but never, ever won a war. Even Grenada was just a kind of weekend parade invitation thing. The USA has been thrown out of Afghanistan (the USA’s longest ever war), Syria and Vietnam to name just three. They have never even been able to declare a single victory in any of their proxy wars… because they were never fought to win… they were fought for the Military Industrial Complex within the USA who dont care who wins as long as they get paid for the armaments and Halliburton gets the rebuilding contracts and gets to pillage the assets of the invaded countries.

        I’m afraid the Essex Morons were not literate or intelligent enough to know a jot about History because of course France won the following major battles and decisive victories (just a taster here… as there are many, many more victories by the French Army and Navy). This has tipped the outcome of the many, many gory wars they have fought over the centuriies
        1941 – Battle of Koufra French forces, led by LeClerc, defeat the Italians.
        1922 – Battle of Maysalun French forces destroy the Syrian army.
        1918 – Battle of Amiens – August 8th-11th French, British, Canadian and Australian forces kicked fuck out of Germany.
        1918 – Second Battle of the Marne A French force thrashed an attempted German advance.
        1916 – Battle of Verdun French forces wreck and destroy German push.
        1914 – Battle of Ypres – October 19th-November 22nd French forces are victorious against Germany.
        1914 – First Battle of the Marne – September 5th-10th A French force led by Joseph Joffre and defeat German forces.
        1884 – Battle of Foochow French navy sails half way round the world and destroys the Chinese navy. Velly good.
        The various French Republics under the Napoleons were very successful in defeating Russia, Austria, Spain, Egypt and Turkey.
        The French even sailed over to the USA and helped George Washington to a victory over England at the battles of Chesapeake and Yorktown.

        The 100 years war of France against England was 100 relentless years of one after another of the successful series of merciless thrashings of England in battles too many to mention.
        That is before we start mentioning the French girl (The Maid of Orleans) Joan of Arc who led the French to victory after victory over the English.

        My point is that nowadays it is a major let down for the French to start public displays of gay animal sex, bull-horn insertions, special back-access tight Matador trousers in public, Bull Rimming etc. A once proud nation reduced to such gayness. I weep for the French.

        1. Thanks for clearing that up. I honestly appreciate learning new things. This will teach me to not rely on 2 Kent Radio for anything other than something in English to listen to whilst waiting for 4 fucking hours in Calais because the French cunts (hehehe…that’s repetitive) want to be on strike. [sound of person jumping onto the ground] There. I just jumped off my soap box. 🙂


  6. Speaking as the dumbest member of this site, I’d like to express my delight in seeing this bull get his back on this pathetic little Frog.

    Well done, bull, well done. Now clean the little Frog’s blood off your horns so you don’t get shit from your mates in the paddock for having gay blood on you.

    Moo. GO COWS!!!!!

    (Out of respect that the majority of the world DOESN’T live in the USA, this is a reference to a comedy cartoon called “South Park.” My nickname, “Manbearpig,” is a homage [ hom-ij, om-] to this series.)

  7. Have you seen how they laugh while the cut and stab the spine of the bull after the fight? Traditions are traditions but you would think they would quietly cut the bulls spine and neck after such a battle.
    Seems like theyvwould honor the bull a little more in its death after a fight. Probably why I dont give a shit about this guy dying.

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