Stern Animal Takes No Bull from Little Shits in Brazil

Stern Animal Takes No Bull from Little Shits

In Brazil, an animal is picked on and bullied by 2 little shits in the form of worthless canines.

The stern animal takes no more bullshit from the relentless onslaught of annoyance and teaches the doggies where their rightful place is.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. while that was hilarious because fuck dogs, i feel like the person taping shoulda got those asshole dogs way from that poor bull. number one, you know, cause they’re annoying the fuck out of that bull. and number two, why would you want to see those dogs maybe get badly hurt if you could prevent it by just getting them out of the way of the bull? ps. get a cat. cats are awesome. they wouldn’t be assholes to that bull, they’d probably cuddle with him in the barn. fuck dogs.

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    1. xunseenx…

      For one, everyone is entitled to their own personal pet. I, like others, favor some animals over others.

      However, my main concern is the pet OWNER…

      Your point, regarding the safety of the animal is a valid one. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced way too many times, an animal getting badly hurt or injuring others, simply because it’s owner doesn’t restrain/train the animal properly.

      I’ve pushed for harsher sentences for pet owners, with my elected officials in the past. Stating that an attack (in this case) from a dog, is no different than an attack from it’s owner. I also drew a parallel with an irresponsible pet owner, to a person owning a gun, who has no clue how to operate, nor when to use it.

      It worked to some extent. They freed up funds, to expand the county’s animal housing unit, so they could euthanize more uncared animals over time.

      …but not doing a goddamn thing, to the irresponsible pet owner

      My elected official’s reasoning, is that most animals being rounded up, came from off the street. While surely, this can make society safer from vicious animals, the viciousness originated from the pet’s owner, who simply refused to spayed or neuter their pets.

      If I owned this bull and knew who owned these dogs………………………..

      1. You are a hero; trying to get some decent treatment for animals.
        I don’t think this was a random encounter. I think those POS set the dogs on the bull for entertainment. Sick, primitive shits.

        1. Why sure they did Laura…

          Just like cock fighting, or any other mistreatment of animals. It’s a novelty to these bastards. Much like the novelty of owning a pet.

          Novelties wear off. However, personal responsibility shouldn’t.

          1. @superking


            That supports what I’ve stated all along. Unfortunately, the law(s) fail to address the personal responsibility of people, in relationship to animals. Most people in the world today, don’t have compassion towards one another. But a loving animal, can give great benefits to a mentally/physically shattered person.

            …and we call ourselves the dominant species

            (eyes rolling and hand on dick)

      2. @pickmynose123, if i can sum your reply up to, “most people suck”, i will agree with you. they do. and there are way too many irresponsible pet owners, it’s heartbreaking. animals are innocents and really do deserve better. if there’s one thing i’m hearts over minds about, it’s animals. even though i don’t like dogs, i still don’t ever wish to see them hurt.

        1. I too, have my preference from one animal over another. However, my preference or yours, as you have already stated, doesn’t come into play here.

          What does come into play, is the ability of a pet owner to express their love and affection towards an animal, that will enable the animal to give back the same affection towards it’s owner. If the owner for example acquires a pet because it’s cute, then it’s bound to become a novelty item, as opposed to a relationship that will yield a personal growth between the two.

          People do this with cars. Unfortunately, a car will never enable an individual to become less self centered and more caring towards another human being. Only a human being can make that choice to do so. And a pet in this case, can offer great possibilities.

          …case and point

          I’ve witnessed on several occasions, that the personality of a pet, closely matched the personality of it’s owner. If the pet is warm towards another human being, then usually it’s owner is the same. If the pet is aggressive and out of control, then usually it was acquired as a novelty item, much like a car, smartphone, clothes etc.

          My biggest concern however, is when a pet is acquired when the owner(s) have small children…

          In this day and age where there are more working couples than ever before, it’s imperative that both, have enough time to spend with their pets, as well as their children. Pets obviously, have feelings too. When a pet senses that a couple spends more time with their children and not them, then violence can occur. It’s sad for several reasons. But one, is the fact that children as well as animals, are so goddamn honest. Both, become victims of irresponsibility, that has stemmed from it’s owner(s).

          If there was a law, stating that an owner would be tried and convicted for irresponsibility towards a pet much like their children, then maybe a person would think twice about acquiring a pet to begin with.

          I’ll be honest with you…

          I can watch most gore videos here. But I cannot watch a person committing violence towards an animal. No matter what kind of animal it is. 🙁

          1. i agree with everything you’ve said, and especially the last couple of thoughts! you really did just sum it up well, thank you. i wish more people felt that way.

