Wild Boar Attacks and Kills Elderly Man and Injures His Daughter in Law in China

Wild Boar Attacks and Kills Elderly Man and Injures His Daughter in Law in China

A tragic incident involving a wild boar was caught on CCTV in Ziyang County, Shaanxi province in Central China. It occurred on January 31, 2018.

The 100kg boar, that allegedly descended from the mountains, attacked a 66 year old man named Zhang, who went to his backyard to get coal for a stove. The boar knocked the elderly man down and kept attacking him until there was no saving him.

A relative of sorts tried to ward the boar off with a shovel, but that had negligible effect. The victim’s daughter in law tried to use her cell phone to call the police, but ended up beign attacked by the beast as well. She reportedly survived, but was seriously injured.

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150 thoughts on “Wild Boar Attacks and Kills Elderly Man and Injures His Daughter in Law in China”

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        1. Nice, I had to play Cat Scratch Fever to it though, lol. But yeah, without any backup that boar would be pretty fucked. Even then, it would still be in serious trouble, depending on the surroundings.

    1. Yea, i am totally shocked that none of the people involved own a least one rifle in their homes, cause that would be a nice change change fro rice, no?? Even a large knife and running behind him, delivering one Quick/Strong neck slice would do it. All those 2 shovels were only good for digging their own graves with, me thinks!

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