Woman Caught on Video Stoning a Dog Hanged by the Neck to Death in Bolivia

Woman Caught on Video Stoning a Dog Hanged by the Neck to Death in Bolivia

A case of exceptional animal cruelty was secretly filmed on video in Cochabamba, a city in central Bolivia. An elderly woman hanged a dog up by his neck, and repeatedly threw stones at him as it helplessly wiggled and wailed in pain. The dog has reportedly died from injuries.

Apparently, the dog had mauled the woman’s two hens, which is what prompted her mistreatment of the pup. Her response to allegedly losing two hens was way too cruel and unwarranted, in my opinion. Especially when considering that she had likely not trained the dogs.

Props to Best Gore member TaroxD for the video. While we don’t normally publish animal cruelty videos, in some cases the achieved increase in awareness warrants the publication. The video came with the awful music put in.

300 thoughts on “Woman Caught on Video Stoning a Dog Hanged by the Neck to Death in Bolivia”

          1. @Justic6996
            Dude I got your back 100%! That poor dogs life is worth more than that fucking psycho bitches ever was or will be! @hanibi, you really have to be a piece of shit to say something so evil and disturbing. The only thing I can think of is you are a product of a poor third world country that has zero compassion for defenseless trusting animals such as this one.

        1. @indianboy
          We got so outraged because he made a stupid comment about a horrible act of violence against an animal that trusted her, or clearly it would have NEVER let her put a rope around his neck and hang the poor guy. Humans are by far the most violent evil creatures that have inhabited this planet. That’s a well established fact, and his ridiculous comment is just more proof of that.

    1. Who trusted God was love indeed….
      And love was creations` final flaw……
      Though nature red in tooth and claw…
      Was fallen…love is the law…..
      Love under will…against the agonies of this creed….
      That`s the whole of the law.

    2. An animals life is worth more than half of these mongerers on here who think an animals life is worth more than a humans baby.

      Animals and babies have 1 similarity. They have innocence.

      Societies social values and norms are what shape the minds of innocents which they absorb like sponges. Things like social media and tv.

      Just look at American society now. Texas is getting more crime now than before. More immigrants I see here.

      New generation are getting fucked up. Cynicism.

      I bet half the people on here are following Jewish propaganda and they don’t even know it.

      1. That’s exactly what I meant,That’s why I used newborn baby/cat as example,both are innocent and yet this person tries to look so moral telling me that I’m crazy for laughing at something that already happened while she decide over a cat instead of human,That’s less human than me

      1. I completely agree Mike, except I would exercise the antifreeze-drenched hamburger technique.

        The Ethylene Glycol in the antifreeze will leave a mutt walking around vomiting blood and excreting feces, all the while trying maul at its insides an eventually after 5-8 hours it will lay down and die of dehydration…

        1. I’m with you on that, dutchsalad. It seems like I am missing out on young people…stuff lol. Anyway…

          Though I am not exactly sure on what it meant but I think that it is feeling like a kid? Because chibi is the type of anime where they have overly large heads and eyes with no noses and are typically meant to be ‘kawaii’ or cute.

          Might as well repeat it that I am not sure about that so corrections would be really appreciated. 😀

      1. I can’t watch it either. The only thing worse than animal cruelty is sick fucks like @HANABI that get their cheap thrills from seeing it.

        Please BG, don’t post animal cruelty videos. Sane people don’t want to see this shit…..

        Take a stand…..

        1. A great man once said: “You can evaluate a society on the way they treat their animals…” Has never been so accurate.
          Sorry, Bolivia, and this isn’t racist, don’t get me wrong, please…

        2. BG is also supposed to reveal the truth behind your lace curtain world. You can accept and joke about people doing things to innocent people but your line is animals? It happens . I hate it but, accept it. It occurs and is sometimes filmed. I suggest you check your hypocrisy.

