Surgical Extraction of Eel from Stomach of Woman

Surgical Extraction of Eel from Stomach of Woman

Surgical Extraction of Eel from Stomach of Woman

Seems like this is a different angle of the video we have seen before. That would also mean that the information I got before was incorrect, because this video quite clearly shows the extraction of the eel from the stomach of the patient, and not the ass as previously believed.

That however makes it all the more bizarre – how did the full size, unchewed eel get into a human stomach? Did it indeed chew its way in the through the ass?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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  1. Jesus Christ what’s up with these hardcore fetishes. I wouldn’t be surprised that as soon as our patient here cummed he/she realized he fuked up good and regretted it immediately. Talk about a shocking situation to stomach all at once.

      1. Imagine what it was like at the turn of the last century. Everything was restrictive, even men’s and women’s clothing. Ankles were kept covered, gloves were required in public spaces and everyone wore hats. There were rules for literally everything and really odd laws on the books. Nowadays, everyone lets it all hang right on out there.
        If our ancestors visited now they would think we had all gone utterly insane while being completely immoral. I think its all perspective and attitudes.
        That said, I don’t shove shit up my backdoor because the desire to do so just isn’t there.

    1. Have you ever heard to there s a torture, you put a rat in a bucket, then put the bucket on your head and seal it. And start heating the bucket. And the rat will chew thro the head to wherever thst is cooler, maybe your eyes, maybe your lips into your mouth. Eel is just the same when you stuck it into your ass.

    1. By the cheers of the hospital crew, you can assume that they are really eelated by the prospect of some ass marinated sushi!

      It seems the specific species is : Coloncongridae 😉

  2. The last time I was the DMV some fat black woman told me to take a number and sit down. So, I decided #2 and sat down on the crapper and left a giant shit that looked like that eel. Choked the life outta the crapper and flooded the whole bathroom.
    Pfff. Tell me to take a number…

  3. It is most likely being extracted from the cecum pouch at the top of the large intestine where it morphs into the small intestine. Either that or it is lying along a loop of the large intestine. It is just that we cannot see because the patient is wearing their skin and they are extracting through a relatively small incision. I like to think the eel went in through the anus and was very determined. Remember these fuckers travel from the Sargasso Sea and such places to run up a river near you. They are keen travellers.

    If you look at where the stomach actually is on this illustration.

    I don’t think that the stomach is where the eel is being removed from. The stomach is actually quite high up in the torso just about under the ribs. This is from one of the sludgey tubing bits down below – and there are about 30 feet of such fleshy tubing between the arsehole and the stomach… which although sounds far it is actually a piece of piss compared to the Sargasso journey.
    Though of course, I am sure we BG Eel-Sex Warriors recognise that when it comes down to slimey, anal-eel sex, the Sargasso journey is far less arousing for us all.

    1. @LordWankdust; see my post below. The eel, bored with the rectum and colon, ate it’s way out and was in the peritoneal cavity.

      There appear to be several baby eels in the medical imaging; I guess it was a mummy eel.

    1. @ChrisP.Bacon; trawling the news sites reveal that it’s a man in China who inserted the eeel through his anus in an attempt to cure constipation:

      The eel appears to have eaten it’s way through the guy’s bowel and was free in his peritoneal cavity; see the images.

      The scan images are revealing, it looks as if there are a number of baby eels in there as well.

      It’s like Alien!

      1. @nastypersuasions

        Top stuff! That article explains a lot. Though I’m afraid that the “I was just trying to cure constipation” excuse does not ring true to me. This was anal sexual experimentation. There was this 1980’s Scottish TV pundit who “accidentally” sat on a large, long lubricated Parsnip which shouldered its way past his sphincter and had to be extracted by a medical team. My friend was a nurse on that team. It was no accident. He didn’t trip and fall on it bum first. There was no constipation here either. It was anal eel-ism. Looking for an eel-gasm.

          1. @nastypersuasions

            The Parsnip is perhaps one of the most neglected and undervalued of our vegetables. They are sweetness itself when roasted. I make a spirited Parsnip and Lemon Soup of a winter Sunday.

            I love fish and I am a keen fly fisherman, but I have never eaten an eel. I am no closer to eating one now either.

  4. Was probably inserted in the rectum made it’s way to the stomach before encountering whatever caused its death. She had a full blown tickle pickle all the way from the arse the gullet. Almost at least

  5. Seems a few chinese citizens have inserted eels in their rectums for sexual gratification. one man did the same to relieve his constipation after hearing about the “word on the street” cure. the eel broke through his intestinal wall almost killing him…crazy.

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