Woman Gets Sent Airborne by Bull on Street in Bharuch, India

Woman Gets Sent Airborne by Bull on Street in Bharuch, India

In the city of Bharuch, located in the state of Gujarat in western India, a bull roaming the street took on a woman from behind and sent her airborne better than a speeding motorcycle would.

Given the notoriously anti-male Indian society, I wonder what kind of “Me Too” bullshit this woman called out after this clearly rape-culture motivated assault by the clearly patriarchal woman-hater.

Props to Best Gore member @fracazzo for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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132 thoughts on “Woman Gets Sent Airborne by Bull on Street in Bharuch, India”

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            I digress.

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    1. Stupid fucking Indian worship and feed the cow, which eat equivalent the food of 6 human’s a day. If they stop feeding the cow, Indian will have no hunger problem. Now the cow shit the woman into the air and most likely she’s dead, poor Indian had less one pussy to fuck !!!!!!!!!

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        1. When I had a business trip in Chennai, I had an extended lunch at a beachside resort. Beautiful sand but not a horrible amount and not one ethnic chimp to be seen. Sorry, not on this subcontinent. It can be crazy here, but it’s not anything like points west.

      1. My dad always screamed at me kevin this is just “bullshit” “dogshit” “horseshit”. Hey Dad why don’t you take a shit and give these animals a break. lol. Think he threw a pan at me.

    1. This is what reincarnation looks like. The bull assisted her perfect, reverse 270 degree plunge to the other side, with the sacred meal of road grit and cow shit. The transformation was hidden from us nonbelievers by the divine presence of the motorbike escort.

  1. The Desperado of a Bull wasn’t expecting to be out on the road and a bull in rage means the people & even their handlers had better be on guard ..the way he wandered around and roamed aimlessly it looked he hadn’t crossed /mounted a cow for long .
    And there was this woman with ill fate who bore the brunt . He thudded sending her flying like a rag doll . I only hope she survived getting gored but in any case she might have had suffered a major fracture to her hip bone .
    He would have seen added red if the woman was in a red drape. Actually cow sheds are secure places where wanderers like him are kept .

  2. I find it kinda humorous, that a bull would walk alongside everyone else. Nobody seems to detour the bull in any one direction, before or after the attack. Now I understand why many, end up in front of a train.

    This is some pretty fucked up shit here folks!!

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