    3. I enjoy watching human stupidity or humans tearing each other apart, you know… guts… When it comes to animals though, I turn into a big sentimental-ass-pussy. My heart flat out fucking aches. I did not see the video, and will not see it… All I can say is that you are one big ass cold hearted mother fucker. Hope you get chopped with the biggest machete and go to hell, keep feeling chibi you asshole.

    4. You are a sick person. Anyone who harms animals or children need to be wiped off the face of the earth. I can’t believe t he people on here taking pleasure in that dog being treated that way. Rethinking if I should ever come back to this site since we have members who obviously encourage animal cruelty and find pleasure from it. Sick people.

    5. It’s funny how people commenting on this thinking that you should die in hell, most probably ‘enjoy’ watching people die on this…so what they’re saying is that it’s sad to see a dog die rather than a human die, what a bunch of pathetic lowlifes…

      At least you have a fair and diverse sense in death @Hanabi.

      1. @hanabi,

        That would depend on the human in question. Some humans aren?t even worth the same as the dog shit I accidentally trod in this morning.

        There will also exist people in this world who consider you to be worth less than the sweat from an Alpaca?s woolly balls so it would probably be best not to compare the worth of animals to humans.

        1. I know,and I know almost everyone in the site consider me like what you say but it’s tru, there’s just a few who worth more than an animal but people seem to forget that,I mean people take it to seriously to the point that there’s so much more people helping and taking care of animals than humans,sometimes I ask them “what would you save,a newborn baby or a newborn cat? And surprisingly they save the cat,I don’t get it

          1. Because animals are the true innocents. Humans and babies grow up to be the fleshy virus IDIOTS that end up on this site. I’d save a newborn cat over a human any day.

          2. Oh dear you’re the one who needs to get a clue,you just say idiot to your self 🙁 you’re right letting a baby die makes you more human than me,you can have all the pets you want but I hope you never have babies

          3. @hanabi I am a very active bully breed advocate and I’d like to take a moment to explain why I work so hard to protect and educate humans about animals. Studies show that people who abuse animals almost always are using the animals as “practice” for what they will eventually start doing to children and women. I seek to stop these psychos BEFORE they get the chance to hurt a human. I do not consider a dog, or any other animal, more important than a child. I adore my own dogs so much that I have a portrait of 1 tattooed on my forearm because she not only changed my life, she saved it. That being said, IF she was to attack a child and cause grave injury I would have her euthanized immediately!

          4. @Ive Got Issues I know what you mean,this [email protected] Camille didn’t understand what I meant it’s all about education,there’s no way you can know who would be a bad person,people tend to overreact this things,there’s no way people can have a double moral

        1. So you think I don’t know that? I hope you keep this in mind when a dog is mauling your sons neck, animals are way more intelligent than you thought and they don’t need a bunch of crybabies watching over them all the time,this is how nature is get used to it

          1. @hanabi I know what you mean by saying human thing n yes I agree on that point it happens most of time human kill human love animals! but here this thing in video really brutal,people may misunderstand its obvious.I can bet you v a softer heart than us inside!

          1. I really hope you can use all that anger the next time you see someone hurting an animal or someone hitting his girlfriend,not on internet and in something that already happened

      2. Human life isn’t worth any more than any other life on the planet. Humans just have more responsibility because they created dependent, domesticated animals. Babies or cats, it’s our responsibility to make sure they are treated well.

      3. And Hanabi, you dont even give a shit about human life as we can so clearly see by your posts, so give us a break with your weak arguments like “a human is better than a thousands animals”

      1. What’s wrong with it? I can see why people feel sympathetic towards animals but cold to humans. I always chalk it up to animals just acting on instinct in their behavior. As opposed to us. We KNOW what we’re doing when we’re being shitty. It’s also easier to condemn your own species. I never lived a dog’s life. Just sayin’.

        1. It is not logical. Both species probably feel pain the same way, yet one “can watch people get tortured all day” but find it “very hard to watch” when involves animals. One should feel either sympathetic or cold to both.

