Thai Crocodile Handler Receives Chomp in Head During Live Show

Thai Crocodile Handler Receives Chomp in Head During Live Show

A large crocodile held in captivity for the entertainment of idiotic tourists has had enough of being dragged by her tail, prodded and poked in the face while all around her stupid kids yell their heads off, and chomped on her handler’s head after he put it between her jaws.

Unfortunately, the handler’s accomplice held the croc’s tail so she was not able to do the crocodile spin. Thus, he got off relatively easy. I wonder if the chomp may have been triggered by the announcer’s yell.

Fuck all these Thais abusing these beautiful animals, and fuck all the tourists who encourage these shows by paying the entrance fee and attending the spectacle. Go put your hiking boots off, grab a camera and hit the wilderness in search of wildlife in their natural habitat instead. The feeling of achievement if you find some, with the experience of exploring the pristine nature will be a reward no show on Earth can match. You will also have your conscience clear knowing you did not support entrapment, caging, and abuse of animals for profit and entertainment of idiots.

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    1. I don’t know why I keep coming here. I don’t have some sick obsession with blood and guts. I think its just something about what you don’t see every day and maybe feeling obligated to empathize with forgotten people? I don’t know….but people who do this with wild animals with certain built in instincts are STUPID. I have owned gators, crocs, snakes, monitors and you don’t DISRESPECT the animal by hitting it with sticks (which were used to test its NATURAL reactions of snapping anything that touches its front) and then expect an it to not bite you.

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  1. I must say when you go to the US southern states it’s a shocker what they do with ‘gators. Every little gas station has baskets full of alligator skulls. The disgusting inhumane ways that are perfectly legal to catch them is mindboggling. I think this croc has it lucky compared to what they do to ‘gators in the US.

    1. It’s horrible. Especially here in Louisiana. Alligator skulls are everywhere. I get alligators in my backyard sometimes because I live near the water. I keep wanting to feed them like Betty White feeds the crocodile her cows in Lake Placid.. except i wanna feed my neighbors to them.

    2. They are game here in the U.S. and they would quickly eat someone or someone’s kid just trying to cool off and they are complete assholes, so I say fuck these gators and they all deserve the close range shotgun blasts to the head that they receive every day 🙂

    1. Agreed, wish that croc death rolled both the little fuckers. Just on a side note, I’m pretty sure (due to the rounded snout) these are alligators, salt water crocs found in Australia are far more aggressive than the Alligators in the US. Alligators are rather docile and can be tale handled (like in this vid), you would never in a million years do this with a saltie, trust me 🙂 Check out these vids, from 5:25 onwards for this one (crocs)

      And about 5:00 in this vid for the salt water crocs

  2. Swum with Dolphins in Varadero, Cuba back in 99, but that was in open water like you used to see on flipper. The agility of the beasts (carrying me along the surface of the water by the soles of my feet with their noses) gave me a whole new respect for all creatures of the sea….and a fear of swimming in open water.

    1. I used to think safari parks were OK, at least the animals have room to roam but, they are still being held in captivity when all is said and done, which is not good.

      ” Hey park ranger, leave them animals alone “

          1. I dunno how can you compare safari’s to BG.. yes this site entertains us, but we never ask for those videos nor pays for someone to do that? Unlike in safaris.. animals are held in captivity,purely for human’s enjoyment..

          2. Thats true, but theyre children,they dont understand that those animals are trapped against their will. I cant imagine how it would feel to be caged with people staring and making ruckus for years. Id rather take my kids fishing or to the park and let them see wild animals on tv. Thats how its supposed to be, they dont belong in those cages. All so we can waste our money and make the zoos richer. I get what youre saying though man but i respectfully disagree.

