Surgical Removal of Eel from Ass

Surgical Removal of Eel from Ass

A Chinese patient put an eel into the butt hole to get sexual gratification. To what extent it worked, I have no idea, but the eel must have felt it was quite cozy up the anus and made its new home there. The patient needed surgical intervention to remove the fish.

I wonder what kind of sexual pleasure the patient would feel if the eel electrocuted the sexual organs from the inside.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Surgical Removal of Eel from Ass”

      1. The Chinese are smart to block those crazy sites.
        This butt/ass promotion as a sex organ is nothing but an LGBTQ agenda, spread by “straight people” who find stupid things to be amusing / entertaining / whatever.

        The real intention is to get humans used to the idea that sex can be enjoyed by 2 humans of the same gender with similar organs. Same agenda with BJ, TK, etc. Hets are unfortunately so stupid nowadays they can’t think beyond what they’ve been exposed to. If you think of an ass/anus as anything sexual OR more than a tool to send our feces / excretes, then you’re nothing but a dunce NWO tool.

        I’m sorry for you and your brain-dead generation

          1. @SydFloyd.
            Any mouth used to rim an ass is far filthiest than the ass. Butt I know what you’re saying. There are turd spores and such lingering about on the cleanest asses.

          1. the q stands for questioning. I’m a superfly hetero male who luvs the pussy but my mother was a lesbian that’s how I know. So I guess we had something in common… She luved the pussy as well.

        1. There’s something deeply wrong with this world, courtesy of western civilisation.
          The lack of commonsense and anti-nature pleasure is appalling beyond understanding, let alone how neatly we lay the path to human destruction.

          Establishment science and education will never tell you what’s wrong with “Anal sex”, “Tongue Kissing” and “Blow Jobs”. It takes raw natural wisdom to figure it out BUT the government will defend society’s stupidity at all costs. However you’re lucky to have me, I’ll help you just this once, Thank me later if you ever get smart enough to realise it

          1. Hey, whats wrong with a Blowjob?
            And for that matter what’s wrong with teething some chicks clit?
            Or fingerbanging.

            What’s unnatural about that?

  1. Damn! How would he get that thing up there in the first place? Eels are placid and not rigid FFS.
    Vincit, not all eels have a charge to them. The Doctors were the ones who got a charge out of it though. I sure did.

    1. Yup…it’s like this one time when I was fucking a girl from behind and she let out a fart accidentally…I lost my erection instantly and I couldn’t get it back. I kept trying to put my flaccid cock into her pussy thinking that any second I’d get hard again but it was a no go. Her fart stank something fierce.

      1. @bb it sounds like you almost literally fucked the shit out of her,lol…. Reminds me of a party I went to as a teenager with my then girlfriend, after drinking too much gin & 5 alive I decided to bend her over a toilet in a bathroom stall(because I’m classy)lol. Long story short, she got sick and started puking which caused her puss to contract fiercely, but it felt sooo good that instead of stopping I couldn’t help but to keep on stroking,lol!

    2. “How would he get that thing up there in the first place?”
      Lube your hole and a reasonably sized dildo. Slowly insert the dildo into your anus. Leave it in for a short while. You may wish to slide it in and out a bit also. Then when you remove the dildo, your hole should stay open somewhat. Introduce the head of the eel into the opening and it’ll soon wriggle inside.

      PS Don’t forget to douche beforehand.

    3. @stephgw64.
      You, I mean, a person should follow the instructions outlined by @sKeleTor. Once your, I mean, a persons asshole is gaping wide open just shove a nice eel snack up in there. Some cheese crackers and a juice box maybe. Idk what eels eat. Anyway, when your eel, I mean the eel is in place, clamp down and enjoy. Rinse and repeat as often as you like, I mean, as much as desired.

  2. Imagine the shock to the cock of his boyfriend when he didn’t mention that he had an eel shoved up there. I ASSume we are talking about a male “patient” here?
    Most women prefer shoving things into their pussy…for obvious reasons.

  3. Imagine the shock to the cock of his boyfriend when he didn’t mention that he had an eel shoved up there. I ASSume we are talking about a male “patient” here?
    Most women prefer shoving things into their pussy…for obvious reasons.

  4. Now this just pisses me off. I would fuck this guy up royally if I ever saw him. Fucking animal cruelty if you ask me which I have a negative percentage of tolerancy for. What a sick fuck. Should fucking kill himself.

    1. Not so fast! (ala Lee Corso) The non-electric version of eels need to defend itself from predators too. It has evolved into its current form and slimyness so it can swim up into the rectum of anything large enough to accommodate its length. This chap is only taking advantage of the eels nature for his own recreational purposes.
      Not unlike @illegalsmiles smoking the farmers crop and laughing at little gay goats for entertainment. Btw illegal, I will be Maine next September. I do hope that you will take me to the goat farm.

  5. laughing my fucking ass off! wow!
    was it still alive what with the funky twitch? so gross but so great. love the dramatic screech of the violin only to be drowned out by the ooohs and raahhs of 15 people!

  6. Like carrot top would put it…………
    First comes an eel……..Then a pony………..Then the 16 wheeler…….Brand New….. And all red.!!!
    May have a problem to seat anywhere….!!!!

  7. I saw this story as it happened in April 2017

    Liu visited the hospital claiming he had a constipation problem. Doctors diagnosed the man with bowel obstruction and recommended that he stay at the hospital. Liu refused and decided to resort to ancient method of treating constipation by putting an eel into his anus to try and clear the blockage.

    49 year old Mr Liu was rushed to hospital as he had stomach ache. The eel was 1.5 feet long.

    Maybe there was more than one cases. Maybe its the “thing” to do in china. I dunno.

  8. Guy gets a fish stuck in his ass. Goes to doctor. Doctor says “Come back with a sandwich and a cherry.” Guy gets sandwich and cherry, runs back to doctor’s office. Doctor tells him “Drop your pants and spread your ass.” Guy does as he’s told: drops pants, spreads ass. Doctor presents sandwich to guys ass: fish peeks out, eats the sandwich, goes back in. Doctor then presents the cherry, fish peeks out, grabs the cherry, goes back inside. Doctor tells guy to go home and come back next day with another sandwich and a cherry. Next day, same deal. Spread ass, give fish a sandwich, then a cherry. The same story goes on for a week. Then the doctor tells the guy “Come back tomorrow with a sandwich and a hammer.” Guy comes back the next day, gives the doctor the sandwich and the hammer, assumes the position and spreads. Doctor presents sandwich to the guy’s ass, fish peeks out, grabs sandwich, goes back in. Doctor waits. Fish comes out, says “Whatsamattah, doctah? No dessoyt today?” Doctor smacks fish on its head with the hammer and pulls it out of the guy’s ass.

    Thank you very much! You’ve been a lovely crowd!

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