          The difference between our opinions seems to be that I take less into acount “how much it deserved to suffer”. I might feel sympathy while most people think it’s never enough punishment. Anyway, many of the victims on this site were “innocent”. Not perfect humans, it’s far more complicated than being a perfect dog. But still not deserving of what happened to them.

          I also think it is debatable how much one, even as human being, is in control of his acts. All the instructions are probably hardwired in our brain and genes and, like the other animals, we are not absolutely free and rational.

          1. Coragem, you took the words directly out of my mouth.

            As you said, it not as simple as dogs are more innocent than people.

            And dogs, cats and other domesticated animals have a high pain tolerance than humans in most cases.

  1. Gaudy music, but since it was filmed with a potato it had to be spiced up a bit. Don’t care for dogs but the old hag will have karma coming for punishing an animal for following it’s natural, carnal instincts.

      1. For the first video, Startpage search “three girls crush puppy video” and you should find it. As for the .webm, I got it from a chan website, so I would have to upload it to a file hosting service that allows that kind of content.

        I do not endorse animal cruelty but, in my opinion, it is not worse than the rest of the posts on this site.

      2. @hanabi, do you truly enjoy watching little animals being tortured/killed? Or you are just seeking attention by posting these absurd comments? I hope you don’t have any animals or children in your household because an attention seeking sicko like you would do sick things just for a smiley face. You don’t even sound old enough to be trolling this site.

          1. @hanabi …Even if I am personally a big dog lover and some of your online-comments here not really comprehend. I would like to be friends with you. I’m on your side. (even if we don’t know us yet) No matter how stupid/ “unintelligent”/ “childish” are some of your statements. 😛 😛 😉 😉 …What exactly is your nationality? You come from japan or south- korea??…

          2. @hanabi ..Okay.. …That sounds very interesting. So, if I understood you correctly, then you’re to 50 percent Half Latina/ Asian mix, right? If this is the case, then it sounds very hot & sexy.

          3. @hanabi …Well, You know, I think very well to know how it is to feel like “an alien”, respectively “social outsider.” Due my borderline personality disorder, I feel anyway not associated with the society. “I’m absolutely not a Mainstream- or Party- type.” I follow not the large sheep herd, as many others do it. I don’t want to belong to those, who say to everything “yes and amen.” I go my own way and prefer it to be alone, than to spend my time with annoying people, which I like anyway not, you know?!?

          4. Sounds really cool,I’m like that,but recently I find out I wasn’t so happy as I thought and luckily I found a group of otaku girls and I’m having a good time with them,but sometimes I feel like I’m pretending to be someone else and it’s annoying maybe I’ll get back to the old hanabi listening music and watching anime all day 🙂

    1. I wanna say maybe mid to late last year, brother @Obli posted an incident where a cop shot a pit bull puppy(Maximus)for no reason. Word got around that there was a petition calling for his termination and to face charges of animal cruelty. Many fine folks from this site did their part and signed.

      1. I see how that is raising awareness because we knew who the officer and victim were, and it’s also keeping with a theme on here of police brutality. I just don’t see what’s to be gained by showing some nameless woman in Bolivia beating a dog 😕

        1. @HANABI was the only one who got something out of this…….which is exactly why these videos should never be shown to anyone, except the judge and jury, in the animal killer’s trial……

          Off with her head !!!!!

          1. Ok…after 4th comment about Hanabi I have to say enough is enough….you might not like her comments but your personal attacks and insults have crossed the line….

  2. Not going to bother watching this one, just reading the title is enough to make me me feel disgusted, knowing that we have to share a planet with sick fucks like her, watching videos of people getting killed has become some what therapeutic for me, but I draw a line at watching videos like this.

