Woman Bit in Double Chin by Pit Bull

Interesting Streak of Fat Drool

Woman Bit in Double Chin by Pit Bull

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @kaakemix, whose friend got bit in the face by a pit bull and this was the result.

As double chin reduction treatment, pit bulls may not be the best option. The general directive is there, but the effect is not thorough.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @kaakemix. Hope your friend recovers well from the injuries. 2020 is shaping up to be the year of the face munching doggo:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “Woman Bit in Double Chin by Pit Bull”

      1. It was a joke: they are Jews killing Islamic Christians and I really don’t feel anything for both parties, so keep killing yourself and making these Hollowood-worthy videos so that we can entertain the members of Best Gore.

          1. @hamburgerbob I don’t blame them they are Powerful strong and beautiful dogs who the fuck wants some lame ass poodle or Labrador? Where I’m from you want the baddest shit out there guns trucks and pit bulls bitch grow a pair.

          2. I saw tough-guy’s comment when I got up this morning, lol…then I read the rest of his comments. It made my coffee time delicious! What a boingo ringmeat! I love these guys, they keep it interesting. I died on “Napoleon bitch”.

        1. I own one also a yellow lab, few Mexican barking machines, three cows, dozen goats two chameleons, few fish in the pond with some turtles . I agree he is dumb as they come but I don’t need to worry about mountain lions going after the livestock. I may not be a millionaire but at least I am not a nigger.

          1. This is what I am talking about. You have an actual purpose for the dog and you live in a rural area. He’s not ur cuddly boy with ur yard apes every night while you watch the tv.
            (I’m assuming you’re an intelligent person and don’t actually watch network tv these days)

        2. Yeah right? This one is probably the owner of the dog to. She’s the one that is always standing up for the pit bull saying “they’re only mean if trained that way”. Disregard all of the news articles of kids being randomly bitten by them at the park or the videos we see on best gore of people getting ripped to shreds by them.

        3. @coffindodger stop being a pussy for once the Pitbull breed is the best fucking breed to have but not just any pussy like yourself can own one u need to have balls to control a dog like that which u totally lack get yourself a poodle leave the Big boys to us men. Guns & Pitbull all day bitch boy

  1. This is why I refuse to own/be around dogs. Imagine what they would do to a little 85 lb woman 😮

    Atleast her make up is still on, thank goodness for waterproof make up.
    She looks too calm.

    1. Shit, I’m more than twice your weight and I had a rotty follow me most of the way home about 15 or so years ago when I was walking across town. The fucker kept stalking me. And it was the middle of the summer, I was wearing shorts, so I didn’t want my legs shredded. Finally I turned around on the bastard and drew a gun I was carrying in my pocket, a .357. It was weird because it kinda just walked away, like it either knew what the gun was or just realized I wasn’t fucking around anymore. I did have a knife on me too if things had to go paw ( or teeth) to hand.

      1. That’s insane, maybe he liked your scent, would he growl at all?
        People need to stop breeding Rottweilers and pitbulls, I tolerate German Shepard’s because they’re really Loyal to their owners. My brothers German Shepard wouldn’t let any guys come near me or my sister it was awesome. The whole neighborhood was scared of him.
        Even I didn’t really go to him much.

  2. Most people didn’t start buying pit bulls until they started appearing in rap videos. Stop with the home defense crap. 99.9% of people don’t train them for shit, and a home invader would shoot them immediately anyway. You need home defense? Buy a gun. You want companionship, get a friendly mixed breed from a rescue shelter. You’re not cool because you have a dog you saw on thuh teevee.

      1. Just shoot the dog, it’s always good to carry a gun with you. A pit tried to attack my baby husky, it’s head exploded. The only type of dog that should be killed are pits. Also shot my neighbor he got mad, because I shot his dog said “I did not have to shoot it”, then drew a shitty pistol.

  3. Who let the dogs out who who who? Lol I hate double chin ppl especially her because most of them here in Los Angeles are fat and ugly too much tacos, burritos, y tamales after going clubbing they can’t even dance some lady fell and broke a plastic chair also the gang members are becoming homeless bunch of losers only in LA all double chin ppl stop eating so much fat if not y’all end up like her fool!!!
    @[email protected]

      1. To live and die in LA–
        see a messkin? kill a messkin. Why is a messkin in my country? He should be in his country, kicking the shit out of gringos and making them go back north. its called TRIBALISM.

        thanks for your tacos. but you and your family must go. either on your own or marched to the border at gunpoint.

  4. I hate dogs. All dogs. Especially dangerous dogs.

    I keep a shotgun and I will kill any unleashed dog on sight. If the owner runs up to see Rex shrieking for help and in its death throes? I will pistol whip you just like in Goodfellas. If you have a vicious dog, I will kick out your wisdom teeth for letting it out in public.

    Wisdom teeth,. or your last remaining molars. The kicks don’t stop until you cough ’em up

      1. i just use poison. dogs are incredibly greedy and stupid. In fact its perfectly legal for one to lay out rat poison in his/her front yard, even mixed with alpo.

        Why? Because rat poison is only for RATS. and rats are a nuisance and Society agrees its good to kill rats.

        Selfish dogs don’t care that rat poison in only for rats. They can have all they want from me

          1. yes but cats have finesse and they would lick all the friskies all around the rat pellets and avoid death. I had to grind up the pellets in a blender in order to get around that./ but dogs are far more greedy and will gobble nearly anything without too much thought.

            extremely stupid animals/

  5. Looks like anal beads hanging from the wound!! She is clearly a kinky cunt. I bet most of you twisted fucks who get turned on by this mess wouldn’t mind sliding your dicks into her neck flesh had you the chance!

  6. i prefer to gently move the shogun muzzle slowly towards the inquisitive pooch which ALWAYS inches forth with its snout to give my old Winchester a lil sniff!

    and then “Ole Faithful” give out a sniff of its own. and Rex is so flustered!

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