Thot Gets Slashed by Jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Thot Gets Slashed by Jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Thot Gets Slashed by Jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona

A thot decided she wanted to be the center of attention and jumped over a barrier towards a jaguar cage to take a selfie with it. She got so close to the cage, the jaguar grabbed her and slashed at her while it got the chance, before being distracted by someone else with a water bottle.

This happened at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Litchfield Park, Arizona. The staff reportedly tweeted that nothing was going to be done to the jaguar, as the incident was the woman’s fault for being retarded.

Props to Best Gore member @surgetitan for the video:

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191 thoughts on “Thot Gets Slashed by Jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona”

          1. Hey, not all Americans are sniveling little douche’ bags…. that bitch was dumber than a bag of hammers. The Arizona heat melted the one brain cell she had in her whole head…. Minnesotans don’t have to keep track of remaining brain cells, they’re like a bag of frozen peas rattling in our heads from November to April! Aaand damn proud!

      1. Hahahahaha…. you said it. I laughed out loud! Thank you @Danaconda . Obviously that thot has never given birth. Could you imagine her with a simple episotomy? Sheesh. Gimme a break. Maybe she was faking her cries and by the look of it she was, reminding me of anyone who was just merely tapped on the back bumper and cried whiplash just to sue. Ah, Ah, it hurts, Ah, Ah.
        Someone slap her accross the face and ask her it that hurts stupid twat. I’m surprised she’s not black. Then it would have made a lot more sense.

        1. She should steal something in Brazil and get shot through the hand, because I’m bored of those tough ass Brazilian woman who take a bullet up their palm like a dick up their ass – without emotions.

        2. @stephgw64 – throughout the video I was thinking, this chick already has her intention to sue lodged at the court building. She obviously doesn’t understand the way these things work, in that the zoo, or keepers, or the council, the mayor have (at the moment) not been negligent. When she bums out with all of them she will prolly try to sue govt. Brazil for selling the poor cat to the zoo in the first place. She wouldn’t be American if she didn’t blame everyone except herself…….

          1. After you mentioned it i went back and watched it again. Yes it is more moaning, sounded orgasmic didn’t it and also a bit of bum crack as well. What do you reckon, wanking material? if i turn the volume up the neighbours might think i’ve actually scored. Maybe they’ll stop suspecting me of spying on them through the loft roof

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.The younger generation have been raised to be retards where they all get participation medals and thus noone strives to be right-thinking, correct or clever. So we get morons like her who think jaguars are cuddly overgrown kittens. Please God tell me she is NOT a mother!

    2. This Stupid Bitch jumped the Safety Fence to take a Selfie., Deserved Everything she got, especially when they talked about putting the Jag down. Thank God they didn’t, tgey shouldve put her down.

      1. Yeah. Luckily common sense prevailed. The poor animal was defending it’self from a defective clothed ape. So it used it’s claws, they tend to work. The selfie skank is a lost cause and should be euthanized immediately.

    3. This dumb bitch probably did something stupid to let this happen. Zoos don’t put railings at least 10ft away from the cages for nothing. Also, I just learned what THOT was literally yesterday, and here you are using the word!!!

          1. You took it the wrong way. There were talks about putting the jaguar down, but luckily common sense prevailed. You can’t fault the poor animal from defending it’self from a deranged brain-dead skank.

    4. Just Another Dumb-Ass Stupid Cunt,, Going Full-On Retard, by jumping Over A Jaguar Enclosure, & Shit, and Then High-Pitch Screaming When She Gets What She Deserves. Too Bad It Didn’t rip her fucking head-off.

      Oh actually, i am happy that it did not, cause they would have most-certainly shot and killed the poor thing for protecting it’s tiny piece of real-estate 🙁

  1. Scroll down so that you can hear the video but cannot see the video.
    All I hear is every woman that has ever had the pleasure of a good pooter pounding from Dano.

    1. i’ve got shit on my boots that give me more pain than that.

      ( lol, more seriously, i lost 2 toes , 1 on each foot… and i didnt even feel it…until a dumb friend got the great idea to split water on them. )

  2. What a fucktard, and she totally deserves it. I live just a few miles from this zoo and with I could have been there to see it happen.
    It was reported that after she was released from the hospital, she returned and apologized to the employees at the zoo.

