Street Corner Community Separate Dog Biting Dog on Throat in Peru

Street Corner Community Separate Dog Biting Dog on Throat in Brazil

Two dogs in 2016 have a whole street community pitching in to break up, what looks like a lover’s quarrel between the two on a street corner in Peru.

Man’s best friend is not dog’s best friend. Golden hair dog has a wild hair up his ass when he goes full ballistic on a dark haired doggy. I have a feeling this isn’t breed related violence between the feuding friends of man.

Here’s a short list of what the crowd does to break up the dog on dog fight: baton, kicks, pepper spray, water, tasers, tail and leg pulls, stick, purse, helmet.

If this happened in China, both would be turned into Soylent Doggy Chowder before the first bark is barked.

ATTN: Community of Best Gore

To the blind and ignorant members of this site for animal vs animal reality – no dogs were harmed or hurt during the filming of this video. Both are now living separate lives in a purrfect world of peaches and honey flavored kisses.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the well determined dog attacking another dog video:

132 thoughts on “Street Corner Community Separate Dog Biting Dog on Throat in Peru”

      1. Holy shit the more people tried to break it up the more that dog was not letting go!
        They tried beating it with club,mace,tasing balls,bucket of water, kicking head,pulling tail,etc. that fucker wasn’t letting go til death. The fools should of known ONLY wacking it with flip flop releases a Brazilian dogs death grip.
        …fools are lucky dog didn’t attack humans.

    1. Dog fighting in the U.S., oh boy. We have some dog fighting here in Metro Detroit, and most folks – black or white – find this to be absolutely unacceptable.

      A couple of years ago, some fighting dog breeder in The D got caught by the local citizens and was beaten to a pulp with an ear cut off. No arrests.

  1. If in Asia there would have been a feast happening.

    You grab both dogs by the hind legs and walk backwards in circles to remove dogs. Walking in circles stops the dog from biting you and also stops them from reattaching I think they got the picture at the end; the dog was no match for the Brazilian mob lol

    Looked like a pit bull terrier too

  2. in slums with all gangsters, rivalries killing each other head chopping … torturings etc.. seems like people in the cities has a bit more compassion to the animals.. means humanity and civilized.. otherwise carry on head chopping slum rivalry gangsters do what you do best to exterminate yourselves!

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  4. I feel bad for all dogs who live in shit holes and have been mistreated by humans.

    I see a stray dog walking alongside a highway in Texas and it bothers me.
    Some humans are irresponsible pieces of fucking shit and it may be a good idea if they do abort their babies, because stupid motherfuckers breed too much.

          1. @hopingfornemesis That makes sense. In the times of starvation, people kept breeding and perpetuating their own misery.

            A lot like today. “Hey I live in an AIDS infested warzone shit hole. It’s a good thing to procreate because “nature and needs”.

            Fucking idiots.

  5. Fark me, taser, pepper spray, full boots to the head, clubbed.

    There is no doubt in my mind that dog was no ordinary dog, it is a cyborg systems model 101 cybernetic organism, with living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton

          1. LOL, man, been so long since I have seen that movie, that clip made my day, I must download it again, poor ol Arnie cant act for shit but that don’t matter, he fits the part thats all that matters

            Good to meet ya @caRnAGE thanks for the laugh bud 🙂

          2. Same here, bro. You should check out his prank phone calls on youtube. A bunch of channels use his voice on a soundboard to fuck with random victims, shit’s hilarious.

    1. Why is a dog less worth than a child? Humans are the most evil animals on earth.
      It would be good if all the lowlifers and bad people would be put down. There would be less aggressive animals and animal torture. Less child and human torture.

  6. >To the blind and ignorant members of this site for animal vs animal reality

    Nicely said. If you “can’t bear to see animal cruelty”, you’re effectively bury your head in a sand and pretend you live in a different reality.

  7. Did this fucking mutant dog got bit, hit, tased and pepper sprayed and still wanted to keep going? I’m impressed. On the other hand I’d sit on it and choke it dead if it was biting my dog like that. Or pluck it’s eyes out.

