Upper Lip Bitten by Pet Dog

Dog Gnawed on Soft Tissue of Lip

Upper Lip Bitten by Pet Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @aarronpalfrey, who got bitten on the upper lip by a pet dog:

I was around my friend’s flat when I was messing around with my dog Kingston who is a Staffordshire bull terrier X Jack Russell – getting down on his level, making funny noises to see his reactions while I was waiting for my mates to get back.

Little did I know I was in for the suprise of a lifetime that to some people would be enough to put them off for life owning such animal & it would change their lives in an instant. Not me.

So yeah, I’m making different noises, when I get to making a sound I can only describe as the sound a hoover would make. It sounded like woooooo & so forth (we all know dogs hate hoovers). I should know I’ve seen enough family guy to know Brian’s the same, lol.

You get the picture. Well anyway, safe to say the first time I made the noise he reacted straight away, teeth bearing, grinning at me, drooling while growling. I’m like “seshh“.

That’s got him mad but me being me, I didn’t learn and did it again to see if he’d react again & low & behold snap. In an instant I knew something was up. Not with me, but Kingston.

It wasn’t until I got up after having a whole cigarette & a few bowls I felt a searing pain! I thought oh I’ll go look in to the mirror to check I was alright…… Nope, my dog had bit my face off nearly & my left hand top of my lip was torn open wide. He had ripped it clean open in one easy bite like it was butter.

TBH dogs are still wild in their instincts by nature. Even if we think we’ve domesticated dogs fully, we haven’t. Saying that tho he hadn’t been neutered so he probably had so much pent up frustration & testosterone, which probably made the situation go the way it did & that I should have known better.

Saying that it all happened so quick, I mean as quickly as a staple gun firing in to drywall like LITERALLY near enough instantly tbf. I was fucking lucky as it could have been a whole lot worse – he could have bitten my nose off!

Anyhow, I went to the A+E that night with my mate to be told to go home after waiting like 6 hours for the staff only to say “oh sorry the lip surgeon has gone home for the night”.

I was absolutely fuming. 6 hours in line to be told that! What a load of bullshit I said to myself, so I went back home with a bandage to my lip until the next working day, when finally I was patched up with 6 stitches, 3 butterfly, 3 actual stitches, and I tell you now even though I had local anesthetic injected in to my top lip, the fucking pain was even more than the actual bite itself.


Thanks a lot for the pics and the backstory, @aarronpalfrey. 2020 has been a pet dog attack year. Aside from the COVID-19 plandemic, of course:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Well,, I would suggest “staffy owners” are trying to associate themselves with a creature they can tame that has qualities they would like to have in a day long ago

          Kinda like a kid that was bullied and never got over it

          Unfortunately they dont understand the legal ramifications of such

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        1. Dobermans when properly trained are lovely animals. Pity not many persons have the time or foresight to do so

          Never let them think they are part of your inner circle though, when the time is up, they will let you know, and hey lips or face will be on BG

    2. This guy doesn’t realize it’s the breed of dog that caused this…. and no, MOST DOGS DON’T DO THIS SHIT TO A HUMAN…
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      1. @Snafu Man
        Yes you are right brother. And i say this cause when my cat was much younger like 3 months-old, and being the street cat that he was, that i found under my office on my construction site, he would lie on his back all cute, and all, wanting me to rub his belly. Then when i would start rubbing-it he would purr and loudly, and all seamed fine.

        But that’s until all of a sudden, and with absolutely no warning whatsoever,,, his ears would just go back into his head, and then outta nowhere,,, “”BOOM”” The Fucker would grab me, and grasp my Arm while sinking all his claws from his 4 legs into me. And he would start to meow like a cat that’s about to fight.

        When i said NO, And tried to remove his claws from under my bleeding skin, his tail would start swing wildly, as he then also sunk his teeth into me. Fuck,,, that’s when i stood-up, and slapped him across the face and fucking hard hoping he’d let go. Only then did he finally let go, and run away to hide under the bed.

        This is why my Cats name is,,, **FUCKER.** He does not do shit like that anymore, since i gave him That Bell-Ringer of a slap across the face, lol. So he learned his lesson & Quickly. 🙂

        1. Sounds like you knocked something into place. I had a cat that hated any sort of electric motor. He would swat whatever it was across the room and or break it. The worst was when he went under a car that was leaking transmission fluid and I had to bathe him to keep him from licking it. I swear it was like an exorcism. I have permanent scars from where he dug into me.

          1. @SnafuMan
            Oh dude,,, sorry bro,,, but that is/was really fucking funny man, lol.

            Fuck we’re lucky that your Radiator was not the the thing that was leaking instead . And i say this even though (i’m sure you already know) that they love the sweet taste of it, and that it’s a very toxic poison.

            So the poor kitty,,, he would probably/most likely have died from it he ingested-it. 🙁 Thank God for the leaky tranny. And brother,,, why is it that we still love them so much when they (at times) can be such cunts, lol???

            My Cat is now 10 years-Old, is yours still alive/around today?? 🙂

      1. @SnafuMan
        That’s too bad brother, but at least he lived his life, and died peacefully at home, instead of being sick with some form, or another of cancer. And i say this cause that would have made him suffer until you would of had to make one of the hardest decisions in your life, and that would of been to have had to make the decision to put him down. 🙁

        So be thankful (as i’m sure you truly are) to have had such a good friend, that i’m sure you’s had , & shared many good laughs together. And just like the one that you described/mentioned above, lol, as these memories will last forever, and t’ill you’s meet again one day. 🙂

          1. My own title series. “How to train a killer who is NOT human.” Where irresponsible fuck-ups can train an animal to do the killing for them. …Well…even those people have gone to prison for not securing their dog and letting it maul on a child.

  1. It’s not as much about dogs being wild or having instincts as it is about training. If you didn’t hit the dog hard enough to scare it or inflict some pain then you will probably get bitten again at some point. Dogs have to know boundaries and they don’t know if you don’t enforce it.

  2. If you knew it already in the first place how a canine may over react with aggression to his being messed up with ; it’s kinda ridiculous for ya to have acted so naive not to know that even though they are reared up to be domesticated but each of them is a wolf ‘s descendant in itself…………of their being ” dangerous” if ya will,to say the least .

    Forever hardwired to be wild within and belonging to the same family of Canidae.
    I hope after the incident your love for him hasn’t taken a nose dive and your folks aren’t living in fear of him .
    Pardon and Pat him for me Mister@aarronpalfrey

  3. Anyhow, I went to the A+E that night with my mate to be told to go home after waiting like 6 hours for the staff only to say “oh sorry the lip surgeon has gone home for the night”.

    – that sure is the worst

  4. Sorry to break it to you, but your dog is a fucking retard. Which is not surprising, considering it is of the rat-terrier variety. Usually the smaller, more inbred, an animal is, the further away from a wolf genetically and more retarded it becomes. I have two dogs, a full breed American putbull and a rotty. They are BIG strong dogs that would bite your HEAD OFF not your lip. I can walk up to them and make WHATEVER NOISE I WANT. AIRPLANE, VACUUM, FUCKING HELICOPER, FUCKING FLYING SAUCER, i can jump up and down and do anything i want infront of these dogs and theyre not gonna bite me because theyre not retarded

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