    1. That’s actually pretty decent of her if it’s true. I would half expect her to be suing them for emotional trauma and the cost of the alcohol wipe, paper stitches and band-aid she got in hospital.

    2. I’ve been there a few times, but i usually had more fun going out to Luke AFB
      & park near the fence at the end of the runway to watch the fighter jets take off ✈ then maybe go for a hike to a spring (water tank) in the mountains ⛏

  3. Quit crying dumb bitch, it is people in Brazil right now as we speak, laying in hole ready for execution without a peep, or about to get shot in both hands for stealing without a whisper..

  4. Poor gal missed her medication that day or had a fight with her boyfriend and was looking for some attention and planned this all out. Nevertheless, she climbed and made that effort to trespass the barrier ‘to take a selfie’ with a potentially dangerous ‘wild animal’. Poor jaguar was just protecting her area and wanted to play with the lady and did not actually mean to scratch her with her naturally long claws. She did let the intruder go with just a splash of water didn’t she. Neither the jaguar nor the mentally unfit woman deserves any bad snipe other than what the fuck was wrong with her.

    1. Now that I think about it, I can’t say I blame the dumb lady. I would do a bunch of retarded shit to get near your kitty… and devour it… this must be how that kitty from the zoo felt like.

  5. What a dumb shit. The person that is too stupid and goes over a barrier to take a selfie with a predator she does not get to see another year. The animal is in a caged area for a reason. Stay on your side shit stain

  6. Aww the poor thing. I hope she’s ok and doesn’t suffer any bad repercussions from this. She didn’t mean any harm, she just wanted to have some fun. I’m just sorry she didn’t bother to kill the dumb cunt. Fuck knows I’d do alot worse to a retard for invading my space.

  7. Stick to selfies with fluffy kittens, jaguars are above your league… on another note, surprised nobody mentioned the hot brunette at the end. Girl was the only enjoyable part of the video.

      1. (Scrolled through the comments to fast) Wonder if she knows mouth to dick resuscitation? … who am I kiddin’, of course she does… n’ does it well…

        What’s with the new handle, btw? You gettin’ into that spice Nems?

        1. No brother. Certain people coined new nicknames for me thinking it would upset me. So I just used them. No big deal.

          Oh, by the way I take back “dirty” minds. I just used it for literary effect. I don’t actually think it is dirty -minded for two hetero guys to find a woman attractive. Fuck the haters!….to use a young generation saying. Lol

          1. Oh, lol. Nah man, I was just fuckin’ with you. Stay classic…

            I’ve got a dirty mind n’ I love it, keeps myself entertained. Fuck prudes… oh, and the haters.

  8. whatta fucking moron. the most hilarious part? someone put a ring on it. jesus h, i can’t even imagine having to put up with her shit on a daily basis. i’d probably jump right in with that jaguar. i hope this dumbfuck doesn’t breed.

    1. Not so fast Lucas. The monkey exhibit was her next stop. I heard they just put in scatting cages and a banana cannon.
      She’s gonna be ALL fucked up by the time she leaves.

      1. .. Then onward to the snake house for the Danaconda exhibit and that’s when things get fukn STRANGE, because the Danaconda emerges from a shit smeared gloryhole… God !…. I’m sorry Daño… I’m still gettin over Cheebas passing, how’s your mom…?

    1. Thanks for the article…

      She states that the jag’s paw came through the fence.

      1) Why was she dangerously close to the fence to begin with?
      2) If she was close to the fence and the jag was approaching her, why didn’t she move back?

      A: Because she was distracted.

      …taking a selfie

      She also states, that if she was taking a selfie, she would of been clawed in a different place. Notice the claw marks on her forearm. Pretty much concludes that the jag thought the phone was a gun that she was raising.Animals aren’t stupid.

      People like this surely, need to be removed from this planet 🙁

      1. I think it’s clear that Dre’s mind is mushed from drugs, stasis, age and emotional difficulties.

        He’s inveigled himself with Mark and thus has become untouchable.

        Very sad state of affairs, it’s fucked the site, there’s only about five regular forum posters left.

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