Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House

Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House

On June 1 in the community of Malvinas, in Argentina, a thief entered a house and was attacked by two pit bulls.

The thief told time after he entered the house during the night, but he did not notice the presence of the two ferocious dogs, after advancing a few steps the animals threw themselves against him, causing several wounds.

Neighbors of the house alerted the authorities to the terrifying cries of the man attacked by the dogs. When emergency services arrived, they found the man completely bloodied, with injuries to his face, head, arms and legs.

Already in a hospital, doctors had to amputate a leg because the injuries were very strong. The punishment for this subject did not stop there, because the authorities accuse him of theft. Meanwhile, where the controversy lies, is that the owner of the dogs was also accused of the attack.

Many people have justified the current animals because, they say, their goal was to protect the house from intruders. Others, however, ask that the owner also pay the damages caused to the man. Neighbors in the area assured the local media that the animals are not aggressive, they even say that they are very dear to the children of the colony.”

A couple of pitbulls ate one leg and the right ear of a burglar,who broke into a house at 3 am.the barking and the desperate screams of the man put the neighbors on alert and called 911,by the time the police arrived the burglar was almost naked,the pitbulls had ripped all of his clothes,and had bites all over his body,head,arms and specially the left leg,according to neighbors the dogs are friendly with them,and also with the kids that go to school nearby.

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    1. Zero sympathy for the theiving cunt , i once caught a little rat in my shed trying to steal my daughters bike , i booted him all over the garden , then dared him to call the police , he never
      We work hard to buy nice things then some shitbag thinks they can just take it ? No chance

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        1. I’ve thought that dreams could be a great forum topic. Everybody dreams, and I’m always curious if others dream about what they see here on best gore. Last night I dreamed about a friend who died a few years ago, it was creepy because I knew in the dream he had died and I was freaked out by that…he kept asking me to go for a ride with him on his motorcycle. Guess how he died (in real life) I was having no part in that, and he was upset with me because I wouldn’t get on the bike. I knew I would die if I did…creepy. I have good dreams too, I hate waking up from them.

      1. The thief really should sue the home owner, but we all know he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.
        You’re right though Pigs, he’s turned his life around and will now work at the wheelchair testing facility for legless frogs in Paris.

          1. I hear he’s nee deep in work. He’s also found true love at last and is so hoppy.
            However, he had some bad luck when double parked…his car got toad away.

          1. Haha… The dogs Shaw Shanked his leg… only because he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Next time he should walk into the yard backwards so they think he’s leaving.

  1. In my country they would jail the home owner, euthanize the dogs and give the thief a victim payout of hundreds of thousands courtesy of the taxpayer. Then again the government and state sector of my country also allows Pakistani paedophile grooming gangs to prey on white children and arrests people for thought crimes daily.

    Anyway. I hope Argentina is better than my shit hole and tells this thief to go fuck himself slowly with a chainsaw.

    I would say give those dogs a bone but by the looks of it they’ve already had one each. Good doggies. All they have to do now is lick their own assholes to get rid of the taste.

  2. Happy ending indeed..

    Perhaps the apologists for the thief, are unaware that any thief had the potential to carry a gun, rape and/or kill any homeowner, along with his wife and children. Objects can be replaced. Lives cannot.

    I’m with the homeowner on this one…

    “Chew first, and ask questions later.”

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        1. Love that song! I heard it last week in the shitter at a local Italian restaurant. Very relaxing when you’re getting rid of that 3rd helping of Testaroli.

  3. That’s y I keep a stainless steel switch knife on me. Those dogs would have bitten the shit out of me but I would of eventually killed both of em.

    Anyway, dude got a good dose of immediate karma for the home invasion tho 🙁

  4. The thief was lucky that they neighbor heard his screams. One dog could have went for his neck when he went down after the leg clamp. I have no pity whatsoever for the thief, it was his choice to break in now knowing that he could have been shot dead or worse, two pit bulls. The dogs were just doing what they do – protecting the house of its master(s). Hoping the photos were spread far and wide, thus making a thief think rationally about the crime and the punishment.

  5. This moron got what he deserved. You commit a crime then prepare to pay the price. The owner of the dogs was the victim while the dogs were heroes. Seriously, fuck this guy. I hope he gets worse.

  6. I don’t condone the thief or the dogs in this case but a very simple box cutter would of taken care of these two dogs very nicely 🙂 , ok ok – now I’m going to get attacked by the pit bull loving trolls trying to convince me the two pit bulls could still fuck me up LOL, probably could but at least I wouldn’t lose a leg over it…… one good/solid run down the dogs spine with a sharp blade would pretty much take it out of the show. I assure you

  7. I saw this on the news. They wanted the homeowner to pay for the damage her dogs did and they wanted to euthanize her dogs. And get this take her to prison. But people started protesting and they dropped all the charges, that rearly happens here in Argentina, most of the time the ones that get away are the crooks and the good people get sentenced to jail time

    1. Thanks for the update. Relieved to hear that (what’s left of) that thief didn’t get coddled and the dogs weren’t put down. In the USA the thief could have sued the dog owner and might have won a nice $ettlement and the dogs would be killed for doing the duty they were trained to perform.

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