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  3. this sort of ‘entertainment’ always cheezes me off…the idiots that go to these shows need to be poked much like the gator here but up their ass instead…

    ….this sort of thing always makes me think of ‘The Planet of the Apes’

  4. Seriously…. Do they honestly not expect the croc to chomp down on their asses.. Hello who wouldn’t eat free food? Haha

    I just got back from Florida. I went to Animal Kingdom. I really enjoyed it but I couldn’t help but hurt for those animals. They don’t belong in cages or parks. The animals I saw were so beautiful.

  5. the amount of times that ive seen this happening on different videos and gifs – people putting there heads in a crocodilians open jaws, only to have the jaws chomp down on their heads.

    i feel there is a very simple lesson to be learned here – but for the life of me i cant quite remember what it is…….

  6. I believe Zoological Parks and Preserves have an important role to play in the preservation of some species. A lot of the animals have been born in captivity, so they’ve never lived in the wild. Animals in captivity generally live longer and give everyone the chance to view rare animals that they might never have the chance to see, even if they went to the country they originate from. Some breeding programs are so successful they can reintroduce endangered animals back into the wild. It can instill a love of nature and make people aware of the importance of conservation. As long as the animals have ample room, and proper care, I think they can be a valuable asset in helping some animals avoid extinction.

  7. Next time, come to Australia get on a tourist boat and cruise the mighty Adelaide River (and thousands of others) to see huge Saltwater Crocodiles living as apex predators should, in the wild……..

    No one would dare poke our MFs in the face with a stick……

  8. fuck this, i live in this shithole since i was born but never ever step into the place like that. nobody wants to be fuck with. if i were that croc, for sure i would rib his fucking head off and go chase the other one too.

  9. This Thai guy was thinking with his other head. He probably saw some pretty little Thai lady-boy in the crowd, thought he was a she and decided to impress him/her/it by preforming a stupid human trick.

    Honestly, real animal handlers, the ones who have been doing it for decades, they know enough to realize that there’s certain actions you never commit upon a wild animal. Even if that animal is captive in a zoo and reasonably habituated to its keepers, they’re still considered wild. No real croc handler would ever let any part of their body near the mouth of a crocodile. Nor would they grab the nads of a lion, pester a puma, kick a camel, or irritate any captive creature for the sake of an audience.

    Animals were here for a few billion years before we human monkeys started to build our civilizations, so show wildlife some respect, it just might prevent you from getting mauled to death.

    1. Such as game wardens is Southern Africa trying to release a leopard from an open cage in the bed of their truck, so he reaches through the cabs window with a stick and pokes it in the balls to get it out. Oh, it got out all right. It was out, around the side, and half in/out the drivers side open window shredding the ranger/warden in the blink of an eye. The guy survived but was wrecked to shit. Beautiful. Old video, saw it like 8 years ago.

  10. Serves that thai fucker right, hope the croc scarred the bastard for life. Fuck zoos, fuck thais and fuck people that put their heads in a predators mouth- deserves to have natural selection run its course the dumb fucking thai cunt! Makes me so angry treating an animal like that. Respect it you thai shit stabber!

  11. caution…snapping crocodile.
    This little trick Never gets old, you seen this happen many times before but yet it’s a good way to make some $$$ knowing people will pay to see a show and it’s really a 50/50 chance the croc will bite. So I’m sure people wanna see that I know I’d pay a few bucks to see one chow down on a dumbass who wants to stick his head in its mouth.

  12. Sorry, but I was on the crocodile’s side. And these idiot zoo keepers still don’t get it. You want to enslave a wild animal for entertainment and take it away from its natural habitat and family, you’re lucky he didn’t death roll your ass and rip your head off, considering it can deliver a bite force that weighs as much as a car.

    First thing it did after being taunted and teased after a quick bite to the head is jump into the pool in an effort to get away from these sick humans

  13. at least this croc gets to live.I guess.makes me think of Gustav so sad you eat a few hundred villagers and they murder the most magnificent croc.if they had been smart and didn’t want to live in poverty anymore they wouldn’t kill there national stupid..

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