  2. They took on the bull and that was a big mistake .Both of them should have taken someone their own size . Anyone could have predicted the outcome , the way they were tossed around in air it looked as if they were no more than pieces crafted out of papier mache

    Now the two bullies can howl,bark and whine back to the place , they came from feeling lucky that they were spared and not gored to death.

  3. i don’t give two fucks about some gay ass bull, but those dogs were dumb as a mother fucker. i would have kicked the shit out of all of them and possibly shot them. i would also shoot a cat just for looking at me sideways.

    1. That was funny dude, lol, like how fucking stupid are those hillbilly-inbred Dogs to keep-on going back for more? Retarded Doggies for sure man, but hilarious none the less! 😉

      1. Ah, ha, ha! I Knew that i would get your Attention Seeing that You Were Right Below Me As I Commented, Too Funny Man lol. Hope All is well with You, and Yours my good B G Brother, and Of Course,,, My Favorite Rock & Roll Musical-Encyclopedia-Dude. 😉

  4. I can watch this whole day. To bad that video ends soon. I would love to see what happened next.

    I am not sure what is close to truth(both in the same time?):
    This dogs are incredible brave and crazy or, they are just incredible stupid to continue attacks after they see that opponent is very dangerous for their life?

    1. dogs are just under order of the fucktard you can see in the video.
      the guy react only when one of the dogs is flying. its obviously his dogs.

      also, its not rare to see dogs and pitt and else being ordered to attack cow, bulls and else.
      as i know from a police source, this is mostly done by dogs owners who want to show others peoples that their dogs are brave, strong and powerful.

      its a 50/50, sometime the dogs died, sometime the cow/bull end with severe damage. it happened that the cow/bull died by some dogs that attack the cow on the neck, but its rare.

      dogs by themself will rarely attack such a bull, even if they didnt eat for months, they will prefer attack smaller prey like humans, others dogs or cats/fox etc… even in pack.

      1. If that’s the case(owner of the dogs is near, giving them order to attack), why he doesn’t call them off when seeing that they could be dead and fcked up for life if they continue to fight(read: Get gored by bull)?
        How come that owner feels nothing for his dogs, even when he saw that both of them could die he still watching?

        Perhaps video ends when both, recording guy and owner jumped to remove dogs from bull…

        1. probably because the owner dont give a shit about his dogs.

          it lookl ike at the end, one of the dog is dead or knocked out by landing against the bike.

          honestly, if the guy or any of the guys who laugh in background will be the cow owner, he (they) will not hesitate to get a stick and hit thoses dogs like shit, because a injured bull/cow is not good at all (infections/disease are easy to be get)

          its easy to see that the guy is scared by the bull. he shouldn’t if he was the bull owner as the bull wont attack him.

          record guys (a group ) clearly are just here for the show. wich confirm what i say in the other comment. its just a show from the owner of the dogs to show how strong and fearless his dogs are. (thats retarded but well… thoses guys are retarded anyway)

  5. I fucking hate dogs. I just want to club every single last one of the fuckers in the head. Cats… not so much. At least they keep to themselves most of the time. Dogs on the other hand… Fuck! They rip apart garbage bags, shit everywhere, and bark nonstop!

  6. Usual local footwear on these equal inhabitants of Brazilian lands, as the some of the gentry on here may know the Brazilian pussy shave is the most useful thing to come out of Brazil. .but im not sure they invented that as those girls are best covered up, one way or another.

  7. Goddamn filthy, stupid, worthless yardsharks!

    This video shows just how fucking stupid and obnoxious dogs are.

    Everything in a dogs’ life revolves around its asshole and what comes out of it, and when they run out of their own poop they go out and find some other animal’s poop to roll in and eat.

    Obviously, these dumpsterwolves are on a turd hunt, craving a delectible cow pie to satisfy their ceaseless hunger and lust for feces.

    A dog is like a giant, furry dung beetle missing two legs- but dirtier, with more stink, and less intelligent.

    I was really hoping to see the rotten yardsharks get gored and stomped into pavement pizzas, or at least get to see the remnants of a last meal squished out of a dog’s ass as hundreds of pounds of bovine squashes the mangy mongrel.

    This video is proof of the superior intelligence of cattle over dogs, and furthermore, shows that we humans have been raising the wrong creature of the two for food.

    The countries that eat dogs have it right.

    ‘Chinese chicken no hava wing, but hava four reg instead!’

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