Teen Girl Fatally Bitten by Shark in Recife, Brazil

Teen Girl Fatally Bitten by Shark in Recife, Brazil

18 year old Bruni Gobbi suffered double misfortune at Boa Viagem beach in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. As lifeguards approached to pull her from the water because she was drowning, a shark attacked her and bit her in the leg.

Rescuers managed to move her to shore, and then to a hospital, but she died later that day. Based on the season and the conditions, local experts speculate it was a bull shark that attacked the teen.

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    1. These Brasilion assholes dicking around why this poor girl bleeds. Fuck Brasil. It’s a fucking shit pit. I say we kill them all. Perhaps we need to introduce a new disease. Fuck’em. I have access to over 473 diseases. Pick one. One that will wipe out the worthless, but save the…โ€ฆ.

  1. Woooo Hooooo……….. 6 weeks to the day since Mark went to ‘meet’ that fucking detective so here we go mamba jahamba’s.

    I live on a substantial river here and we get massive bull sharks all the time………… 3 years ago was another fatality where the shark bit the dude on the thigh taking out his femoral artery, the ambulance was only 5 minute away but he bled to death.

    Long live Best Gore.

    1. Holy smokies @spidey….im so glad we don’t have sharks up in my neck of the world….I get wigged out by bloodsuckers….lol…couldn’t handle sharks! Of course we have enough humans that fit that role :/
      Try to keep yourself on land ok? Life would ‘bite’ without our spiderman!

      1. Gotta love em hey……….. all you folk should post your own most memorable ones.

        I’m in the process of posting ten of my most memorable and none involve chainsaws ๐Ÿ˜†

        In saying that, I still don’t have the full Lunatic video……. Magnotta that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. I know what you mean and I never really took the time to look at it closely.

          The reason I put it there is just a reminder to everybody what this site is about……..

          I started going through all the stories again and that retard abusing the cat made me hug mine and want to strangle him.

          Kids and animals have always been a no-no for me.

          I don’t give a fuck about the rest.

      1. On another note…… You said ‘oh lord thank you’…….

        That’s a religious undertone if ever I heard it so what are you doing here…….. Yes I know it could just be a ‘figure of speech’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

        If there is indeed a ‘lord’ then he’s joined us here with the ‘devil’ so let’s get cracking and show the REAL world all of it :mrgreen:

    1. @ Brokeback

      Email your direct bank deposit so I can send 50 clams for a FEMALE ” Rub and Tug “………… at your local of course ๐Ÿ˜†

      I did read somewhere that this happens of course.

  2. Finally some pinche gore!!! I have been needing this in my life so bad. Obviously it’s not the same. Mark always has such a poetic(haha) way with words and his viewtake on things is a part of what makes BG special. But I’m glad people are stepping up to hold the fort while we await our Leader!

      1. He’d better be back after the court case on Sept 12 or internet social media is going to go ballistic.

        Go to jewgle and type best gore or mark marek for the numbers.

        If they don’t drop the 100 year old law relating to ‘corrupting morals’ there will be hell to pay.

  3. I’m yet to even click on the picture of the drowning victim turned fish food, but I have read every post & clicked most the links & reminisced.. That’s what makes BG the best news site on the interweb, it’s not the pictures & videos, it’s the community of SOB’s .. Love y’all.. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

      I visit only a handful of consumer forums to find out about stuff I need to fix or learn or whatever…………. BUT, it is only here where I can comfortably
      speak my mind about anything and whatever language I’m in the mood for at the time.

  4. I dunno who “Ate” is, but thank you so much for the new posting.. Speaking of ate, I think the shark was going for her nether region but scared the poor girl into drowning. I’d have crept up from behind like a real land shark. Yumm

    1. ‘Ate’ is the dude/dudette that posted this story………. Have a look at the top of the page when it was first posted and by whom.

      Archaic canadian laws may have temporarily taken away Marks freedom of speech but who do they think they’re kidding ?

      Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  5. I love to venture out about waist deep (which for most people isn’t that far out) in the ocean beach to boogy board. It’s funny because I seem to tell myself that no shark is going to come THAT close to the shore, but truth of the matter is that it’s about luck- It just depends on the day! I actually saw a video clip on right this minute a few days ago where a guy was walking along the shore (at MY beach of all beaches!!) and a baby (still huge though) great white washed ashore. He talked to it and to be funny was telling it that if he threw it back in and saved its life that it had to promise him that it wouldn’t ever bite him later on! Then he picked it up with the next wave and threw it as far as he could- saving its life! Point is, you just never know when a shark is going to run up on ya and even though I’m a west coast California girl born n bred- I’m thinking twice about venturing out in the Pacific next time! I’d rather stay in one piece (for my two piece) than look like swiss cheese!!

    Thanks for the gore btw!! Much [motherfucking] needed! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. @Juicy well I live in the Central Valley *visalia* to be more specific and when I was younger my family and I would always go to this lake that was very famous amongst illegal aliens and beaners .. So every 4 of July a drowning would always happen it always had to be a drunk beaner that would jump inside the lake *intoxicated* of course and trying to prove that swimming to the middle of the lake *deepest part* is a piece of cake, but what these poor bastards didnt know that the center part of the lake was cover with tall thick sea weed and if you got tangled in it you are shit out of luck to me I think these poor bastards got tangled and panic automatically kicked in and they started kicking around which got them more tangled *intoxicated beaner +swimming =death..* I went there 4 times and each time there was a drowning -.- me I’m not a big fan of water not that I’m afraid of swimming or anything it’s that I tend to get creeped out when I’m swimming lets say in a river or lake and when I look down to see my feet it’s pitch black D: that’s when I start panicking because I feel like something might grab my feet and take me under water. I’m from California and I’ve only been to the coast once ๐Ÿ˜€ the people there are really odd they tend to dress like hipster and Hollister kids and stuff o.o

        1. I remember hearing about all the drownings, usually at Milleton Lake or San Joaquin River. Thing is if you don’t know how to swim, leave your happy ass out of the water! Simple as that. I used to live in Fresno so yeahhhh I know what you’re talking about. Now I live in SoCal and since I can’t doggie paddle in the ocean, I just stay out of the water. Poor girl, her leg looked like shredded beef.