      1. Just bought a vacuum a couple of weeks ago. Plugged it in and my Rott promptly bit it putting a canine through the suction hose.
        1 minute old vacuum cleaner now wrapped in duct tape. My response…WTF Bear !!! Then I laughed and got the tape.
        Nobody should own a puppy or dog if they are not willing to let it eat anything but your family members…and a healthy well treated dog would never do that.

          1. I hope you’re right and at that point I humbly will. For this post and your comments on it we’ll just have to disagree on views. I don’t get you.

  3. What the fuck is with that music?… Isnt animal cruelty torturing enough? 😐

    Ehhh, if he got that treatment just for bitting two hens, i wonder what she would do to him if he bit her instead… 😆 ISIS should hire that cunt…

  4. I found the music more disturbing then the actual video although i do not agree with animal abuse in this case.. 2 chickens is about 1 week worth of food to them.. you do not mess with the ladys dinner at least eating the dog would be understanding.

  5. The amount of weak phags around is insane. Unfortunately, our evolution gave means of survival for the dumbies that value other species more than our own. If shit was real, all the weak phaggies would be filtered out. Luckily, me and my wife have the strong, survivor, dominant species genes, so we can help keep humanity alive.

  6. Is she going to eat it now? oops sorry wrong country. At the end of the video it said that they call the police but they didn’t do anything to help the animal, so barefoot paws thats the name of the animal shelter are trying to rescue that poor animal. :-/

    1. Actually a lot of stray dogs in central and south America so I am sure some have eaten dog when hungry enough…I know I have eaten horse in costa rica after finding out at the livestock auction that the horses were being sold for meat…I knew the beef had different taste to it….oh well….

  7. 😀 So many hypocrites….. I bet all of you eat meat regularly with no problem. And don’t tell me it’s different to kill for food because good & evil are just made up concepts to keep the sheeple in check. It’s perfectly acceptable to kill people during a war just because the kikes tell you it’s the patriotic thing to do while controlling both/all sides. It’s all about perception. Violence allowed / sex forbidden. Human life is worth nothing these days for all these animal-loving masochistic liberals 😀

    There are two types of people in this world: People who agree that revenge is the purest emotion, and dirty fucking liars…..

  8. I can understand her being upset about the dog injuring or killing some of her chickens. She probably depends on the eggs as a food source or maybe sells the eggs for income.
    What I can’t understand is killing the dog in such a cruel, barbaric way. Secure him where he can’t get to the birds or find some one who’ll give him a home.

      1. @it was me I have to say i find your comments very refreshing. You are very subtle and kind and still get your point across. Also the first to sympathize or welcome a member. Kudos to you. Your one of a kind. FD is lucky to have you.

    1. Maybe too much rage took over and well, somewhat hindered her into thinking more clearly. I think the hens’ lives meant more to her than the dog’s and juat sort of displaced the frustration to the dog instead.

    1. Supposedly the cat wasn’t harm during the filming. They said the cat was covered in something that attracted the rats and they were just licking it off the cat. But I know for sure they used a real turtle in Cannibal Holocaust. =(

        1. If you watch it again with that in mind (that the cat is covered with syrup and the rats are licking it) you’ll see how they did it. I thought it was real too when I first saw it.

          The cat is Definitely not happy but he made it out alive 😀

    1. @hanabi Some of the things you expressed yesterday….*shaking head.
      I myself don’t value an animals life more than a humans, but I would never purposely abuse either. You revealed yourself yesterday as an abuser. Now you are upset people are abusing you.
      Hanabi you don’t even realize there is a problem and that makes you dangerous.
      No hate Hanabi I’m hoping what you said yesterday was out of child like immaturity. Hanabi you don’t like when male members get over explicit about sexual things with you so try to understand that people who like animals probably view your statements along those lines….you make them very uncomfortable. Not going to try to tell you what to do but with a wall dead ahead in the road you may want to think about stopping before you hit it.

