Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig

Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig

Old video but it’s new to me and has not been posted here before so there are undoubtedly others here who have not had an opportunity to see this type of thing.

Decomposition is one of the most fascinating processes in my opinion. Amazing what simple bacteria, no longer confined to mere digestion, will do to an entire physical being. The bacteria in your guts are what control the process of digestion and the creation and passage of feces. Every time you have “gas” it is the same creatures which cause the horrific bloat in our famous Thai Bloaters.

Another things that I find fascinating is the veritable cycle of life, brought full circle by the death of other organisms. The buzzing off flies can be a chorus, a chanting…or the very voice of Death herself.

I dedicate this post to the Muslims of our Gore family.

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  1. Once those gases were released, the process kicked into high gear.

    Illustrates nicely how the various bugs get to work breaking down the remains. One can gain a picture of how forensic anthropologists obtain a chronological understanding of the decomposition process.

    1. @ewestomper,

      It is also incredible that as far back as 5000 years ago decomposition, and biology in general, was understood enough so as to prevent it via mummification.

      Extremely well preserved bodies dating back hundreds, thousands of years are a time capsule of knowledge and it?s all thanks to the learned people of yesteryear and their obsession with death and decomposition, an obsession shared by human beings even today.

      1. @Empty Soul.

        Of course, the Egyptians took preservation of their dead, Royalty especially, very seriously. And what a treasure trove they left for those scientists who first stumbled upon their crypts.

  2. Old MacDonald had a farm, e, i, e, i, oh!
    And on that farm he had a bloated carcass experiment, e, i, e, i, oh!
    With some tick tocks here.
    And some time lapse there.
    Here a pig. There a pig. Everywhere some pig, pig.
    Old MacDonald has some fines, e, i, e, i, oh!

  3. This was the most fascinating and disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

    Those maggots come in, make themselves at home, start multiplying like crazy and then destroy everything in site…then onto the next one. Reminds me of a few particular races of humans.

  4. One day that will be each and everyone of us. Our carcasses consumed by little critters and creepy crawlies we dominated while still alive. It is our unavoidable and inevitable fate, especially you fuckers.

  5. Hey folks! I don’t know if anyone remembers me here. Been away for awhile. I’ve seen this video and others like it. My college biology teacher explained the decomposition process very well. How it breaks breaks down into sugars and such. Me? I will not go through this process. I am going to be cremated then have my ashes mixed into potting soil and have an tree planted in it. I figure I’ve taken enough space on this planet. Might as well give back and let the tree use what nutrients is left of me to start it’s growth…

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  8. It is truly amazing to see nature take its course. Although the smell would be absolutely horrid it’s still a really facenating thing to watch on a time lapse. Being from the southern U.S. and growing up on a farm I’ve seen a lot of this in pigs. That being said I’m not an ignorant racist “redneck” or “hillbilly” because I live in western Kentucky. I’ve never been a fan of pork, even before I grew up and read somewhere that some cannibal tribes relate human flesh to the taste of pig. I was raised to hunt and live off the land with the mindset of you eat what you kill. Now with all that being said this video reminds me of a dead hog I found on my uncles farm when I was young. Being young and curious I was poking the dead hog with a stick just to have an old opossum crawl out of its ass. So the only animals that I will kill and not eat are “possoms”. I just cannot bring myself to eat anything that I’ve seen crawl out of a dead hogs ass. I was waiting for it to happen in this video.

    1. Lol, my dog farted while I was watching this, but I didn’t know he was laying down behind my chair and I was thinking, wow, this post is making me hallucinate smells! Nope, just dog fart.

      A fart is just a turd honking for the right of way.

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