Woman Dragged by Bull in Bullfighting Arena in Ayacucho, Peru

Woman Dragged by Bull in Bullfighting Arena in Ayacucho, Peru

According to the backinfo I got, this was filmed in a bullfighting arena in Ayacucho, Peru. The video shows a group of people wearing traditional costumes promenading themselves in the arena, when they are surprised by a bull who I don’t think was quite supposed to have been released yet.

The bull picked on a woman in his path and tossed her around with his horns, before turning his focus on other people. But by that time, a rope around the bull got also tangled around the woman, and the bull ended up dragging her across the arena.

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82 thoughts on “Woman Dragged by Bull in Bullfighting Arena in Ayacucho, Peru”

          1. Oh look, another “that’s what they nasty of” joke or attempt at humour…

            The comments section on Best Gore used to be good before it was turned into a competition of who could type the most retarded. There is not an ounce of humour in what you said.

    1. Yeah the bull is tired of being beaten tortured etc, the bullfights end in their death usually with spears being thrown at them to encourage them to become pisst to go after the color red. I have heard the bull meat is donated to the poor and needy when I lived in Spain for the summer.

      But good for the bull to get some revenge before it’s own death he definitely moo’ed them down… hahaha!!!

  1. That was fukkin great, looked to me like she already had a gammy leg to start with, probably gored by another bull and then the screams when they all saw her knickers, priceless.

  2. Hang on, i just thought, did anyone advise her not to wear a bright red skirt and walk in the front…or was some clever dick trying to get her offed by the bull? Just a thought.

          1. haha great comments, i didn’t realise bulls are colour blind but smelling the period or even a sweet smelling fanny might just do it, all that bull testosterone, fucking great stuff though, i love the animal encounters

    1. Because it seriously injured a brown skinned/black haired woman and you are a white skinned/blonde beauty…..?

      “All brown skinned/black haired women should be eradicated for the sake of the human race”. Do you agree?

        1. @sloth12 @rudolfhess

          I don’t usually do the Grammar Nazi thing, but…

          “good for fucking Adolph” and
          “good for fucking, Adolph” have distinctly different meanings. You’re screwing yourself out of any and all possible coitus in your scenario… unless you’re Adolph, who gets laid either way.

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  3. So many people in here cheering for da Bull … well fuck you guys. I’m a human so i will cheer for the human race, i hope that Bull get on the grill for that women to have a delicious medium rare steak, yum!

  4. This video loaded incredibly slowly for me, so I killed time by taking notes…

    :06 I don’t know what she was rummaging around in her purse for, but El Toro wanted it bad!
    :10 Pause it just right and you’ll see a creepy spectral face emerging from the wall on the left and flipping us an upside-down bird.
    :40 I’ll distract the bull and lure it away from that poor woman… and lead it straight into a crowd. Brilliant.
    :44 When the bandstand is a big red dumpster, it’s officially time for the band to fire their booking agent.
    1:22 Reinforcements have arrived. Viva la re-bull-ution!
    1:34 Not one person thought to un-moor that yellow refreshment tent and throw it to the people in the arena? Turn it so the open end is facing the wall and pile in, when the bull loses sight of you, he’ll go after the targets he can still see.
    1:55 Whoa, shit just went Timey-Wimey! Whatever you do, don’t blink!

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