    1. @ Juice

      That wall of text is HUGE.

      I like reading all stuff but could you take a breath and put a space between points……..

      Just in case some don’t know where the space bar is on a computer ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. This made me want shark steaks on the grill seared to perfection. Good eats right there. Poor person though. A long time to get over that attack for them. Mother nature’s got some mothers don’t she?

  7. Sorry for my disappearing act, it’s a long story and couldn’t be avoided, but i’m back now and catching up on all that’s been happening. I noticed that this is the fist gore post in about 6 weeks, yippeeeee ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Good to see you again Gunked one.

          The FORUM link is on top of the page…….. Oh, I know what it is, your eyes were a tad gunked up this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I wasn’t used to seeing that new link at first either.

          I’m not interested in it and will stick right here and wait for court case on the 12th.

      1. Hi to all you folks, old and new ๐Ÿ™‚ Spiderman you must be a mind reader, that’s exactly the reason I was off for a load of time, my eyes!!!! Now can you predict a good future for me please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I would like to apologize for last nights boozy ramblings by my triplet brother, he really shouldn’t grog on while toking on that bong……… I will have a word to him after I’m done here.

    I ate my twin brother last year because he was pissing me off to the max.

  9. I always hear how rare shark attacks are. That you have more of a chance of blah blah blah happening to you than being bitten by a shark, but fuck that. I don’t care. I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life, and every time I have gone swimming at the beach, I think about it happening to me. That one time you get in the water could be one of those rare times, and the beach just isn’t worth it. It’s just a bunch of dirty water with stupid tourists splashing around in it. I’ll stick to swimming pools, and leave the tourists to replacing tuna as chicken of the sea.

    1. I had no idea Florida had a water quality issue and Bull Sharks don’t mind dirty water either. Tiger sharks prefer cleaner water.

      I just remembered another story here in my town on the north east coast of Australia……….. There are large horse racing stables here in town and they are swum in a small tidal lake a few kilometers from the ocean up some dirty – shallow – narrow creeks.

      Anyhooo……… A Bull Shark has found it’s way up there and took a chunk out of a horses upper leg, WTF.

      They are nasty fuckers for sure and definitely to blame for most shark attacks but hey, you swim in their domain and your just another meal.

      1. Any water that is frequented by large groups of human beings is dirty to me. There was also that BP oil spill that affected our beaches here on the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010. Who the fuck knows what’s in our ocean water these days…? ๐Ÿ˜

          1. All of the public pools around here are frequented by niggers. You’ll come out feeling suspiciously greasy if you swim in them. Private pools are the way to go. I don’t go swimming that often, anyway.

        1. Good point on the human thing which is why you won’t catch me in a piss hole they call a public pool ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I forgot about the oil spill, how fucked was/is that still, not to mention all those poor animals ๐Ÿ™

          Greed for oil etc will be our demise.

  10. @ ATE………… Could you give us an idea where you got the photo and subsequent story and when did it happen ?

    I also notice it doesn’t have the official ‘Hosted @ BestGore.com’ watermark so what gives ?

    Gobbi :lol:…… fancy going through life with that surname hey BrokeBack ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I think you have two accounts dude, one screen name has a hyphen and the other doesn’t. Do you have split personalities? Are you bipolar? Maybe you have an evil twin looking to destroy you?

    1. That’s it……… Fuck’n beauty, now that’s the BG I miss.

      That’s nasty, see near the end where her foot just wanted to bend over seeing as there’s no muscle and stuff to support it………… That’s a fucked way to die.

      Then there’s that 60 year old who just swum from cuba to somewhere without a shark cage, I guess the boat engines would help to deter those woman eaters, who knows.

      1. @spidey
        yeah did you notice that lady could barely move her mouth when she was trying to talk…craziness…why the bejeebers ppl want to swim across huge bodies of water…especially shark infested…is beyond me

      2. Her team used an electronic field and shark divers to ward off the threat of shark attack. Were it not for her team she would be dead. Also, the guided her with a line in the water that left a trace wake to stay on course without deviation.

    1. Maybe she was but do you really expect people to comment when you talk like that ?

      Go your hardest when commenting but leave those particular thoughts off your keyboard.

      It’s all good……….. Welcome to the jungle ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. What’s the fuckery with the non-posting comments again? The lack of members commenting leads me to believe this is a widespread problem. We spoke more on the last threads about absolutely nothing… Where is @empty? And @broke? @baked? @wicked mama? @nastypersuasions?

    1. Chillax………

      I don’t want to see to many stories at once at the minute because people get left behind.

      There was no new articles so people stop checking for a day or two or 10 but you wait and see what happens ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. exactly @spidey
        they will be back…as far as @broke goes im sure he is busy fapping or pumping….or pumping and fapping…either way im sure he is busy with mr happy but will return as soon as he takes a breather…lolol

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