Trigger Happy Cop Tries to Commit Puppycide, Shoots Himself in Leg Instead

Trigger Happy Cop Tries to Commit Puppycide, Shoots Himself in Leg Instead

Cops have proven themselves to be mentally unstable and professionally incompetent. It should be fundamentally illegal for them to carry firearms.

On April 16, 2014, in Riverside County, California, a trigger happy Sheriff’s deputy attempted to commit puppycide, but failed at handling his weapon and shot himself in the leg instead.

The report about the incident talked about a large dog who approached the deputy in an aggressive manner, and fearing for his life, the deputy discharged his service weapon. You would think the aggressive, large dog would have, I don’t know, attacked the deputy after he incapacitated himself?

A large dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner. The deputy, attempting to defend himself, pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg.

Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the head!

KNBC film crews arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting and filmed the video of the so called large, aggressive dog, who turned out to be a pit bull puppy named “Precious” calmly playing around, while not exhibiting any signs of aggression towards the news crew, or children.

BTW, it really doesn’t surprise me the cop feared for his life because a puppy behind a fence was barking. These days even toddlers make them fear for their lives.

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84 thoughts on “Trigger Happy Cop Tries to Commit Puppycide, Shoots Himself in Leg Instead”

    1. A pig met a dog down on the farm….
      The pig was afraid..pulled out his sidearm
      The dog said “hello..what`s your name?” Pig pulled the trigger..cried out in pain.

      There`s a moral there I`m sure…. But I`ll be dashed if I can see it..
      Oh ..yeah…pigs smell of manure..
      And their souls are filled with shit.

    2. Hell what a stupid Fucker!!
      He didnt even aimed he just unholstered his gun and shit himself what a fucktard even too shoot an Dog just barking because someone enters his area… hell stupid cops. sry im drunk like always.

    3. That cop is an idiot. That dog wasnt even barking at news people. That dog was loveable and safe around the owners children. That dogs owner is nicer than I am because I would be laughing my ass off for shooting himself.

  1. Mr Rodriguez was very philosophical about the incident. Have to say I would have been spitting feathers if a dumb cop had tried to shoot my dog, especially in front of children.
    Pity he didn’t knee cap himself, the bottle boy prick.

    1. Agreed Mr.
      Rodriguez is probably the nicest guy on the block…but he probably also fears retribution…that is what gangs/police do when you cross them. If he said what many of us probably feel that would probably trigger perpetual harassment and lead to worse things for him. Sad when pricks have you so cowed and fearful your afraid to speak out.

        1. It’s just beyond belief that a cop would approach a house and try to shoot a barking dog, (that you will find is actually encouraged by Police as a form of burglar prevention) on the other side of the fence??? Fuck me, i don’t think i have heard of anything so enraging and I just can at find the words to express myself at the moment…………

  2. Hope you recover to walk with a serious limp there Deputy Dawg.
    No crime no foul but damn near one beloved family pet dead and medical and disability benefits paid courtesy of the oppressed…I mean tax payer.

        1. @rayf, I loved Deputy Dawg cartoons when I was little!! The cop looked like he will be okay minus years of jokes at the precinct where other cops will tease and mock him for shooting himself. @WickedMama I laughed so hard imagining that Pit Bull laugh at that cop like Mutley!!! Hahahaha!! I have to say, in this story I’m rooting for the dog!! @ewestomper, Mutley’s laugh makes me instantly start laughing!! Great childhood memories!!

    1. Good Lord these last few comments had me rolling! Got a call about a German Shepard being aggressive. Arrive on scene and sure as hell he comes running at me. Deputy with me was drawing and I pulled my pepper spay. One good shot when he go close enough was all it took. Owner kept his daughter’s “baby” and I went home with a clear conscience. I honestly can’t see a reason to ever shoot a dog, unless it’s rabid of course.

  3. The cop no doubt experienced an involuntary spasm in his leg, causing the limb to stop functioning temporary. This incensed the cop who accused the limb of refusing to cooperate with an officer of the law.

    Upon three more unanswered requests by the officer to the limb to cooperate and obey orders the cop had no other option but to take secondary measures and threaten to shoot the limb if it did not comply.

    The limb then suddenly moved again which caused the cop to fear for his life and discharge his weapon.

    My conclusion, the cop acted lawfully and should be reinstated as soon as his paid suspension has ended.

  4. It’s a long rode back from an injury to the leg, better do the humane thing and put him down. Feed him his favorite doggy treats and let him have one last go at his own balls first of course.

  5. I’ve seen something similar with my own eyes, with my own toy chihuahua who was in a baby pouch attached to me. It insults me when incompetent cops are hired to protect us and they can me afraid of a toy chihuahua.

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