      1. I have not done it in 3 years,I know I screw it and it actually slips out of my mind cause I thought it was funny but I think people it’s overreacting,I didn’t say anything so wrong there’s no need to be so rude

      2. @ray, She’s a perfect example of how just because you turn 18 that doesn’t automatically make you an adult. She may be 18 (I don’t even buy that), but she has the mentality of a 12-year-old (and to all the 12-year-olds out there, I’m so sorry for offending you with that…).

          1. And if my friends do something wrong or act like idiots then I call them out on it. I’d expect them to do the same to me. I can tell my best friend that he’s acting like a piece of shit and still go out for drinks together the next night.

          2. Maybe. But I’d want someone to show me just how upset they are with me, rather than hold back and try saying it in a kind but disingenuous way just for the sake of sparing my feelings.

  9. Haha All of these people are complaining about animal cruelty but @hanabi has a point we are all just animals. How is it any different from watching a person die or get tortured to death? I derive pleasure from both screaming so it really isn’t different.

    1. You almost brought one home Emperor. I was with you up to the part about cruel guinea pigs.
      Does part indigenous mean that you’re, half or so Incan?
      Do you still live in Peru?

          1. Why you keep defending me? I don’t want you to get bann ed because of my fault these people is bad and they won’t hesitate to attack you till the end 🙁

  10. Fuck all the “Libtard”, pussy whipped,feminized men that have infiltrated this site and cry for dogs and other animals. Its a fucking animal!!!! Kill it,cook it,broil it, fry it, whatever its NOT human. I remember back in the day when the men that came to this site had penises instead of vaginas.

  11. Increased awareness? MSM reports about such atrocities regularly. We don’t see the footage obviously – but it’s safe to say such things are a given. I didn’t watch it, like the one with the fuckwit hurling the cat in the air, but I’ll read the brief and comments. And to repeat, the regular newspaper articles… I regularly go one to two weeks without booting up bestgore, and when I finally do there is all manner of stuff that awaits me. This just seems like unnecessary fodder for the site, and doesn’t fall into line with its self declared disposition. Why not post much more of it? I do find it curious that I’ll watch literally anything but animal cruelty, but there you go.

    1. Sorry – in the last couple of months Australians did see a documentary on our tax payer funded TV channel on live baiting in the greyhound racing industry. It was apparently no holds barred. And yes, I’m not ‘armed’ with that photographic information…

  12. thanks pals now I can make the presentation of my investigation of “how humanity has become so desensitized of his own kind” maybe is guilt what makes you feel like these toward animals but I’ll find something that fits,and it’s a good chance to show this site to my friends thanks 🙂

    1. Or maybe it’s something akin to those episodes of The Sopranos involving Tony. I remember one with ducks. I actually don’t care.

      Anyway, I read all the comments and your responses, as painful as that was, and I can see you are a drag-em-down-to-my-level-and-beat-them-there sort of cunt.

    2. You don’t deserve to have friends, shut the fck up btch. Go seek treatment if you find any sort of pleasure in watching animals get tortured, hope you get the same faith as them and end up on this site, you’re too fcked up in the head. Fcking psycho whre

    1. I couldn’t watch it either. There are some on here taking pleasure from it though. No wonder we have a world in such shape as it’s in. We can’t even have respect for defenseless animals or children and have people encouraging it. Sick.

  13. Can we hang her and throw stones at her till she dies,,, no!
    That’s too quick a death,,,, let’s just throw medium stones,, and watch her suffer over hours and days,, she deserves nothing better”
    And as previously commented above,, cruelty to animble and children, elderly, affects us more, because ewe know they do not have the strength, and/or understanding, to defend/fight for themselfs,, expeciallu when most crimes against these people, animals, is not because of a crime they have committed, but just through cruelty of the person inflicting the crime

    That’s why is easier to watch certain video and not others,, because ewe can handle revenge,, we can handle war, to a degree, but senseless violence against an innocent is much harder to deal with,,

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