  8. Why the FUCK is this on this website ? I thought they didn’t want anything about animals. Wtf. After years and years I’m thinking about deleting my account. Jesus christ I hope you all enjoy things with animals sick fucks

      1. I sent another video in featuring a man being brutally attacked by a dog, but I’m sure she will have no problem with that. I just hope she is a vegan who doesn’t own any leather products, because that would be embarrassing.

        1. True. I have a lot of fish tanks with happy fish. Almost never eat meat or fish or eggs and milk and that things but if I do, it are happy biologic animals and even I dont like that so much. And yeah I’m happy I didn’t see other animal videos. And ofcourse I also dont like it when animals hurt people but I do know that how you treat an animal he will treat you back the same way. Sorry for my English. I created 6 worlds of fish(tanks) who are extremely happy and worked at the animal ambulance. Wish everybody would do something for an animal and each other. Yeah I like the videos on this site so I’m a little crazy too.. but still..

    1. This happens to be one of those rare times when we get to see something positive happen here at Best Gore. The community came together to help save an animal from a savage aggressor. They actually succeeded, and did it without having to kill the violent attacker. And you somehow find this to be negative? That’s a warped perspective if I’ve ever seen one.

    2. This isn’t the first video on here where an animal gets hurt.. just thank fuck that you haven’t seen the Dusty the cat video. Seriously, of all the shit on BG, this is the one you throw a fit over? lol… some fuckin people.

  9. Yes, it’s just absolutely astonishing the Brazilian cop at 1:37 with the Black baton didn’t kill the dog stone dead on the spot with the out and out almighty force he used the baton to stroke it to near death.
    Dog must have thought “wtf – whose tickling me at a time like this!”?
    That cop rightly deserves a medal presentation ceremony for the total disregard of his own safety in putting his life on the line to end the dog battle with such severe use of his baton.

  10. Irishman threatening suicide on top of 70 storey high building.

    Fireman shouting : Paddy, jump into the Blanket.
    Paddy : Get to fuck, I’m not jumping into no blanket.
    Fireman : Just jump into the Blanket Paddy it’s ok we’ve got you.
    Paddy : Not fuckin likely, you English hate the fuckin sight of us Irish, as soon as I jump you’ll move the blanket away. Put the blanket on the ground, then I’ll jump.

  11. Guy running into the house to tell his wife after finding out he’s won 25 million on the lottery.

    Guy : Luv, luv, pack some bags I’ve won the lottery!!
    Wife : The lottery?
    Guy : Yeah yeah pack some bags I’ve won 25 million!
    Wife : Well what should I pack – something light, something waterproof, what?
    Guy : Look luv, just pack some bags and FUCK OFF!

  12. Yorkshireman in South Africa applying for a job.

    White Employer : Yis, we git a lot of trouble over here with the Blicks.
    Yorkshireman : Oh well we don’t get much of that over in Yorkshire. What do I have to do to apply for a job here in South Africa then?
    Employer hands guy a 44 Magnum.

    Yorkshireman : What’s tha giving me this for??
    Employer : Go and shoot 10 Niggers and a Rabbit.
    Yorkshireman : 10 Niggers and a Rabbit? Why do I have to shoot a Rabbit??
    Employer : You’ve got the fuckin job!

  13. That’s the toughest dog I have ever seen! he get kicked, beated, pepper sprayed, electrocuted and he still attacking, no fucks given. Also that’s the pussiest crowd ever! if you are going to hit a dog do it with at least some strenght, those pussy soft hits are not going to make the dog let go the other one, if I was ther I would use all my fury to kick the dog several times in the head with all my strenght, and if he is not done I would break his fucking neck so that motherfucker will be dead in no time

  14. WTF? I mean WTF did that guy beat that dog on his back with? A freaking loaf of bread. I mean he was swinging that like a champ and no freaking damage. That old man was hitting him with a virtual reality stick no doubt!!

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